Samsung Galaxy Book S Pen integrates with Adobe Photoshop

One of the things that caught our attention during the Samsung MWC press event was the announcement that the Galaxy Book's S Pen would specifically integrate with Adobe Photoshop.

Hands on with the Galaxy Book

Working with Microsoft and Adobe, Samsung built support for full-brush tilting into Photoshop. We saw a great demonstration of how the S Pen worked with various tools and brushes, and it certainly looked impressive. This is in addition to Samsung's take on the Windows Ink Workspace, which provides access to written notes, annotation and sketching on a blank page or a screen capture and even animated GIF creation. Samsung appears to be taking advantage of the S Pen's 4,096 pressure sensitive levels in ways that are useful, as well as fun.

Maybe the most impressive thing is that you can use the same S Pen on your Galaxy Book, and your Samsung tablet and phone. This is a great way to pull people into the Samsung ecosystem with something that's unique to the Galaxy line.

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