Verizon Omnia II gets Pictured; still no solid release date

Turns out the Verizon version of the much anticipated Omnia II was also at CTIA recently (see Dieter's hands-on video of the GSM version) and some shots of it have turned up.

Nothing too revealing although the camera has dropped from 8MP to a reported 5MP, matching the Imagio, making the differences between them even fewer. WM6.1 is still there, too.

Probably the most interesting aspect is reported by InfoSyncWorld, which mentions seeing the "Samsung Widget store" on board. Evidently Samsung has opened development of the Widgets to outside developers (smart idea) and users will be able to easily grab these through Samsung's own distribution system.

Now can they just release it already? Seems done to us.

More pics after the jump from LisaG in the MobileTechReview forums.



Phil Nickinson

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