Riptide GP2 finally arrives as a universal game for Windows Phone 8.1

The tantalizing benefits of universal games for Windows Phone and Windows desktop is lurching slowly every day to becoming a reality. The process should accelerate with Windows 10 due next year, but for now, users have to settle for the occasional release.

Today, Riptide GP2 is that next game. Originally released through the Windows Store back in December 2013, the Windows Phone 8.1 port of the game is now available for mobile usage after some delays. More importantly, if you buy one for $2.99, you get the other one for free, making this a superb deal.

Riptide GP2 for Windows Phone

Riptide GP2 is the hit sequel to Riptide GP, aka one of the original watercraft racing games. Featuring excellent graphics and smooth gameplay the Riptide series has always been a little exhilarating to play. The Windows version maintains a 4.1 (out of 5) rating, which is on the high end and demonstrates user satisfaction.

Riptide GP2 is made by Vector Unit who also make those other racing games Hydro Thunder Hurricane and the recently released Beach Buggy Racing.

Check out the trailer for the game embedded in this article, or just go and download the game to try it yourself. Unfortunately, only the Windows version has a free trial, and not the Windows Phone one, which is likely an oversight.

Riptide GP2 is also 512 MB compatible for those with entry-level Windows Phones and is a modest 64 MB in download size. Remember, if you buy it on one platform, you do not have to buy it again on the other.

QR: riptide gp2

Daniel Rubino

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  • At last its here , but it should be free
    Edit : Sry guys if u all think I m wrong but my point is that
    It is a long awaited game on wp so if it is free more people can enjoy it who all r waiting for it
  • Dafuq? Why should you not be required to pay? If you bought this last December for Windows, you don't have to pay. Downvote for you...
  • At least they should add a free trial so that we can test it on wp
  • now you WANT a free trial!?!?!?!?, just for that comment please send in your Windows phone you have just been downgraded to iPhone 6......
  • Leave him alone. At least he didn't say "first"
  • Agreed with Daniel,downvoted -_- Congratulations,you must have made a world record.Downvoted to -14 -.-
  • Guess he prefers ads and microtransactions.
  • I bought this game on January for my Lumia 2520 and still have to pay now.
  • It's not free on iOS Edit:- Dan comented just a sec before me, so extra comment here  
  • It should be free = developers shouldn't eat, you mean? Will you do something for free?
  • Do you have a reason for being free?
  • What an asshole. Get a job and get money
  • Minimum price requirements for any App should be $1.00, that might sent the ever increasing entitlement mentality in the right direction.
  • What is your bosses phone number and name?  I'm going to point him to this thread and show him you are willing to work for free.
  • Hahaha, nice one.
  • Lol
  • I feel sorry for you, these days people can get too harsh when they see somebody who wishes something to be free. Not that I agree with you where, according to your comment, developers should not get paid for what they've done, I just don't understand why anybody think it's okay to say such bad things to other people.
  • It's a herd thing. Each following member has to step it up a notch.
  • The problem isn't that he wishes it was free. He expects it to be free. It wasn't released on WP immediately and in his world, that means that they should just give away their product. I wanted to get a Microsoft band. I went to the store and it wasn't available. I have been waiting ever since for them to restock. Therefore, when they restock it, I should get it free because I had to wait. It the entitlement attitute that upsets me. People are not entitled to anything. A company will choose if they want to make a product and how much they want to charge for it. People are only entitled to chose whether they will buy the product for that price or keep the money in their wallet.
  • Exactly. I don't understand why people have to be so rude.
  • Despite what Google has taught you, nothing is free. You either pay for a product, don't pay for it but have to deal with ads, deal with a gimped game that will eventual require inapp purchases to move forward, or provide personal information and allow a company to track your activity so they can sell it later. Take your pick. Just because you had to wait doesn't mean you are entitled to get it free. You're enjoyment is not why companies these companies exist. The make products you enjoy so that they can make a profit, pay their employees and other expneses, and hopefully make some money to the owners who invested in the company. That's not going to happen if they give it away for free. There are some programmers who create stuff as a hobby and give it away for free. We are all thankful for their efforts. However, you should never automatically expect everything to be free.
  • After a comment like that, Adirocks, you MUST be a communist.  I believe people should get paid for their work.
  • Must be a Democrat
  • Go windows phone go
  • Yeah, the game looks as good as it does on my Sony Xperia S Tablet.The tablet having a Tegra 3 processor, enables water effects like splashes on the display. Similarly, my 1520 does the same ! Awesome.
  • And the water effect will not be available for low memory devices like the beach buggy racing doesn't provide water effect for low memory devices.
  • Idk, makes sense.
  • I already own the game on Windows, and it's still trying to make me purchase it on Windows Phone as well. No bueno.
  • Weird. I didn't buy it back then, but just bought it now and it worked. Wondering if there is a catch in the system.
  • You must use same Microsoft ID on both device, otherwise nothing of universal app.
  • I do. Always have.
  • Same here. I bougt it on WP and its still saying I ned to pay $6.99 on Windows. and I use the same MS account for all devices.
  • Yep. I purchased full about a year ago on Windows. Still only shows me the "Buy" and "Share" buttons on the Windows Phone store.
  • Looks great but I wonder why they don't offer a free trial on Windows Phone.
  • As I mentioned, likely an oversight. Or, they did not have time to setup the trial system (the game was already delayed).
  • Hey Daniel sorry this is a little off topic but thought you'd be the guy to ask. Di you know if xcom enemy within is going to come to windows phones, I read it was released on ios and Android today and I would love to play it on my phone.
  • iOS and Android only:
  • Yes I know that but it could possibly come to windows phone also
  • Yeah it should be...btw its my first comment here on wp hurraayyy
  • Welcome to Windows Central!
  • Welcome to Windows Central !
  • Glad to have you here!
  • W E L C O M E !
  • Hello. We are not always mean like we were above. Even then, we only fight like family.
  • Cool! Downloading... Already bought this for my Surface 2... :-)
  • Bought for my Venue Pro. Still wants to make me buy it on Windows Phone.
  • No trial, no purchase
  • It's your loss
  • lol for a daft game I already have on droid? Ummm, not really.
  • So why comment?
  • Anyone who actually uses Android doesn't make the mistake of calling them "droids".
  • Lurching! Lol.
  • Small error, riptide was nowhere one of the original watercraft racing games...not even close. but, that doesn't take any fun away from this game...   beyond that, I want to buy it, but still don't trust paid universal apps as halo Spartan assault still wants me to buy the windows 8 version despite paying for the WP version...
  • I had purchased Halo: SA on my Lumia 520 and could easily download it on my W8.1 laptop without having to pay twice. Did you try contacting Microsoft?
  • In the Windows 8 store, click "my account", then under "my apps", you should see it listed as available to install.
  • I've checked and it's not in the my apps list. Oh well, gave up on it months ago.... I do check every once and a while and check every once and a while....
  • Forza for xbox mobile should be perfect.
  • Will they add a free trial on users' request just as KickBack did with Lost Echo?
    At any case, I was waiting for this for a long time. Purchasing right now...
    (will tip them for a trial in the review though)
  • I played this game on my friend's xperia...he was showing me this like to show how good is android.
  • Well guys its not even free on android and here its WP, how can you even expect that?? :-p..... And by the way thank you developers for considering 512 mb ram devices.
  • Sweet! Instant purchase on my 1520.. but I'll have to make some space for it on my Surface 2. Hmmm.. which to uninstall, Airborne 8 or Halo Spartan Assault?
  • Keep Airborne 8, ditch Halo Spartan.
  • Obviously halo Spartan.... I think no game in this world is as good as Asphalt 8.... :-p
  • Asphalt 8 is the tits.
  • This game is fun. I enjoy it.
  • So Dan is a Vacuum Cleaner?
  • Why? So rude?
  • Because that user deserves it!!
  • He was commenting on the guys user name.
  • Why you used someone's name like this? It's very unnatural. If you can, please change it.
  • i will buy it if this game will show up in red stripe deals :P
  • Loved this game on ios, and elated to find it here. Thank you very much! :D time to play in the subway like a maniac
  • I love beach buggy racing..
  • Is there any plan for hydro thunder hurricane for windows phone?
  • yes, I would  love Hydro Thunder Hurricane (and do don pachi) to be compatible with WP8...
  • Works great on my 1520!
  • No trial? No, thanks!
  • Shame about no trial, but at least I can get the PC version to get an idea of what its like =)
  • Didn't have to purchase a second time, already owned. YESS
  • Another game not available here in Brazil. And you developers are missing a huge opportunity!!
  • Bought it. Even I have HTC m8 android but never bought this game . The game is also kinda boring. But don't know why I bought it on windows phone.
  • Works great on L830 :D
  • No free trial even ... Oh you hurt me ...
  • Keep calm and wait for the cracked .xap to come.
  • And they say only android games get pirated.
  • Not everyone has an unlocked phone !!
  • Who doesn't like free stuff? :p
  • Expensive
  • People always complain about games being paid. And then us windows phone fans commenting how its good to support developers. I wonder why many of the games on android are free. Sure its a crappy is, still the developers must have worked hard. How come they don't charge ?
  • Ads dude Ads. Shitty ads that always display whlie playing a game. somtimes take full screen while Switching menus.Just see that Angry Birds with ads.
  • * checks size and price*. Nope.
  • So if someone says they think it should be free, its a bad thing? And you guys are taking it personally...? Get a life y'all...the Best things in Life are Free
  • "So if someone says they think it should be free, its a bad thing?"   Yes, it's a bad thing.
  • Like best thing in life is food and that developer ain't getting any food for free. Plz build this game for free and rid us all of this problem of paying.
  • Good Point Shashank!
  • This game is $6.99 on Windows and $2.99 on WP, so how does the buy it once option work? When I try and download on Windows it wants me to pay again.
  • Possibly the Graphic Experience on a Windows PC is higher?
  • Thanks a lot bro - done brought it ( ) Really great graphics and driving experience on my Lumia 1520
  • good for us  
  • I don't mind if it's not free as long as it has no iap. Does it?
  • The only IAPs are to buy currency if you are too lazy to actually play the game and earn currency. You do not have to buy any IAP. I buy the IAPs to support the developers. I am going to play the game anyway, not only do I get a huge jump in access to vehicles and upgrades, making the game more enjoyable with my limited game time, the developers get money if we don't want to take the time to play the game. IAP as a service isn't a bad thing, an IAP that is required to progress is a bad thing and Riptide GP 2 does not have game stopping IAPs or a pay to win scheme. Please don't confuse to two.
  • Why would someone download game if don't want to play it? :)
    I will buy this one, cause I tried it on my gf's Galaxy and I liked it. Just don't want to pay and then to be unable to finish it without purchasing something else. Thanks for the explanatiin, tough. :)
  • I'll be wait a red stripe deal
  • Awesome game
  • Wtf!! Make it free
  • long as its not free I will play it in my galaxy s5.
  • Developers support Windows for phones, I support Devlopers. I bought Riptide GP 2 and will make an IAP as well. Made two IAPs in Beach Buggy racing. Best IAP they had removes the green dollar requirement for races so I can now play the game without time constraints and worrying about waiting for "dollars" to replinish. The 2x coins for life and free powerups and a buggy were just icing on the IAP cake. The devlopers didn't have to support Windows Phone, Windows, make it a universal app or even account sync or even add customizable graphics settings. Vector Unit put some time into porting Riptide GP 2 to Windows Phone and it is an amazing game. RGP2 and Beach Buggy Racing both have fast app resume via Windows Phone 8.1 and they resume instantly in most situations. I'll buy more IAPs over time in their games as I am glad to see their support of the Windows platform. about Hydro Thunder Hurricane for Windows Phone??? My Bing Rewards free money is waiting. ;)
  • Hydro thunder, yes!!
  • No trial? No download.
  • I'm looking forward to a flood of universal apps with Windows 10. Gains on WP will help W10, and vice versa. Should make my laptop and 925 richer. 
  • It is great to play most popular titles in wp.This app is running smooth on my dual core lumia 820 think about in quad core.Gud job vector studios.
  • Tooooo old. Don't care about it anymore
  • Looks good but, still standing to my ground, No Xbox, no buy #SaveXboxWP...
  • Will you ever give up?
  • Nope....No Xbox no buy... I dont really care, I already have plenty of games to play but, I wont buy any more unless it has Xbox support...