Robot Bros, a Windows Phone 8 game with a puzzle twist

Robot Bros is a relatively new Windows Phone game that plays like a platformer but has a puzzle plot. You take control of the Robot Brothers and have to navigate from start to finish while negotiating around a series of obstacles.

The challenge comes into play in that you can only control one robot at a time and both robots have to cross the finish line. Robot Bros has 90 levels with six robot types. In just tinkering with the game for a short time, it comes across as a challenging game. Robot Bros has recieved some nice reviews over on iOS and has the potential to do the same here on the Windows Phone platform.

Game Play

Robot Bros Menu

The main menu for Robot Bros has your typical layout with options to jump into game play, mute the sounds and view the About screen. The 90 levels of play are spread across six worlds.

Robot Bros Levels

The initial gaming levels for Robot Bros serve more as a tutorial than a challenge. You have movement controls in the bottom left corner of the game screen and a jump button in the lower right corner. Additional buttons come into play as you progress through the game as you earn special abilities. Special abilities such as an ice-block button that will let you create ice-blocks that can be used to jump on to higher platforms.

When you reach a point where multiple robot brothers come into play, buttons will appear in the upper right corner to switch between the various robots.

Robot Bros Game Play

As you traverse blocks, voids and other pitfalls your robots will need to collect stars that are scattered about. The more stars you collect, the better your score.

Overall Impression

Robot Bros is a decent game for Windows Phone 8. While the graphics may not be as stunning as what we see with ilomilo, game play falls along similar lines.

Robot Bros

I do like how you can zoom in/out of the gaming screen to get a better feel for the challenges that lay ahead. It gives you the opportunity to strategize your moves.

My only nit with Robot Bros is that periodically a full-page ad will pop-up, usually when you fail a level or in between levels. I understand the need for ad-support but I felt as though a small ad banner would have been a more attractive, less intense option.

Overall, Robot Bros is a fun, challenging Windows Phone 8 game. It is a free gaming title with ad-support and available for Windows Phone 8 devices (including the low-memory models).

You can find your copy of Robot Bros here in the Windows Phone Store.

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