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Apocalyptic shooter 'Metro Exodus' delayed until 2019

Today, Deep Silver announced that Metro Exodus has been pushed back to 2019. The game is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter which takes place in Russia. In order to increase the quality of the experience, team decided to push the game back a few months.

We have been constantly reviewing the game's progress to ensure that we deliver a product that gamers and fans of the Metro series want and deserve, as well as keeping an eye on announcements from our competitor products. We want everyone to be able to experience what is the most ambitious Metro game to date at its absolute best and therefore we have taken the decision to move the release date to Q1 2019.

Hopefully the game will be a polished experience when it launches next year. It's always a good idea to focus on quality than release a potential broken or underwhelming game.

Years after nuclear war devastated Earth, a few survivors still cling to existence beneath the ruins of Moscow. They have struggled against the lethal elements, fought mutated beasts, encountered paranormal horrors, and suffered the flames of civil war. Now, in Metro Exodus, they must flee the underground tunnels and lead a band of "Spartan Rangers" on an incredible, continent-spanning journey across post-apocalyptic Russia in search of a new life in the East. Their success falls upon you.

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  • "...announcements from our competitor products." If this referring to Red Dead Redemption or Rage 2? Is it about the timeline or how they want the gameplay to be better?
  • Usually it's about the timeline, but this time it could be both
  • Seems strange that just as Rage 2 was revealed this was delayed. Maybe they want the shooting to be more fun.
  • Only days will tell
  • I couldn't care less. They made a near perfect bug free experience with the first two games and that's what I expect them to do with the new game. If it takes more time to do so I'm ok with it. It's done when it's done. And I bet it will be one of the best fps in this generation.
    I hope the atmosphere will be that thrilling again.
  • I'm not even close to finishing the first two, so a wait doesn't bother me in the slightest.
  • Me neither (i.e. I need to start them -_-). I'm working on The Witcher who knows how many years before I get to this lol
  • Yeah, I got (I guess) halfway through Metro 2033 on Xbox 360 before moving over to the Xbox One, I have the redux collection but I just haven't gotten around to starting it yet.
  • Delay it, make it better, please. At the same time, I can't wait to play another Metro game.