Bad Piggies

Windows users will be helping pigs fly shortly

Rovio, the makers of the ever popular IP Angry Birds, has released a new game called Bad Piggies ( In previous Angry Birds games plays had to use multiple types of bird to knock out pigs who stole their eggs. The pigs return in Bad Piggies (hence the name), but are in fact the protagonists this time around.

Launching today, Bad Piggies is available on iOS, Android and OS X for Macs. On the homepage and download section of the official website, Rovio has added Windows 8, Windows Phone, as well as a PC download, to the list of available platforms. These three entries have a "coming soon" label slapped on the top, but it's safe to say we'll be aiding the pigs to fly soon enough.

In Bad Piggies the player has to customise contraptions for pigs to use while traveling from A-to-B while collecting stars along the way. Customisations include propellers, umbrellas, rockets, wheels, and fizzy bottles. Creating the perfect vehicle prior to each level is paramount as Bad Piggies is noticeably harder than its predecessor.

While we can get excited for Rovio's latest game coming to Windows Phone, there's going to be high levels of doubt and skepticism, which is of course down to how the studio has played the platform. Many Windows Phone owners are still awaiting the arrival of Angry Birds Space, which was believed to be a gift to the platform from Nokia. In addition, Nokia announced in New York that every other title for Angry Birds was headed to the Lumia platform. Will 'Bad Piggies' be for the whole OS or just Nokia? It's too early to tell.

Check out the trailer below:

Unfortunately no release dates have been revealed, but we expect to see the title available at launch as a LIVE-enabled game for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Here's hoping Rovio will start to fully support Microsoft's mobile platform with the desktop operating system sporting integration with Windows Phone. PC download will also be available for those on Windows 7 or earlier versions of Windows.

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