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RHA T10 earbuds: A great music experience for your Windows Phone

Not everyone desires the type of higher-quality sound you get from some of the more premium offerings, but if you do, RHA has a pair of earbuds you just might want to look at. The T10 earbuds have been designed specifically without an in-line remote which often isn't compatible with non-iPhones, and as such sees a small price cut. They're not the cheapest earbuds you'll ever buy, but they're going to serve you well.

So, what makes the T10 different to every other pair of premium earbuds on the market? Firstly, you won't likely damage them. They're constructed in the main from stainless steel, so they're not the lightest, but they are very tough. I've tossed these into my gear bag several times and there's not a mark on them.

They also have a pretty unique way of fitting into and onto your ears. Despite having a little heft, you don't notice when you're wearing them thanks to the cord which envelopes the top of your ear and keeps everything in place. It's sort of the earbud equivalent of memory foam. It's incredibly flexible allowing you to contour it to the exact right fit for your ears. Then, when you pull them out, avoid touching it and it'll be right for the next time. As such the T10s are exceptionally comfortable to wear. You also get a pretty wide variety of tips included in the box as well to make sure that they sit in your ears nice and tight.


Perhaps my favorite feature, though, is that you can tune the sound to your tastes. By removing the tuner in the middle you can swap out for one with better bass, better treble or stay in the neutral zone in the middle. I love this idea. Nothing pains me more than overpowering bass, but some people love that. The T10s give you the choice. If you're looking for good all round sound, the neutral is just fine. I found it strikes a nice balance, with just enough bass to know it's there.

You don't get active noise cancellation with the T10, but there is passive noise cancellation and it does a decent enough job. I wore them for the recent flight to and from Mobile World Congress and while they didn't block out everything, they did a much better job than I expected. The background noise was reduced to a sufficiently low level while listening to some podcasts and almost unnoticeable with music playing.

I've been using the T10s myself as my go-to earbuds for a couple of weeks and all round I'm very impressed. There's a bit of work to do out of the box to get them set up to your liking but once they are they're comfortable, great sounding and worth the investment. The durable construction is a comfort when you're travelling and throwing them into and pulling them out of a bag, and they even come with a pretty substantial carry case.

They're not cheap, but they're worth a listen. We like that RHA has removed the potentially useless inline remote and given us a cost saving in the process. And we like what they've done with the T10.



Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Liek if u crie evr tym
  • Lol.. Jacksfilms right?
  • Just a get s pair of Klipsch x10 or 11. Smallest in the world, anodized aluminum construction, and most importantly a balanced armature design....don't think these have that, if not, they are not premium. Over the ear sucks. Why are they an over the ear design? Cause their too damn heavy, and have hella cord the end, its subjective.
  • Klipsch is crap, had a pair of their $100 variety.  $20 Sony's sounded better.
  • Uhm, look at the models listed above. You probably had some shitty s4's...
  • And the plug is not even gold plated.
  • Pretty sure it is! Look closely.
  • So?
  • Corrosion can actually affect the sound, a little difference could be painful to audiophillers.
  • Gold plated plugs give more audio quality, specially for low and high frequency's.
    So I does matter.
  • Please teach me master. Could have sworn that there is negligible difference on a non corroded plug, but w/e Like those audiophiles that buy gold plated USB cables, geez
  • Sounds to me like you are justifying your purchase of the pricey phones with this article more than anything. Removing the remote to save on the cost, surely it'd be better to have a universal remote that works worth iOS, Androids & Windows Phone. After all plenty of $5 headphones have remotes that at least have play/pause, so something at this price with no remote seems laughable. Then the 'option' of different filters for bass, treble or neutral, well that's an added cost that is ok then? It'd be better if they just made the headphones the best for one thing instead of middling at everything. If you want bass heavy headphones you have options, if you want treble heavy you have other options, nobody wants something that does a bit of everything but neither the best. They look cool and I'm sure they do sound great, but you'd probably have been as happy with some $20 phones from Media Devil, Rock Jaw, Betron, Soundmagic, etc etc. The headphone market had been saturated over the last few years with new brands pumping out impressive sounding headphones for very little money and I no longer feel it's necessary for most people to spend the kind of money you did on these RHA's.
  • Agreed.
  • I didn't buy these. So my judgment isn't tainted. These are review units.
  • Fair enough, it sounded like you had bought them. In that case this is just an advert for over-priced headphones :-P Also considering they are just headphones and have no special features for Windows Phone the title is a bit misleading as they work the same for any device.  
  • Yes and no. If you occasionally use earbuds and you aren't a road warrior who doesn't travel a lot your assumption is true. Those 20 dollar earbuds will do just the trick for you! BUT, if you ARE a roadwarrior like me and use your earbuds like 3 hours a day (or more sometimes) those expensive earbuds make sense. They sit more comfortabel in your ears (in most cases). The biggest advantage with these kind of earbuds is BUILD QUALITY! if you are on the road a lot, build quality matters. Those 20 dollar earbuds wouldn't last 3 months. The quality of the cable, the audio plug, the housing of the sound driver... I've had my Bose IE2 for 3.5 years now and they still look like new and sound great! The 150 dollar price tag is justified in that case i think. I hope you get my point!
  • Try b & w their supposed to be worth it. Im currently fine with the zune premium's
  • The original Zune premiums were nice. The newer ones are meh ... Not sure which SKU are the good sounding ones
  • I completely agreed, until you mentioned Bose. Bose is so overrated.
  • Their earphones are pretty good.  Certainly 10x better than that Klipsch sh*t people like to go on about.
  • Bose = Buy Other Sound Equipment. Or, in the audio engineering world...Got no lows? Must be bose.
  • Definitely some of the better earphones I've had.  If you have the ones from 3.5 years ago, the build quality is actually crap.  Mine and my father's pair from back then have had an ear phone fall off from worn wire.  The newer ones today are a quite a bit sturdier.
  • I also have the Bose AE2 headphones and they are well worth the money. In fact, my wife liked mine so much that I got some for her too. If you aren't into ear buds, I highly recommend them.
  • In my.opinion I think that the remotes on wires make them look A bit tacky and cheaper. So I am glad they don't have it.
  • You know what looks tacky?  Having earphones on in the first place.  You've already given up on style when you put them on.  You may as well go ahead and get convenient functionality along with it.
  • People's opinion differ...
  • Remotes are nonexistent in audiophile monitors.
    Best practice to achieve the best possible sound quality :/
  • Instead of such pricy shit, search for critically acclaimed Panasonic RP TCM-125 earbuds which are available for around 10$ and you will be amazed at how good they are.. I bought 4 for my friends and everyone else goes gaga about them everytime
  • I do have that one... But after that upgrade to an Audio Technica's IEM, never go back, decide to give the Panasonic to my about to be 9YO little sister.
  • I think that at the end of the day, most people won't notice a major difference (if any) between leading budget IEMs and $200+ ones. The Panasonics sound great and it doesn't matter if you lose or break then. Another one to keep an eye on is the recently released Xiaomi Piston 3rd gen. The 2nd gen was well liked and had a 3-button remote with full compatibility with my 8X. The 3rd gen seems to have better nozzle design and button placement.
  • I found one store that sell the piston, (together with a Miband i bought) good thing they accept trial, and they sound like complete garbage... I know that Piston 2 shouldn't sound this bad, I think it was a fake. And avoid it. So careful when purchasing Piston, buddy, they are widely replicated. (Thankfully, the Miband Is genuine and works fine... Using Beta Miband tracker app for now... Hoping the developer continue putting work into them...)
  • Does the panasonic's mic work with WPs?
  • I totally have them... Using them for last 2 years and still going strong :P
  • I used to have a pair of beats solos. Sound was good, price was not. Got a pair of Munitio billets (mw3 version) for $30 that sounded just as good if not better than beats. At work, I have a pair of skullcandy inkd ear buds that I've had since 2006 and stick work perfectly.
  • Beats gets its price from paying celebs to be seen wearing them. I never thought the price justified its sound quality which to me is not impressive. At least when I reviewed them at my local Costco, Target and Best Buy stores.
  • Exactly why I sold them for $45 on Craigslist.
  • Wow.  lol.
  • Roflmao. Save me the BS and put up some specs so I can decide for myself. Plus on top of that these would be an absolut waste pairing with a Lumia phone. Sound quality and amplification is a huge weak point of the Lumias as they are significantly behind iPhones and Samsung's in SnR etc....
  • True, my Klipsch x10 and 11's take a ton of volume, not so on my Sony tab or LG piece of shit work phone.
  • Not sure about that, my Lumia 925 and current HTC one M8 had better sound quality than my friends iPhone 5 and brothers GSIII
  • No, just no.. I have Lumia 925 and the 5/5S is a tier better ..
    That said, iTunes has better quality than Xbox Music (320AAC, Lossless vs 192MP3, 320MP3) Nearly all the audiophiles flock to Apple
  • Look what you are saying, don't expect quality music from the cheapest lumias. Try flagships and the quality is comparable to the iPhones&top galaxies
  • Hmmm, seems ok but after forking out for some beats solo that don't work with wp, I returned them and got myself some Nokia Purity in-ear buds. Fraction of price and no sacrifice on functions.
  • Probably one of the most ridiculous articles posted on Windows Central. The comment about removing the inline remote to save money really is laughable! They cost $190!!!! Even our cheap Nokia headphones have inline remotes...which I would say is an absolute pre-requisite for a smartphone orientated headphone.
    There are so many better headphones out there that cost a fraction of the money.
  • So you don't like the headphones but did you have to be so damn rude and disgusting in the process?
  • What's your first language? I'm assuming it isn't English, so I'll cut you some slack for the mis-interpretation of my comment.
    WPCentral used to be a brilliant source of Windows ecosystem news. It has now been supplanted by a myriad of sloppy product reviews that come out of nowhere (antivirus/"top 5 xxx"/random accessories etc)....and which are so amateur as to just sound like sponsored adverts.
    Windows Central is suffering from a severe case of focus drift.
  • ROTFL. You don't have to cut for me anything you miserable fuck. No one misinterpreted what you said, at least not me. My point is simple. You can say you don't like the phones but you don't have to go the extra mile to take shots at the reviewer. Just stick to the product. Everyone else did and many don't agree with either the cost or design of these phones and they are making recommendations for alternatives.  How do you expect bloggers to want to write about new products when you take personal shots at them. Lighten the fuck up or is that English enough for you? If this is as bad as you say, ask them for a job to write here or do you have your own blog?  Give me a link to get there. If you don't and you think you got a better idea, get one. In the meantime, ease up on the salty, personal attacks.
  • One major problem with all that you just wrote...this isn't a phone review! It is a review of a $190 set of in ear headphones...which specifically DO NOT have those features that smartphone users would expect (such as a microphone/remote controls!).
    Perhaps if you understood the content of the review, you'd understand why I am so tired of reading such things!
    This website used to be focused. Now it is just a free for all of truly average product reviews interspersed with some excellent editorials. You may not give a damn...but I do.
  • You are not alone spinzeroWL there's no need of reviews of products that are not fully compatible with WP especially at that cost, let such manufactures f.... themselves for favouring certain phone brands. I cannot buy such a thing even at half the price
  • Lol cant believe I am agreeing with u on the sponsored adverts. This place has gone downhill fast. Now all they seem to do is act like an extension of MS pissweak marketing division. Articles on market share are full of holes. Integrity gone out the window if it ever existed in the first place.
  • Many on here are very interested in quality set of buds for their phone. You can see proof of that in these comments and in the WP accessory part of the forums. I'm actually looking for a quality set of buds and none of the options I've selected have in line controls or cost less than 200. So I welcome this review and I'm sure others welcome it as well. Just because it doesn't speak to you doesn't mean it's a worthless post. After all our phones DO have 3.5 jacks and the ability to play music. It only makes sense to review headphones.
  • Simple question....if you were looking to buy a set of $200 headphones, would this article REALLY help in your buying choice?!
    Windows Central is awful when it comes to doing comparative reviews. I could have plucked a better review from Amazon.
    If WC want to be a proper tech review website, they have to approach it accordingly. As things stand, these reviews are just a waste of our time.
  • I have the RHA MA-450i which works fine with Android and Windows. Sound.Engineered... Indeed, but it's too technical for my ears... I'd rather keep my music natural and organic.
  • I'll put my two cents in for MEElectronics M-Duo ear buds. I've been happy with them, and I've been through several other in-ear headphones. They are a great price too. I wish I could test them to the much, much pricier ear buds out there, for I often wonder just how much better sound the money can get me, for these are pretty good.
  • It's honestly very hard for me to justify anything over 79 dollars on ear buds. Not only are they not the most comfortable, but they're not really healthy for your ears. It's like paying 189 to slowly kill my ears. I can do the same with my 50 dollar Denon ear buds and manage to still have 3 of those guys.
  • Wrong actually. Good IEMs should mold to the inside of your ear, thus isolating out the most noise (so you don't need to crank up the volume as much) and also being the most comfortable. I splashed $100 on the Shure SE215s - similar fit to these ones, but come with the complyfoam tips instead that mold to the inside of your ear canal. Different resistances and headphones aside, I can keep my music playing at a volume of 13/30 and completely block out external noise (usually it's around 19/30 on some headphones). In fact, when I went on a plane, I didn't even have to change the volume level at all. So in this case IEMs are healthier for your ears :P
  • True... True... Shure has good Isolation in that matter... Some IEM is like that as well, but some Dynamic driver still has ports for airflow so isolation isn't that good... Well. They're definitely mostly above common ear buds though.
  • Dynamic drivers are shit for iem's, need balanced armature
  • Problem with armatures is that you need a near perfect seal for good frequency response
  • So. Use the correct tip, single flange, double flange, foam, whatever...only problem is one does not comprehend the importance of a seal.
  • Not all people can live with BA only that much buddy, some miss the "vibrating" bass of the Dynamic, and BA still need at least 2 to be good enough, so price up. True that BA will have the advantage in sound isolation though... As they don't need vents.
  • False. Sony makes on IEM with up to four BA's tuned to whatever frequency the manufacturer chooses, so plenty of bass. In the end, one must consider's an IEM, not a subwoofer in the trunk.
  • Oh... Somehow there's an audiophile grade IEM reviewed here... Out of nowhere, but mildly interesting...
    For note, I do have a 100$+ IEM (AT IM02) and I don't regret it one bit ;)
  • +1 to the Ath-IM02. Awesome clarity! Don't even have to crank up the volume. I listen usually at 6/30 or 9/30.
  • True, they're perfect for what it is... I do still keep my Bluetooth Earphones though, for when in a pinch. And really, can't beat the portability.
  • True, only kicker with BT is the minimized frequency way around it.
  • Yeah... But well it still getting better and better, wireless phones... And will be even more popular for usual folk.
  • Those looking for a pair of headphones, Mrspeakers Mad Dogs are a perfect buy with a Cayin C5 headphone amp. Will blow any other $400 combo away.
  • Never tried Cayin amp, is it good?... Been looking for a decent DAP, tried a Fiio X1 (was great), but no USB dac... Ok... Waiting for Fiio X3ii.
  • Yeah v good for the money. Get a Fiio X5. You will be pleased, guaranteed. I use it as source and dac. My main setup is Xbox music on SP3 as source-> X5 as usb dac -> Garage 1217 Project Ember tube amp -> Mrspeakers Alpha Prime headphones..... Incredible!!
  • X5 might be too steep to be my 1st DAP... And I see reviews in headfi that X3 2nd Gen is at least as good as X5, well, with less analytical sound.
  • Tube amps are nice..classic, warm
  • But really, how much is an entry lvl tune amp priced at?
  • thise look similarly crafted as shure inear monitoring system. i use them on stage all the time (E315). however.. DO NOT BUY beats... they really are overpriced... get the noontec (zoro hd or something) looks like beats HD, sounds better, costs 50$. trust me, I own a studio and work with a cappella music, and i bought 5 of them. just don't buy beats...
  • Absolutely, noontec Zorro are far better than beats crap. For £40 noontec Zorro hd are pretty good
  • You are speaking the truth about Beats. Beats are largely an advertising stunt. Celebs take photos in them to give the impression if they got them, you'll like em too. Apple knows that that fact appeals to buyers which is why they now own the Beats brand. A cappella huh?  You are my new friend.
  • When I first read your statement, I thought you wrote beats are an advertising
  • I just looked back on what I said, after your comment and damn if I didn't see it too.  lol. 
  • I got the Coloud pop earphones which cost me about $25 and they are perfect, and they have an inline remote that works with any Lumia device (and iPod). Sound quality is exceptional plus they are light weight and it has a tangle free cable. These RHA are crazy over priced. But if you got the money, go for it. Besides they don't look that great. If I'm spending that kind of money if rather get some BOSE plus I seriously doubt they sound better than a BOSE set.
  • I'll buy a Bose only if I want that great complete Sound Isolation, other than that, they don't sound that good.
  • I use bose....they give the original sound recorded in the recording studio....
  • Umm no they don't Bose is known for sound isolation + comfort + likeable sound. They are not a reference audio device.
  • Bose suck balls when you actually have to forget about brands and go with what you like. That being said, if you like to listen to shit, carry on.
  • Care to interpret what I said above? I said Bose is NOT reference earbuds. which means NOT audiophile grade. I don't have bose, I have other NEUTRAL audio products from Denon and Brainwavz (which seems to fit your 'Do not think about brand' slogan since it's not much known brand)
  • I said nothing about reference, that was someone else. I did not say "you" did not compare. I said when you (as in anyone) compare, leave brands out of it. What sounds good to another may not sound good to you. Your reading into my comment too much.
  • You know what, I wasn't even talking to you. The email and threads get confusing.
  • Yeah That's what i thought, you meant to reply someone else. But on a side note "if you like to listen to shit, carry on" was offensive to whomsoever it was addressed to. If someone likes Bose, it's his wish. We're all at peace my friend.
  • I understand. However, when one vigilantly, nay blindly supports any brand...they don't know what they are missing. That tis ma point.
  • You want sound isolation get Mrspeakers alpha prime or mad dog headphones.
  • Try Sennheiser ie80. :)
  • $190.. At this point I'll say $200.. $200 for a pair of headphones.. I should have been a reviewer so I can get stuff like that for free cause I will NEVER pay such an amount for headphones no matter how good they are.
  • True!!
  • That's understandable. Some care more about the sound than others.
  • @$190
    This way to expensive for an earphone that does practically nothing special. We could get 3 entry-level Lumias. LOL
  • I guess tuneable filters is something special.
  • Think.about that word...filter...not audiophile shit right there is it!
  • It would be better served if Windows Phone had a better Music Player..
  • Too bad that the sound coming out from most WP devices isn't exactly audiophyle material.
  • True that. Windows (phone) 10 is believed to support Flac. Can't say about the sound chip inside.
  • For now, use molipalyer
  • The problem is the sound chip. Until now, no WP aside from the One M8 has had audio quality comparable to an iPhone, an HTC or even a Sony.
  • Well.,, its true that it's not as good as iPhone... But its... Adequate, I must say. Smartphone these days sadly still hasn't put more effort on Audio front... Only iPhone is consistently good, and Samsung... Only occasionally... But they say its better in the Exynos? Using Wolfson I think.
  • I got free coca cola head phones when I bought two bottles last year. They do the job rightly.
  • Lol
  • Haha good comparison...
  • Over the ear IEMs are better as they help isolate you from cable noise, and help with fit (& therefore noise isolation) because the cable is not pulling down on the units.
    Also, you can have 'premum' headsets without balanced armatures, is just a different design option.
  • Bullshit on all counts. Over the ear is because the units are too heavy. Over the ear in and of itself creates cord noise. Balanced armature is the only way to go. Traditional drivers cannot hit the highs in comparison.
  • Well... Tastes differs... Some people can make a damn good Dynamic drivers IEM too and people seems to be satisfied with it too (IE800) there's different tastes for different people, friend.
  • I'm just trying to tip the apple
  • There needs to more articles about audio on Windows Phones. There's little to no information to what DACs Windows Phones use.
  • Windows phone doesn't support external DACs yet, but hey Windows 10 will have this ability via USB dual role. That's a major feature I'm looking forward to seeing, err I mean hearing!
  • Wait... Where do you get this info??? If this is true, it's heaven! I've been thinking of buying an android at some point just because WP still miss this option.
  • I've been in touch with Microsoft about the need for improved dac chips and more info for months but have had no comms back.
  • Cheap bastards always behind the ball, Ms is
  • Are them confortable even if you wear glasses? Thanks :)
  • Depends on your glasses really, does it has thick frames? Trying them out is always a necessity for IEM... As each people's ear is different, and fit and comfort is the 1st point everyone need to test.
  • At this price I will be very much happy to buy Lumia 640 or 640xl. ......
  • Pretty partial to these
  • I have a Seinnheiser momentum and I don't regret one $ for it. The best sound and confront I've ever had.
  • Sorry, even at $120 new I returned them. (The over ear one, not the cheaper on ear)
  • Samsung galaxy headphone work perfectly with windows phone... Volume control... And "the One" button which use to accept/end call, play/pause music and forward/backward music... I don't care about the price, but this one doesn't have any buttons...
  • You can also rewind songs and summon Cortana using that "One Button".
  • Yes... Hold that button to active Cortana
  • A pair of headphones where you wouldn't even notice a major difference between other cheap brands quality and believe it or wise when you could pick up several Lumias or the upcoming 640 for the same price ???
    Sometimes in life, no matter how you try to justify a price tag, its just ridiculous to spend certain amount of money on simple products whether you have the money or not. And yes, I can afford these but why buy them ? Not special at all...especially not at $190. Wow.
  • Absolutely!
  • Clearly, you live in a cave in which the ambient sound has made you tone deaf...or your cheap.
  • Cave ? Cheap ? Wow. That's cute.
    Clearly you're stupid and your attempt at a put down needs a bit of work. Along, with you not knowing how to read and understand opinions of others.
    But nice effort there whoever your sad soul may be. Move along.
  • I'm happy you enjoyed my statement. However, if one is not motivated to reach higher than their station, like you, then they may live in a cave, be cheap, and in your case stupid to boot.
  • If You never even try one, we all can say that your comment doesn't hold credibility. But if you say this AFTER you try one fine IEM and using it for listening to your fav music without any Bias, giving it a good 30 minutes and you still think the same, well... People can be different.
  • Spider, don't be so diplomatic....troll brother, troll...
  • Wow, tough to please even some of the people some of the time ;)
  • So pricey!!! What about Sony extra bass series?
  • Extra Bass label usually give clue to a mediocre headphones...
  • So true...
  • Nice review Richard. I'm glad you like these. I have a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Pro's. I will gladly spend $150+ on a pair of headphones I use 15+ hours a week. You can tell the difference between cheap and premium headphones. Funny nobody is like this with phones. It's the same thing....Everyone on the internet has a PhD, I guess
  • Exactly, I have the RHA 750's which are a step below these and they sound fantastic and are definitely worth the price. Especially since I listen to music constantly. Anytime something expensive is mentioned there will be people saying it's not worth it and a cheaper option is just as good.
  • Wait, I think the 750's is lower in price level than this? I found one priced around 149$
  • They are. I was just pointing out that RHA makes quality headphones that are worth the cost. Also, people who never bother to try "expensive" items, in my case headphones and whiskey, love to say they aren't worth the cost and a cheaper often would work just as well even though that's rarely the case.
  • H
  • SMH at this article...
  • The SENNHEISER MX180 have never let me down. Been using 'em for last 5 years. Sound awesome with my Lumias.
  • But not as good as on a Walkman.. RIP Nokia 808, N91
  • 189$ 0_0 utneme naya phone ayega BC! :D first thought of every indian/asian geek here after seeing this! Lekin baate krenge sab badi badi :] BC
  • "First thought of every Indian" - Wrong. I have Brainwavz B2, Brainwvz m5 (x2), Denon AH-D340 which should collectively cost 400$+
  • M5 are not so great :/
    Not a fan of Brainwavz anymore, but their products are still pretty good though
  • If I lost these I'd cry for days.
  • I sucked up my first $350 klipsche's in the vacuum cleaner! I howled like a wounded dog...and I did it only had em ~20 days.
  • Unfortunately, I could own $2000 ear buds, that recreates sound through trumpets being played by angels and the experience would be wrecked by Xbox Music (Zune us, mother******s!).
  • Lmao! That is true, no amount of money spent on headphones will fix how terrible Xbox Music is
  • I listen to Xbox Music every day with my Bose AE2 and I think they both sound really good together. I'm curious to know why you think Xbox Music is so bad. Compared to what?
  • - Xbox Music is compressed too much.
    - Lumias don't have the greatest headphone out
    - Bose sucks Hate to say it, but on iPhone I could have dedicated DAC/Amp, iTunes lossless, and a HiFiMan HE-400
  • noob question: do i need special headphones in order to use it with windows phone? i ask becasue i have the she 3590 and using it with the iphone 5s it sounds horrible.
  • Nope
  • Avoid the ones with remotes. Make sure the plug has two poles xD
  • I use Skullcandy Hesh 2's with my Lumia. An inline mic that works and a nice sound space. They aren't for everyone, but then I wouldn't say no to a pair of these.
  • You are better off just getting the Shure 215se than these, like their isn't anything these headphones do better than the shures at almost 2x the price. You dont need heavy stainless steel to be durable, have put these Shures through 3 and a half years of abuse and the most that has happened is the name has worn off of them.
  • Haha, just mentioned Shures. The 215's are solid as well. My buddy grabbed those and I went full retard with the 846's. Main difference was the bass I found.
  • Yea they are pretty great, lol I would love the 846 but I can't justify getting them lol
  • I have the Shure 215se's myself - never looked back since I got them!
  • Another great headphone for true audiophiles not on a budget to check out are the Shure lineup. They make incredible ear buds as well. I spent a good month testing ear buds, reading reviews daily before I settled on a pair of Shure SE846's. The have quad drivers in each ear. The most incredible sound I've ever heard from an earbud. Reviews anywhere online will show you a 5/5 review. I upgraded the cables as well to improve sound further and I was in heaven. I used them with the Xbox One as well with the headphone adapter. The sound was sound clean I couldn't even use them at full volume. Bass was unlike anything I've ever heard from ear buds too. Only downside was the $999 price tag. I sold them a 6 months later for $850 because I just didn't get enough use out them to justify the money spent. But for someone who listens to music literally every day multiple times (and with deep pockets) try them. You will quickly realize that you'll never need another set of ear buds in your entire lifetime again.
  • It won't be good without gapless playback
  • These look beautiful,
  • The amount of Lumias have bad sound posts is too damn high. ;) My 925 has good sound with these skullcandy ear buds at work with loud machines running.
    Here is a pic of them: Here is a pic of my other buds:
  • Super happy they don't have an in-line remote...can't stand that feature on most headphones these days
  • I need some new earbuds, but not at that price! Cheapskate life! Lol
  • KEF M500 - $50
  • Soundmagic E10 just read the reviews in various HiFi magazines, for £30 nothing can touch them.
  • Check out these "Yurbuds - Venture Talk"..awesome sound and functionality in any conditions for 59 bucks
  • Ultimate ears
  • If this gets an article, my Audio-Technica ATH-CKM500is definitely deserves a review. It sounds so good, does answer calls, play, pause, next, previous and it has analogue volume controller. That's about Everything you expect from an inline remote. And trust me they sound really good. I got it off eBay for 60 USD from Japan. Been using them for a year and still sounds and looks brand new. Builds quality is great too.
  • I don't get why people down klipsch so much. I own the r6i reference klipch iem's and they are amazing. I also have beats iem's my little bro gave me and various skull candies. By far the klipsch are the best sounding iem's I've used. But the thing with sound perception is that its all subjective. I found what I like and really enjoy that somebody else would think sounds like crap. I love great sounding headphones too I have some sennheiser HD598's that sound amazing for gaming paired with a Astro mixamp
  • I own higher end equipment. When you say Klipsch, I have the same impressions as you had when you compared them to beats, etc ;) It is infuriating because there are better options that cost less than what you own ... These two reasons are why I think people do not like Klipsch
  • 190!!! Seriously, 190!?!?
  • I just use the sony ear buds, £15 and you get great quality. I've had mine for almost 2 years now and with around 3-4 hours of use a day they haven't lost any sound quality and the wires are all intact. Also they sound epic!
  • Maybe Windows 10 update with a connected DAC+Amp would make these worth buying ...
    Buying these IEMs for any Lumia is a waste.
    Nokia stopped their emphasis on audio quality post Nokia 808 ... I bet the Nokia N91 (2005) will drive these monitors better than the Lumia 1520
  • Wait.....!
    No Remote
    Hefty price tag
    Ugly looks