Rise of the Tomb Raider gets a little cheaper in the UK Windows 10 Store

When Rise of the Tomb Raider hit the Windows 10 Store, a few eagle eyed gamers quickly noticed that Microsoft's pricing was somewhat higher than that of Steam. Even with the initial 10% discount, Steam was still a cheaper option out of the gate.

Now, in the UK at least, Microsoft has reduced the regular price, so for a short time at least the discounted price is even less.

The regular price has now dropped to £39.99, which becomes £35.89 when the 10% discount is applied. The 10% off only lasts for six more days at the time of this post, so if you're wanting to buy from the Windows 10 Store, it's a good time to do so.

Grab it for yourselves at the link below, or check out our full review of the Xbox One version if you're undecided. And if you're seeing similar price cuts elsewhere, be sure to drop us a line in the comments. Right now it doesn't look like the U.S. Store is seeing a similar cut.

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Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • Same for the Turkey. 11% discount. (Because of the currency +1%) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cheaper in Italy too, down to 44.99€ from 53.99€. Probably they saw that the game was cheaper on Steam, because MS applied 10% on 59,99€ while Steam on 49.99€. Now they're aligned.
  • I ordered the Elite pad from Microsoft store on Friday, and its being delivered Monday. So it seems they are back in stock.
  • (yawn)
  • At least for the older Tomb Raider games, like Legend, on Steam the saves are only for one computer and you lose your progress I'd you go to a different one. The Windows Store version of this latest Tomb Raider game will have cloud ☁ saves that will enable you to save your progress on a different computer. I don't know if that difference is worth getting it on the store vs waiting for a sale on Steam.
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider supports Steam Cloud for syncing savegames.
  • Ok, thanks. Then maybe I'll just wait for the Steam sale.
  • Price dropped here in Brazil as well. A little bit cheaper than Steam price.
  • It dropped in Portugal too. Now matching Steam price, at 44,99€.
  • A big part of Steam's appeal is not the discounts the service itself offers, but the deals that can be had through third-party resellers. For instance, right now GreenManGaming is sending out vouchers for 27% off (on top of the current discount of 10%). That puts the Standard Edition of RotTR at €33 and the Digital Deluxe Edition at €51 (just a hair more than the non-discount price for the Standard Edition). I get the appeal of the Windows Store, but at least as far as bargains are concerned, for now the Steam ecosystem is king.
  • I don't want any ****** client running when playing game, this is reason why I was preferring gog.com. Windows Store game has everything i want: Easy install, achievements, cloud save, updates. No need fro Steam.
  • Fair enough. Although I doubt most people would care about the tiny amount of RAM and CPU time that Steam consumes, especially if they have a PC powerful enough to play modern AAA titles. Also, Steam does have features the Windows Store doesn't, like Steam Workshop, trading cards, community market, built-in broadcasting, etc. Plus of course the legendary sales. You might dismiss them as useless, but for many people these things matter. Anyway, didn't mean to turn this into a Steam vs. Windows Store debate, just wanted to point out where one of the best deals on RotTR can be had right now.
  • Sales are what it Steam about, most people are buying games on 90% price sales but Microsoft can also do that in a future. However playing games via store is extremely simple and effective when we're talking about HW and OS and I'll always prefer Windows Store, I'm also hunting achievements on WP and tablets.
  • Got this game via buying a Graphics card but running on my old PC with 1080p and everything on Full of looks amazing, stutters a little but doesn't make it unplayable!!!! My brother is currently building a new PC with all updated hardware, and I can't wait to run this in 4K with everything in Max!!!!! Looks really good from what I've seen!!!!
  • After a 11% of discount its price in India is INR 889.00. So don't wait for a single moment.
  • I think it's just in India. It is costlier everywhere else.
  • Dude that's more like 11% of the price. It is around 3500
  • That's starter pack.
  • its 6$off in the us
  • Guys, it is 79₺ (26$) in the Turkey Windows Store.
  • Workshop is nice I give you that but the game has to allow mods for them to happen. See elder scrolls. For some games it works, for others it's nigh-useless. The trading cards are not really a feature I find appealing. I mean sure I made a few bucks by selling them which in and of itself is kinda ridiculous, but if there is a demand... I don't collect them, the cards are way too plain for that and honestly I don't get the appeal. What steam does have going for it is the immense catalog and the occasional sales. Eager to see how this will pan out for ms as additional games get added (I'm guessing gears is coming and halo wars 2 is already confirmed)
  • Also Fable,ReCore,Killer Instinct and others.
  • What do you mean Microsoft reduced the price? Developers choose the pricing of their apps and games, not Microsoft.
  • Also in Germany the price is the same as in Steam. Both are €44.99
  • People still hating on having Steam running... Lol.
  • Steam is much annoying. I have played and brought games by Ubisoft, uplay doesn't seem an issue for me :)
  • Its ₹999/$16 on amazon.in :D
  • I want this game for my ps4.
  • Keep on waitin' then. Everyone else will have finished with it by then ;-)
  • I am more of a wait for hitman and far cry primal
  • Got to wait til it coming to legendary PS4
  • Got mine free with a 980ti so was tied to using steam. Incidentally I have it set to the default very high settings and it maxes out the 980ti so if you have anything less than that you'll have to turn the graphics down a bit no idea about AMD performance though.
  • In Australia it ended up being the cheapest option buy about $10 thanks to the crapy Aussie dollar