Riptide GP2 coming to Windows Phone next week, Beach Buggy Racing in October

Two games from well know mobile developer Vector Unit, Riptide GP2 and Beach Buggy Racing, will be coming to the Windows Phone platform in the coming weeks, according to what the team told a fan on Twitter today.

The message from Vector Unit was, "RGP2 is coming to WP8.1 early next week, and BBR will be coming towards the end of October." Riptide GP2 is a hydro jet water-based racing game that has already been released for iOS, Android, PC and Windows 8.1 back in December 2013.

Beach Buggy Racing is Vector Unit's newest game and was just released last week for iOS and Android. The off-road kart racing game is a (sort of) sequel to their previous game Beach Buggy Blitz. The fact that Windows Phone will get the game just a few weeks after the iOS and Android version is encouraging for the app ecosystem. Are you exicted that these two games will soon be released for Windows Phone

Thanks to Sport Driver for the tip!

Source: Vector Unit on Twitter

John Callaham
  • Can we expect a 512mb ram support??
  • Can I expect Xbox One games to play on my 360?
  • This is by far the lamest , cocky reply i've come to this far.
  • Good analogy.
  • thought the triangle there was for thumbs up, turns out it for reporting a comment.
  • I like your reply
  • Same thinking !
  • Hopefully with Xbox Live support. Beach Buggy Blitz is one of my favorites from iOS and Android
  • No way, it's definitely a 1 gb ram game.
  • As usual, late to WP, when will this change
  • Late better than never
  • Too late, but it's something, I'd really like games to come at the same time for all platforms though
  • Late by a couple of weeks is not bad at all.
  • Stop complaining, some people are never happy. Be grateful its coming at all. Once wp 8.1 is on a majority of wp hopefully we will hopefully start getting things sooner.
  • Better late than never!
  • Real Racing 3 and i'm sold for a new Lumia
  • warner bros when they will come with your games.
  • Really nice, I played those games on my old android device few months ago... Better late than never :)
  • Looks nice!! Hoping for Albion online support too!?
  • Getting the apps is no longer an issue, for the most part. What is an issue is that the app will come and it will either be a laggy mess or it will be missing functionality that iOS and Android have and the app will never see an update.
  • Some people, never pleased lol
  • Try to stay positive!
  • It would be better if both games have 512 mb ram support! Otherwise its a disappointment for a lot of users.. Do u guys agree?
  • Yes, a big disappointment !
  • My phone have more than 512mb of ram but I agree with you. It will be really nice for all users, but those 3D games really needs power to work, I don't think they will run on devices that only have 512mb of ram unfortunatly... :(
  • They could optimise it as they did with subway surfur. And dude.., this is the reason why people choose android rather than windows
  • Subway surfers run like crap on even 1 GB devices so how much ever they optimize the game isn't properly done for windows phone
  • It runs perfect on my lumia 625 3g,
  • They can run fine on 512 Mb devices if optimized right
  • Asphalt 7 8 Six guns. Despicable me . Dungeon hunter runs smoothly with good graphics on 512mb. So lets hope this will too!
  • What are you? A WPCentral writer trying to get more response? :D Yeah of course it would be better.
  • No dude., just broaden up your mind a little bit... :P All i am doing is addressing the issue we guys have been facing from a long time.
  • Yeah I know man. I was talking about your "ask the audience" ending ;-)
  • Well, truly saying, that makes communicating with you guys on such topics a lot easier! ;)
  • These games have a lot of graphical effects and look gorgeous, you're probably not going to see 512mb support.
  • this makes me happy :)
  • Will try these for sure...
  • What about beach buggy blitz?
  • Super excited.. Hope it will support 512mb ram devices.
  • I highly doubt that these games will support 512 mb ram :( Come on Microsoft release the 730 already.
  • Yeah i know 730 has already entered the battle.. But just tell me, y a user will buy again a lumia device when we have seen the Microsoft's development like a tortoise towards the updates they provide us!
  • Microsoft's updates have been on a roll. Blame someone else. They don't have control over everything. If you're talking about device releases. Those phones were recently announced. They're not really behind.
  • Oh they aren't behind.. After a long time., they introuded an action centre and it didn't even have a data toggle.., and now that they will be providing it in their next update, they make it sound like as its a big progress.. Its not a big deal that data toggle wasn't there. My point is that if this were android, all there small,details haven't been ignored... This is one of the smallest problems.. There are many others... And i could go on for hours to tell them... So don't say they aren't far behind... Their attention to detail is ridiculous when compared to android.
  • Blah,blah,blah.. Android has been around for 10 years or so.. Besides,many features of Android come from it being so open and first appear via 3rd party app features that eventually show up natively at some point. Android just started to get to the point where it was somewhat tolerable with Ice Cream Sandwich. More so when Jellybean and Kit Kat. Which wasn't too long ago. IOS7 introduced the most significant overall to IOS since it's incarnation and IOS8 finally allows you to do certain things that were missing for years.. Windows Phone 8.1 addressed many features in one update and they are building from there. You can't just stick everything in one update. MS has an GDR1,2 and 3 update system all within a year. This time less than a year. Threshold will be the next major update. Like I said they are one a roll..
  • Yeah we can't stick,everything in one update.. But what we provide in one update, they can atleast make,them well... Xbox music and videos app are like a shit... And the third party developers, they make me laugh! There are many apps which haven't been updated in years..! So stop being arrogant and just grow up... Android try to pay attention to even the smallest detail..
  • Damn you're ignorant.. Why in the heck are you talking about developers? Please don't answer. Microsoft has no control over them. They in fact continue to update their apps especially the Xbox ones. Not every change will be smooth all of the time on any OS. Why in the hell are you even on Windows Phone if you like Android so such.. Be gone! I'm ignoring you from here on out. Waste of my intelligence talking to you.
  • If this is what u call intelligence, then better keep it to yourself.. Microsoft is slow like a tortouse in providing features.. No matter how harsh it sounds, its a FACT!
  • dineshrocks, don't get dragged down by that guy. Admitting that your OS is sorely behind in many areas and will be for a long time to come is hard for some people. Personally, I've accepted WP for what it is and finally am getting a Nexus (after putting it off forever). But voicing objective observations about the state of WP in the comments will only get you bashed. Fanboy-ism is too real.
  • Just because someone has a preference doesn't mean they are a fan boy. Just because you make stupid comments,doesn't mean that you're an idiot right? Maybe you are though.
    Does Microsoft have their shortcomings? Sure.
    But so does Apple and Google. So pick your platform and deal with it. Like I told him. Complain to the company .
    If you want to go get a Nexus,then get a Nexus. It's your choice. No one gives a shit.
    Good day..
  • Riiiiight.. It only took Apple 7 years to get a screen size larger than 4 inches. Quick Google's in IOS7. And Microsoft's slow.. Google rips features of after seeing what they other developers do and then stick them in Android. Then release an update that takes forever to reach most handsets,but Microsoft's slow. FACT is that all of the OSs have their strengths and weaknesses. If you're going to roll with one,then roll with it. If you want to complain,complain to the company,or go over to another platform. No one will miss you.
  • Yeah its true google provides late updates! But when they do., they don't lack detail whether its a software update or an app ... Its moron like you that praises the real shortcomings... NO MATTER HIW MANY TIMES MICROSOFT HAVE GIVEN UPDATES, THEY STILL LACKS the BACIS FEATURES...! So buddy , keep your so called intelligence with you.. We don't give a damn! The FACT remains a FACT !
  • Easy you two or three, I blasted someone for antagonizing me for telling someone they did a good job and now my comments are deleted (particularly after I laid out a logical, rational explanation), so just overlook some comments. Its not easy, I know, however people get tired of waiting, device limitations and we have no one else who understands what we are talking about except the folks on WPC. Be happy we have someone to talk to and try your best not to annihilate them. Been there, done that.
  • Because I love Lumia...and I haven't seen anyone respond to their user base like Microsoft do, Windows phone may not be one of the most feature rich platform but I have to admit it has come a long long way in a year and that growth is far far faster than Android its just people like you with naïve mind who doesn't let it grow. And updates? Tell me how many android phones get update? I had so many budget android phones and it died without single update whereas my brother has 520 running 8.1 and he is waiting for GDR1 and then 2. If you just have some kind of prejudice on WP you can take it out somewhere else... Why linger here?
  • I don't have any grudge over windows phone... And yes, android doesn't get updated as quickly as windows... But once an android update comes., its more balanced and far more developed than the combined windows update. There is no key attention to details in their updates...
  • Here's the problem, Android (most of them) don't get updated at all... Apart from that I don't have any issue with my Cyan update and even when I was enrolled for developer preview I never had any problem, makes me wonder what you are trying to do with your phone... And talking about features on WP for that Microsoft is working hard already because releasing about 3 GDR updates within such a small window is big thing.
  • Ya dude i agree with u that they have updated it so quickly and yes its a big thing... But i am not saying that we should have all the features at once... I know they are really working hard to provide those. All i m saying is that what features they have provided, they aren't polished. Say for example, every week or two, they updates their xbox music and video app.. But still the xbox video app lacks play next and previous buttons.. Its not that we can't live without these controls.. Its that what's the use of updating the app every two weeks if they even can't see for themselves the need for providing basic functions... This is just an example.. There are many more issues..
  • Agree... Xbox music and video still suck after so many updates but there has been significant improvement from when it was released and I believe these two apps have alot more scope than any other they just need to bring it to a level where it is as fluent as its built into OS and then just imagine how cool it would be when most requested feature will be added within couple of weeks.
    It just needs some patience and I am sure you and everyone else will like it when its done...
  • Was so much waiting for beach buggy blitz!! Finally ;)
  • No it's blitz buggy racing
  • Whatever
  • Finally. Was waiting for riptide gp2 since ever.
  • Use to get excited about news like this, but the great majority of time, these end up being half ass ports that flat out suck. I get excited when it comes out and proves to do the Windows Phone good.
  • I'll be buying Riptide GP 2 as soon as it comes out. I am expecting a price of $2.99. I should have enough saved up from Bing Rewards to buy it after buying Killer Instinct Season 2 tomorrow. Killer Instinct 2 with online play here I come!!!! Beware of Tusk! I didn't like the Beach Buggy Blitz game so hopefully the Beach Buggy Racing game is better.
  • Hoping to be able to play this on my Lumia 520! Can't wait! ^^
  • Don't see anything about 512MB support or XBL integration, nice try.
  • The more quality games the merrier! Now I think we should bother some of these developers about updating there old apps!
  • "RGP2 is coming to WP8.1" Finally a game optimized for WP8.1 ?
  • I'm waiting for that game from years ago and now you say in October what the *****
  • And now CLASH OF CLANS❕
  • Age of empires!
  • I hope its free
  • great... Beach Buggy was my funniest Android game
  • waiting for Line games.
  • I want dead trigger 2 plz make I happen MS and Madfinger.
  • Yay
  • Please give candy crush saga game to windows phone
  • Official candy crush saga won't be coming anytime soon .
  • Any update as far as the release? "Early next week" has come and gone.