Russia Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet up for preorder, costs 23990 rubles (with Keyboard cover)

If you reside in Russia, you may want to get your wallet ready. The 10.1-inch Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet, running Windows RT, is now available for preorder. Costing 23990 rubles ($732), the Lumia 2520 is Nokia’s first foray into the world of Windows. While not full Windows 8.1, the tablet runs the more streamlined RT version on a Snapdragon 800 2.2 GHz CPU, 32 GB of storage and a gorgeous 1080P display.

Unfortunately, a date for the release is not given. So while you can give them your money for a red or black version (white is selectively available), you won’t exactly know when you’re getting it.

Speaking of money, that 23990 rubles price is extraordinarily high. It seems like many in the market will be waiting for the expected price to drop in the coming months before forking over such a huge chunk of money for what is a limited-usage device.

No word on a US release date, though unofficially we’re still expecting it on November 22nd.

Update: As it turns out, the 23990 price includes the accessory keyboard cover with an extra battery. That justifies the high price, at least slightly.

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Daniel Rubino

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  • UK .. Hello... Announce that thing already
  • Not at that price tag though, lol...I won't pay more than £500...£600 if they made yellow!!!
  • seriosuly?  £500...£600 is from $801 to $961 alot more than listed above.
  • Nice, going to preorder it!
  • Why the price is sooo high compared to US? iPAD and Lumia 2520 cost $500 in US. iPAD cost 17,990 rubles in russia but Lumia 2520 costs 23,990 rubles. That price is even higher than iPAD with 3G (22,990 rubles).   Very bad pricing Nokia. Very bad pricing.
  • This is Russia :)
  • As it turns out, that price *includes* the keyboard cover/battery. 
  • And people forget sales tax is included always in Europe.
  • Communist Taxes...
  • This one has LTE as well, and more storage than the 16GB iPad with 3G. And it has the whole keyboard thing. So, there you go. The Nokia costs less than an equivalent iPad.
  • IPad with 3G(and lowest memory) costs 20000+ rubles too. You can get WiFi only mini for 17000.
    Prices are always high , because phones,tablets and other gadgets goes as "luxury items" here thus high prices.
    The funniest thing here is that I expected 2520 to cost closer to 30k than to 20k, so I was really surprised.
  • Uk please. Ta
  • Damnit Nokia. Why didn't you make one running full Windows 8.1? RT is so useless for me.
  • Then dont buy it RT is growing bitch
  • Lol
  • RT can grow all that it wants. Until is supports x86 architecture (a hardware limitation not software, and RT is build specifically for ARM) then RT is useless to me. There is no need to take it sob personally that you act like a child.
  • Lol but you rant like on like child because Nokia supports RT !!
  • No, I gave a factual statement. I would love a tablet by Nokia. However the ARM architecture and RT are not viable for productivity for myself.
  • Get a laptop then. Or other tablets that run full Windows. Solved.
  • If you're talking productivity, there's no other tablet which would be better. There's an entire Office suite installed with Skydrive integration. No iPad or Android tablet is going to beat RT's productivity. People are apparantly expecting a fully and smoothly working Windows 8.1 on a tablet as light and as expensive as a 'regular' tablet. Not gonna happen. If you want the full Windows, buy a Surface Pro 2, starting at .. how much? That's what I mean; the price difference is huge.
  • Or I can get a Dell Venue 8 Pro for 299 and have full Windows.
  • Yes, but you're talking about productivity. 1280x800 on a 8" tablet without video-output can't be any good for productivity. Seriously, what is it that you want to do on a tablet that you can't do on RT?
  • Nokia turned WP around...who's to say they can't do the same for RT?
  • You can't turn around something that hardware simply doesn't support.
  • At first I was like, "23990 rubles?!?" But then I saw that it comes with the keyboard cover and I was like, "oh ok."
  • I'm looking to upgrade from my Surface RT. Thinking about Surface 2 but 2520 looks great. What to do? When is it coming out in US?
  • And what about Finland, the home of Nokia? Lumia 2520 with the keyboard will be about 850 euros, it's about1115 US dollars? Is it more expensive anywhere???