Review - adapter bundle for Surface Pro 3's adapter bundle could be just the thing for you, whether you use your Surface for work or play.

The adapter bundle comprises three pieces: a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, a Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter, and a USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet adapter with USB passthrough.

While the pack is useful for most Surface users, it is especially ideal for those who tote their device between the office and home.

Suppose you are home on the couch and want to watch a movie or some videos that reside on your Surface on your TV. The HDMI adapter lets you connect to the big screen in seconds. It's also great for catching up on your Netflix shows while travelling and hanging out in your hotel room.

Giving a presentation at work? Chances are that the projector has a VGA input. Or you can use it hook up to your monitor at your desk.

The Ethernet adapter gives you a bit more throughput for working with large files and networks drives, whether they are on a server at work or a media PC at home.

The good's trilogy of adapters fits in just about any bag, briefcase, and even sleeves with side pockets, making it convenient for travel.

Each piece installs effortlessly. The two display adapters do not require any driver install; they simply work. As for the Ethernet plug, there is a rather brief installation process. Although includes an installation CD in the box, my Surface Pro 3, which was connected to the internet, ran through the setup in a minute or so without needing it.

The Ethernet adapter's USB 3.0 passthrough means that you can plug into a high-speed network jack without losing the ability to use another USB device. So you can still work from a flash drive or hook up a mouse or keyboard.

The best thing about the adapter bundle is that it is just an easy way for people who bounce around with Surface to be prepared.

The not so good

What disparaging remarks can you really make about something so straight-forward as an adapter bundle?

I guess the only knock is that, like many accessories,'s adapter set isn't for everyone. For instance, if you only use your tablet at home or at the occasional coffee shop, you may benefit more from a docking station instead.

As I mentioned above, the people that I can really see benefiting from this set are those who often travel or power users who go between home and office.

So if you find yourself needing to connect to different displays and networks, then the adapter bundle is worth a look.

It is available in the Windows Central Store{.nofollow} for $79.95, 10% off the retail price.

Seth Brodeur