Samsung at MWC 2017 live stream

The previous few outings in Barcelona for the Korean giant have heralded the arrival of the latest Galaxy S smartphone. So we wouldn't be very interested. But, this year it's a little different, mainly because it isn't a phone event, by the looks of it.

Instead we're getting our first look at the [Samsung Galaxy Book], an Intel-powered Windows 10 tablet that looks simply amazing. While we encourage you to check out our hands-on with the tablet, you can always watch the live stream unfold below to see it through Samsung's eyes!

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  • Do u think galaxy book is a Surface mobile type design.
  • I hope it will be ARM-based with esim. Flexible screen is the dream.
  • "In recent days we've also had the 'leak' that isn't a leak which suggests a Samsung Galaxy Book is a real thing that we'll be seeing" What does it means?    
  • Samsung posted an app that probably wasn't supposed to tell us about Galaxy Book but did.
  • Just got a laptop...Thinkpad demo. from Frys for $120 They put 10 on it and has no bloatware...clean install. Activated it from home. Works great.. haven't had a PC for over a year. Suffering with a smartphone.
    Impressed with Lenovo. 11.6 inch screen perfect for me. Hope I helped the 10 activation #s go up.😁
  • Link or you are just a spammer.
  • Spammer? WTF ?
  • I thought the Galaxy family was reserved for Android devices only, while Ativ was supposed to be for Windows devices, or have they changed that philosophy?
  • ativ was dropped for awhile now
  • How about the Galaxy Tab Pro S ???
  • Seems Gear is for accessories/wearables, Galaxy is for everything else. And Z is for its Tizen phones.
  • Great to see Samsung go to Windows 10!!! Now they can actually be of use instead of being toys.
  • Is MS also at MWC?
  • No. Nadella volunteered to show Groove working on Android and iOS, but no one was interested.
  • rofl 😆
  • Haha I downvoted you but this was funny 😆
  • Wish they were, think they are behind the scenes as apparently a lot of deals get done in the back rooms (that's what she said! or he!). I hope that MS reveals something here. I must admit to hoping for something, just something.
  • Is this the moment where Samsung puts the nail in the coffin of Windows Phone/Mobile/Hybrid/(Whatever flavor of the month name you want to use, insert it here)?
  • Samsung and others can take their sweet time. Microsoft is still years away (and a new CEO) from a competent Mobile strategy. Mobile First!!!
  • which phone is sitting besides this Samsung ?
  • I was about to say Galaxy s7 edge til I saw Windows on it's screen. It defo looks like the s7 edge. What a scoop that would be if they did a W10 version.
  • s7 edge windows mobile variant would be good but wont get the market share windows desperately needs in the mobile world at least to survive !
  • It very much looks like the Elite x3 but there is no metallic finish at the bottom, so....? who the hell knows!
  • A** with Samsung, Nokia is the One to be excited about! Though they did not announce prestige model yet (nokia 8?) but range of midclass devices.. All beautiful though.. And with google pure, secure and updated always.
  • Nokia was lame
  • I was hoping they (nokia )
    would be announcing some windows phones as a 'SURPRISE' factor ... ! But it was Nokia who pushed windows phones to the max heights it had achieved few years back..
  • They've announced the budget and midrange phones everyone were expecting. Clearly saving the best til last and if the Nokia p8 or whatever it's called has Glance, double tap to wake and a top camera then it'll be in my pocket the day it's released no question.
  • I'll burn down Nokia if they take features from windows mobile and pass it on an android phone !
  • To be fair Nokia had those features on the N9 running Symbian before they even came to Windows Phone.
  • well yes, I did use Nokia's line up of feature phones for a long 10 years including their Symbian range.
  • And they managed an LTE modem something many wished for in the Surface series.  That likely means better mapping GPS functions in the device remember than surface because LTE modems almost always include GPS and compass systems on board.  Have to see of course but this may very well turn out to be a slick device because of the long list of wish items Samsung got covered.
  • Just remember Samsung Focus started our win phone journey, it was great, sad they wasted time on tizen
  • Seriously guys, what is the phone sized device with the stock Windows 10 wallpaper next to the Galaxy Book?
  • I am super curious too. Looks to be 8-9ish inches. What the heck is it?!?
  • If I put my 950 XL next to my Surface Pro 2 it is about the same height, so this could be a phone.
  • Sorry, after looking closer it definitely looks like a small tablet, considering the size and look of the taskbar.
  • Yes, enquiring minds want to know. I do :)
  • Wow, what a boring press conference! Samsung, copy much? Ripoff of every other company on the planet. Can't they do anything original? Even the ad for the Book is the same as the MS Pro. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • They are even using the word 'Creators' OMG, where does the shame end?