Official Runtastic apps get updated with a bunch of new features (Updated)

Runtastic is a growing mobile fitness company with a bunch of apps available for the Windows Phone platform. Both the Runtastic and Runtastic Pro apps have received major updates today. The official offerings have been bumped to version 3.0.3, introducing new features like live tracking and cheering, heart rate zones, improved language support and more.

The free version of Runtastic offers a basic set of basic features to help monitor and motivate you through runs, bike rides, treadmill sessions or any other motion activity. Runtastic Pro simply adds another layer of icing on the cake but without a trial, you may want to try the free version first before you take the plunge on the Pro version.

Runtastic Screens

According to the Windows Phone Store listing, here's what is new in versions 3.0.3:

  • Heart Rate Integration: Track your heart rate with the Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor (PRO)
  • Heart Rate Zones: Train in the ideal heart rate zone, i.e. fat burning, to reach your goals (PRO)
  • LIVE Tracking & Cheering: Share location & receive messages for motivation to keep pushing
  • Transparent Live Tile on your start screen
  • Hydration feature: See how much you should drink to recovery from dehydration post-activity (PRO)
  • BirdView in map
  • Japanese Voice Coach (PRO)
  • New app languages: Russian, Turkish and Polish
  • Improved layout

That's quite the changelog. All the above are present in both the free and premium apps (unless stated otherwise). Check out the two official fitness apps on the store and see what you make of the new stuff.

Update: Sorry folks. The changelog listed in the Windows Phone Store is for the older, version 3.0 update. Not sure what all is involved with the version 3.0.3 update but we are trying to find out. Could very well be just a few bug fixes and performance tweaks. If we find out anything, we'll pass it on.

Thanks, Vasu G., for the tip!

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