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Richer 'Interactive' Toast notifications coming to Windows 10 and Mobile

Microsoft has just announced a new developer features that are coming to Windows 10 and Mobile with the Anniversary release later this summer. In short, notifications are going to get a lot more feature-rich later this summer with bigger images, more options, more information, and just a more immersive experience.

The features were revealed in the session titled 'What's New for Tiles and Toast Notifications'.

Interactive toast notifications now reflect the rich information displayed on Live Tiles giving users a more consistent user capability along with more detailed notifications.

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No code change is needed for most of the new features, including:

  • Larger 'hero' images in toast
  • App identity and attribution
  • New button style
  • Better discoverability
  • More current and relevant

Users can also now disable notifications for apps via a Settings icon within the notification in the Notification Center. Developers can also add a context menu to notifications to give users advanced functions unique to their app or service.

When an app is opened and residing in the Task Bar users can also now see a badge number count to highlight which app has a new notification waiting in the Notification Center.

Also, it was announced Microsoft Edge browser will support web notifications that tie into the Notification Center.

Microsoft has been 'prototyping' interactive Live Tiles for a long time, but "trying to get it right" before committing. Currently, there is nothing new to announce there yet, but it is something they are interested in doing.

More information soon as this developer session is currently occurring.

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

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  • "Microsoft has just announced a new developer features that are coming to windows 10" holy $hit Dan Rubino, hire me as your proof reader, you need it.
  • Check out WMPowerUser if you want to see terrible copy. Those guys type with their feet and publish. Posted on a L950XL with Fingers 10
  • Dan is pretty good overall. It's Rich Edmonds that needs a proof reader! The extra journalese fluff he sticks in his articles is so aggravating!
  • Richard is Devinely in his own league. Way much above Dan and the rest.
  • I see what you did there
  • Thanks :)
  • Which talk was this? I'd like to book mark it for when it's available on Channel9.
  • I think this should be it:  
  • Cool!
  • I notice on the second image the notification icon on the task bar is on the right most side. Is it true?  
  • So i guess ill use whatsapp web alot on edge!:P this build is awesome!! Posted from here, 1520.
  • Btw.. First comment! Posted from here, 1520.
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  • LOL. That was funny. Even funnier because you wrote "first" in your second post!
  • All news have been very good so far, but I'm still waiting on the "mind blowing" ones
  • The news is for developers and includes free Xamarin and the Bash news. You need to get out of the consumer mindset. This is a dev event and they value what is 'mind blowing' differently.
  • Nailed it daniel..:-)
  • Good explanation. But I beg to differ on your second point. Consumers don't need to get out of the consumer mindset. I'd say that the burden is on WC to explain that this is not a consumer-focused conference (as in, GDC, not E3, for those of you who game). A simple paragraph at the beginning of the article would suffice, I think.
  • It's was mentioned in the "What to expect from Build 2016" article.
  • Apparently many people don't read that one. :( What I mean is, some sort of disclaimer at the beginning of every article related to Build. Though of course, some people simply don't read the article at all, so I don't know how much that would help
  • You've got a point here. The amount of people who leave comments without even reading the article is ridiculous.
  • Its called BUILD, not CONSUME, so there is a hint right there...
  • Don't forget that this is the internet we're talking about. And as I'm posting this, Build just officially ends, That was a great event :)
  • Good one
  • Can't wait for consume 2016
  • Well, it's called "Build" and has some slash characters in the name. Isn't than enough? No wonder they have to print "caution hot" on coffee cups. Sheesh.
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  • Windows Central is followed by every serious wp developer, so this article matters a lot.
  • True dat, I love this new features coming and can't wait to test them :) Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 Mobile
  • i'm not a developer but my mind is blown, all overmthe place, several times even. i dont know what all these pessimists arentalking about.
  • Bash was enough to blow alot of minds away!!!!! i dont know why people expect Win10M mobile to be what apple and google took almost 8 years and still suck at it. 
  • They just got a I or A in the last two years, don't know any kind of progress in between the starting and till now.
    Once they know , it will be clear that Windows is progressing much faster then anything.
    They are just new to this. ;") Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • @Changaizee; Ouch! But you got to admit they became billion dollar corps even if it still sucks.
  • Ok but where is the Windows 10 update for phones?
  • What update? The one we just got or the one coming in the summer?
  • Coming... Coming... Coming... Coming... Soon ™   Please, can someone tell this company to SHUT UP AND JUST SHIP ?
  • This^
    Replying from notification is already here and none of the messengers implemented it, yet. WhatsApp is already testing it on the preview of Android N and nothing for W10M even with one year of preview...
  • Not just for android N, all ready have it in whatsapp beta without Android N. =( 
  • WhatsApp is a silverlight app. To that work, they need to rewrite the app from scratch... Just because one feature.
  • What the heck is the problem? Windows 10 Mobile is out. Redstone builds are getting to Windows 10 users. They're announcing many of these things for the first time and saying it'll all come in the summer, which is not even that far away. Chill.
  • The problem is the "Soon™" fake trademark that is turning into a reality trademark MSFT keeps throwing at us..
  • Why are you so angry? Buy yourself a Raspberry Pi and start creating something instead of flinging crap at those who do....
  • Well there's always something coming out soon when you have Windows as a service. Is Windows 10 coming out soon? Not it's out. Is the fall update coming out soon? No they're out. Redstone is next.
  • When Microsoft says this sought of thing you must think in a certain way in other words Microsoft is in many ways is a country style approach to working when they say soon that could be next year but if they say directly then it will happen almost immediately.
  • So Apple never reveals new iOS features at WWDC months ahead of shipping them? Why are you so angry?
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  • Rome isn't a Country
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  • Yes, please don't tell developers about features so that they can implement them into their apps... educating developers is horrible. Please just ship mystery features, we don't need documentation or explanation.
  • Gud wrk MSFT..
    bt wat bout transparent action centre??
  • Good seeing wp catching up... Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • How exactly do you see it catching up? And since how many years it is trying to catch up?
  • Wp is catching up since its introduction in 2009 Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No pic from mobile? =)
  • Cool, now all we need is Echo Lockscreen
  • Finally Microsoft making progress and taking himself s Mobile OS serious Posted on Lumia 930 with
    Windows 10 Mobile
  • So... Bigger images than the ones in Engadget toasts? -Mach 8 Solutions, LLC a software company.
  • IMO... there should be a WC App for devs only or some sort off separate section all together. There are too many confused consumers looking for mind blowing news that don't relate to the build conference.
  • This is awesome. I hope most apps will take advantage of this soon right around Redstone release. Interactive Live Tiles seriously needs to be pushed, it's a long overdue of needed evolution for Live Tiles. I hope they come up with best interaction to make it work very well. They're almost there based from Microsoft Research concept and people loved those. It just needs further refining and hopefully API is rich enough for developers to take advantage and hopefully it doesn't affect performance. Glad that Redstone/Anniversary Update is indeed significant one. I just hope they didn't forgot to continue make the overall UI cohesive and polish though. There are still alot of areas needs work. Sent from Turing Machine
  • Isn't this what the new Engadget app is doing? With the big pictures in notification -> meaning richer notification
  • The anniversary update will be for mobile, too? And it will come this summer?
  • Allll good. This better include Windows 10 Mobile as well. I can't think of any reason why it shouldn't. Windows Central for Windows 10-Microsoft Lumia 640
  • speakin of notification centers, where the hell is whatsapps uwp update? been waiting for ages to reply whatsapp messages in the notification center!
  • Lots of cool goodies coming our way.
  • Well richer notifications is all well and cool (tbh, I'm from Pakistan, where internet speeds are dead slow and I've to consider data wrt bandwidth and internet speeds), I'd love for them to integrate download/uploads into notification center from apps like Microsoft Edge, One Drive, Windows Store and potentially any app that is uploading or downloading anything in the background including system updates.
    And well, no interactive live tiles is a bummer, pitch ideas in insider builds, take users feedback and then worry about hitting it right otherwise what's the point of insider program? I've a few ideas if any relevant engineer is reading this.
    1) Users should be able to opt in and out of it.
    2) Live tiles/folders have these ⅓rd proportions, right, for name/title, apps within the folder etc. Well use that ⅓ of a space and put a text/number input bar just like search bars on top of app list and other pages. What would those input bars do? Well, put a number in phone app to dial or save. Compose a message in message app. Same for 3rd party messengers. Status/photo/attachment update in social media apps. For individual contacts pinned, able to call, text them, post status on facebook, tweet or dm them if any of the services are integrated with them. As well as being able to see all the contact history and social media updates on live tile. I mean that's the gist of it. I'm sure they can figure something out. (I'm not a supporter of exploding tiles for different options. If anything I'm more of a supporter of Apple's force touch or similar technology.) This will make things convoluted sure but users could always tap out of it. Come on Microsoft, give us something and then let the insiders help you decide. Cheers.
  • Wow! I had posted a feedback for the notifications count badge on taskbar icons. They have implemented it. Cool.
  • So they couldn't have done a Transparent Action Centre?
  • When will we get equalizer integrated into our music player??!! That was one of the best things about MixRadio! We need to have the option of pinning all options to start screen including a STOP for music! Basic stuff that MS has denied us!
  • What about live tiles.
  • So on the one hand they don't want to focus on WP development this year, but on the other hand they want developers to use these tools? Okay.
  • I think that stmt was more for the oems to take note and come up wid some good phones. Else software wise they seem to be working deligently
  • They won't be focussing on wp hardware
    But when they bring new features to pc & Xbox it will automatically make its way to phones
  • Plzz make the notification center translucent and add more features
  • Got really excited upon reading the title of this article. Misread interactive notifications for interactive tiles. *sigh*
  • Very cool. This is what notifications on Windows 10 should have been to begin with.
  • @Dan it's good to see the improvements that MS is making for PC and Xbox as those features will eventually be ported to mobile and with that the Continuum affect will be in full flow. The thing is that we WP users have been waiting for so long for a "boost" to the mobile OS and to constantly read about more of this and that coming "soon" is hard to stomach from waiting this long already when comparing what others currently have. It does give those who're strong and patient enough the choice to wait for these features to come. It's almost summer and I do hope that we're not pushed nearer to Xmas to get these updates. I bet the majority WP users are with AT&T in the US and unless you have a 950/xl/650/550 they still haven't released the update as yet. So again we're still waiting unless you're on the insider program. That's what upsets consumers, you say it's out but it's not out truley for some reason or the other. Great to see the innovations being touted to be added to the OS and let's hope that going forward the handbrake isn't in the up position each time you step on the accelerator.
  • Yeah.... Coming coming coming... Still didn't come WM to my Lumia 640 I'm in Germany.
  • I mean Windows 10 to Lumia 640 not yet. I'm in Germany
  • I came from BlackBerry to Windows (I don't like android) and now Windows is just like waiting room.... Wait and wait. Since few days I'm checking on iPhones. Shame....
  • Helo...what about download a file its still not working in background...w10m
  • ?????
  • @Robert Roger; Now you are getting why Google became a billion dollar corp on the consumer side. Android may not be your favorite and same with me but I use it because of the gap it fills and I am a Microsoftie from the Win95 days but Microsoft is a primary business first minded corp working it's way into the consumer sector and is going to take an admirable practice of patience because consumer is not the primary focus. I am in the market now for another phone and hope it's not another Android but a Windows Mobile phone. Meanwhile I take advantage of the apps to plug into Outlook, Onedrive and Office apps. Had Microsoft kept the Nokia staff they could have split and build a Mobile division that concentrate on mobile but Microsoft cut that staff so we will have to be patient until the grand plan comes to fruition.
  • Thank you Calbro. I'm waiting patiently it's just frustrating.I like very much WP. Hopefully it will not take too long till Windows 10 come to Lumia 640.
  • As far as I know win 10 is already available for Lumia 640
    Use upgrade advisor app
  • It is about time really, it had been a long wait...
  • Is it in all countries Lumia 640 didn't get update to Windows 10 or just some countries ?
  • this looks beautiful