Samsung Omnia II still like a supermodel: Sexy and unattainable

That's right, you can look, but you still can't touch. What you see here reportedly is "a final build" of the Samsung Omnia II's software, along with its TouchWiz interface. And for the most part it looks like what Dieter got his hands on earlier this month. And still no word on when the Omnia II might finally be available. via Engadget

Phil Nickinson

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  • Hi, I bought my omnia II on the 16th Oct. here in Germany and am very happy with it! Regards, Timerider
  • I've had this phone since Aug and WM 6.5 on it with a leaked official Samsung ROM from modaco for a few weeks, so this feels like non-news. This phone was white hot in interest level until the Leo/HD2 details started to hit and made this feel even more like non-news.
  • men verizon has messed up samsung long enough. I can't believe they're wasting time releasing this unbelievable phone which will bring more sales than any htc or droid
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