Rumor: Microsoft looking to once again alter the Windows Phone update process

It's no secret that Windows Phone owners have endured confusing and frustrating update processes on the platform and while Microsoft has looked at improving the speed and reliability of the rollouts, we're still not quite there yet.

Rumour has it now that the company is looking at revamping the update process once again from the release of GDR2 onwards. Whether or not this is good news remains to be seen.


WPDang reports that the update process will change after GDR2 is released. The main OS update will be sent from Microsoft to OEM partners, where releases will be packed with both firmware and main software updates. Consumers will then receive notifications once manufacturers have fired up the rollout trucks. In short terms, Microsoft is providing more control to manufacturers. This could be the next big change from Redmond after the company kicked in OTA (over the air).

Microsoft used to be responsible for the entire process, bundling manufacturer firmware with its own new releases for consumers to receive, but this proved to take a while and caused issues for consumers who had to wait some time to be able to download the latest version of Windows Phone. WPDang notes that this responsibility is being passed to manufacturers. Unfortunately this leaves Windows Phone owners relying on their manufacturers to release system updates.

A perfect example of this is the upcoming Amber update for Nokia hardware, which includes GDR2 and some improvements bundled by the Finnish manufacturer. The only potential issue here is for those who have chosen Windows Phones with OEMs that aren't particularly involved with the development of the platform and who will take more time in getting updates sent out to customers. This could streamline the update process and we could see massive improvements to the speed of delivery, but there could well be potential bumps in the road.

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Source: WPDang, via: Windows Phone Daily

Rich Edmonds
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