Russian video of the HTC HD2

I'd translate this Russian video of the HTC HD2 for you, but after six years of classes, (and much to the chagrin of my two college professors, a high school teacher and a middle school teacher), I can now only order vodka and ask for the ??????. Anyway, here's some more HD2 goodness for ya. [ via wmpoweruser]

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  • Wow that thing is fluid. Finally, someone who just doesn't sit there and constantly scroll the slider back and fourth. She at least does some stuff on that damn thing. I can wait till this comes to the States. Moving from a TouchPro to a Touch Pro2 I wouldn't consider an upgrade. However, even moving from a TouchPro2 to this thing would definitely be an upgrade.
  • LOL... I've always had this gripe as well. Yup, that thing is damn fluid:D This thing can't come soon enough as WinMo really needs a bit of hype and excitement to keep up even if it's been totally covered over with Touchflo. Now, I'm not calling the Droid a bad device but damned if I don't say it is as overhyped as you can get. As I've said before, I am quite content with the baseline user experience and functionality we're getting from ALL the smartphone OSes. If the HD2 doesn't do it for me, then I'll wait for the next potentially great phone;)
  • Did any one else notice in the close up shots, the girl has a ring on her right hand and is no longer wearing long sleeves.
  • Sweet!!!
  • Incidentally, the price of HTC HD in Russia - $ 1000