RHA T10 earbuds: A great music experience for your Windows Phone

Not everyone desires the type of higher-quality sound you get from some of the more premium offerings, but if you do, RHA has a pair of earbuds you just might want to look at. The T10 earbuds have been designed specifically without an in-line remote which often isn't compatible with non-iPhones, and as such sees a small price cut. They're not the cheapest earbuds you'll ever buy, but they're going to serve you well.

So, what makes the T10 different to every other pair of premium earbuds on the market? Firstly, you won't likely damage them. They're constructed in the main from stainless steel, so they're not the lightest, but they are very tough. I've tossed these into my gear bag several times and there's not a mark on them.

They also have a pretty unique way of fitting into and onto your ears. Despite having a little heft, you don't notice when you're wearing them thanks to the cord which envelopes the top of your ear and keeps everything in place. It's sort of the earbud equivalent of memory foam. It's incredibly flexible allowing you to contour it to the exact right fit for your ears. Then, when you pull them out, avoid touching it and it'll be right for the next time. As such the T10s are exceptionally comfortable to wear. You also get a pretty wide variety of tips included in the box as well to make sure that they sit in your ears nice and tight.


Perhaps my favorite feature, though, is that you can tune the sound to your tastes. By removing the tuner in the middle you can swap out for one with better bass, better treble or stay in the neutral zone in the middle. I love this idea. Nothing pains me more than overpowering bass, but some people love that. The T10s give you the choice. If you're looking for good all round sound, the neutral is just fine. I found it strikes a nice balance, with just enough bass to know it's there.

You don't get active noise cancellation with the T10, but there is passive noise cancellation and it does a decent enough job. I wore them for the recent flight to and from Mobile World Congress and while they didn't block out everything, they did a much better job than I expected. The background noise was reduced to a sufficiently low level while listening to some podcasts and almost unnoticeable with music playing.

I've been using the T10s myself as my go-to earbuds for a couple of weeks and all round I'm very impressed. There's a bit of work to do out of the box to get them set up to your liking but once they are they're comfortable, great sounding and worth the investment. The durable construction is a comfort when you're travelling and throwing them into and pulling them out of a bag, and they even come with a pretty substantial carry case.

They're not cheap, but they're worth a listen. We like that RHA has removed the potentially useless inline remote and given us a cost saving in the process. And we like what they've done with the T10.



Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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