Samsung reportedly will end sales of its Windows laptops, Chromebooks in Europe

A new report quotes a Samsung spokesperson as saying the company plans to stop selling its laptops, which include its Windows notebooks, in the European markets.

PC Advisor quotes a Samsung spokesperson as saying:

We quickly adapt to market needs and demands. In Europe, we will be discontinuing sales of laptops including Chromebooks for now. This is specific to the region – and is not necessarily reflective of conditions in other markets. We will continue to thoroughly evaluate market conditions and will make further adjustments to maintain our competitiveness in emerging PC categories.

Samsung has released some impressive Windows notebooks in the past. At CES 2014 in January, the company revealed the ATIV Book 9, which had up to 14 hours of battery life (closer to 9 hours, upon release) in its large 15.6-inch case. What do you think about Samsung getting out of the notebook business in Europe?

Source: PC Advisor

John Callaham
  • Going full DROID!!! Good news for other PC makers.
  • It says they are also doing the same with chrome books... In fact laptops in general it seems
  • Well chromebooks run chrome OS not android so still counts as going full droid.
  • You can run Droid apps on Chromebooks though so it's the same.  It seems Samsung is going fully Galaxy tablets.  Not surprised as I don't ever seem them really pushing laptops anymore anyway just their tablets.
  • Actually, they aren't going to be selling Chromebooks either, so that's not as big a blow.. If they were going to keep selling Google notebooks then that would be a slap in the face.
  • I'm surprised - are their sales so poor? Who are the big sellers then? I thought it would be Acer that went first
  • Here, in India the most popular ones are Lenovo, HP and dell in order
  • They will still be selling Windows Tablets.
  • Dont think they have relesed anything since the days of Clover Trail and Ivy Bridge.
  • They have a Windows tablet now? lol
  • Sign of the times.
  • They are developing Tizen as an Android replacement so Mr. JumpingConclusion you are not right
  • Sony is gone already, LG had a few great laptops but is gone. I Toshiba has also announced the departure, I guess its just going to be HP, Dell, Lenovo and Acer.
  • Also Asus seems pretty strong.
  • Whether or not they're "Going Full Droid" is another issue. Samsung makes some pretty damn sexy laptops (Those Ativ Book 9s are drool-worthy!). It's a shame they're gradually pulling out (they only updated their most premium line, not the lower-end models this year), because their designs, materials, support, everything was actually GOOD. We don't need more crap by the likes of Acer and Dell. Samsung, Lenovo and ASUS are the three most respectable laptop makers. And now one of them is pulling out. Shame.
  • Crap by Dell? What are you smoking? Try and buy something upwards of $500 from them then come and tell me thier laptops are crap.
  • I did, actually. Had a Latitude D series one a few years back, I assure you they cost over that amount. It had nothing but problems. The RAM modules kept moving and the system wouldn't boot, etc. Currently I'm happy with the Elitebook Folio 1040 from HP. HP at least makes good business-grade machines, but their consumer lines are meh. Couldn't afford a Samsung Ativ 9 at the time or it would have been my first choice. :(
  • Hmm the title makes it seem like they are dumping windows. They're dumping a product line, including chromebooks. That's cool, I guess.
  • Exactly
  • Click-bait headline?! Really? No need to target Microsoft. Be positive!
  • Actually, the title also mentions Chromebooks. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Yeah, the title has been edited. Yay!
  • There's a Windows Phone Central app for Android?  lol why?
  • Ad revenue
  • Well yeah that's obvious but really, why?  Why would someone who has an Android phone be interested in Windows Phone Central?  I guess with Xbox and Windows news it's possible but still seems kinda strange.
  • I'm open minded, and interested in all platforms. Knowledge is power. And The more I have, the most I will understand all sides.
  • I find it strange you don't think people can like and appreciate multiple platforms/devices. You'd be surprised how many members of our quaint little Windows Phone community also use Android and/or iOS devices. Akin to how many also use Chrome, Firefox or Safari, or even Mac OS X. I personally frequently peruse Android Central and iMore, so I can keep up on what's happening in with each of the 3 major ecosystems. I would love an app for both sites for my 1020, to be honest. So as such, let the Android people have their app. They're clearly interested in the platform, why make things harder for them to kindle that flame?
  • This is true, I use a mac but my mobile device is Windows Phone.
  • True, I have a WP and also an (old) Android phone. Also have been dual-booting Windows with Linux for 7 years now. Don't like fanboyisms.
  • Um I have a oneplus one and use the wp central app Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • I agree then again with free will and all
  • Lumia 520, Galaxy tab, Macbook(only windows 8.1) Hahaha
  • Agree. Title it's confusing. They are also cutting Chromebooks.
  • Oh well.. I guess European market are not demanding laptops with such intensity and its normal these days. People now are more willing to buy whether a tablet or hybrid for content consumption. But still there is a demand for productivity designed devices.
  • Hmmm... That's not surprising given that they haven't advertised their Windows products at all for a few years now.
  • Remember not to but their products as they will probably not support them well.
  • Lenovo is eating their lunch, but laptops have always been a small part of Samsung's bottom line.
  • I suspect this is going to be a long time trend coming from various PC Makers.  Microsoft needs to see the signs that the PC market will shrink drastically and they should forget OEMs and start producing PREMIUM Surface line level laptops and desktops like Apple.  The market won't be the 1.5 billion PCs down the road but more likely half that. 
  • I don't understand why Microsoft hasn't done this already, Apple is gaining momentum in laptops and the OEMs aren't really offering anything compelling. Even I switched to a MacBook Air, after 20 years of Windows.
  • This is the direction that Ballmer was trying to take the company. Satya and the board are old thinking guys and can't see this part of the future. They can't get past their cloud thinking, which is a part of what needs to be done, in conjunction with producing their own premium line. Or as was said, do it like Apple is.
  • I can see WP being sold off in the future and Ballmer being pleaded to come back and save the company, just like Steve jobs. Lolzzzzzz
  • Ballmer has been a disaster for MS. When the markets were going crazy after iphones he said those are just toys and the demand for them was a fad. Instead of investing in this full-ahead he was fooling around. The guy wanted to buy Yahoo for 46 billion greenbacks. Only a miracle stopped MS. If they went through with it that would have meant the death of MS. Period. They could have barely keep it afloat let alone invest in windows for tablets, WP and sh*t. They would have been gone.
  • @Luis.. Nope, it's still the same thing. Hardly any non Windows laptop are sold here. We really only see them on TV LOL. And yes they offer compelling devices. That make a macbook air rather pathetic. You just have to look beyong brick and mortar stores.
  • The article states Samsung is dropping out of the Chromebook an Windows notebook market in Europe.  Not Windows only.  Surface 3 is a very good, premium product.
  • They are stopping selling all kind of laptops, not just Windows.
  • Yeah, that would be a good idea!
  • I agree. Let's see a Surfacebook. Of course MS seems to be hoping to fill that void with Surface Pro 3.
  • Exactly, i think that is the main hindrance for full steam production of their various hardware lines. They are overly cautious of their oem partners on the PC/tablet side and now beginning also at wp sides. I think they have to proceed with all guns blazing as they can't anymore depend on their oem partners who are increasingly producing more android tabs and chromebooks. Cmon msft unleash your potential already.
  • Even a casual glance at their history would make it plain that the one thing Microsoft is truly dismal at is marketing. Poach some guys from Apple, fire their current head of Marketing and start selling properly.
    No more Surface ads full of Euromodels dancing thru scenes that look like Mentos commercials.
    And please! "Windows" & "Microsoft" are not cool! "Surface" is. Stop deflating the positive impact of your ads by reminding everyone your awesome product is tied to that creaky old company that sold junk like Vista and Me. It made your parents cringe so why would anyone today want to buy more of the same?
  • Exactly, i think that is the main hindrance for full steam production of their various hardware lines. They are overly cautious of their oem partners on the PC/tablet side and now beginning also at wp sides. I think they have to proceed with all guns blazing as they can't anymore depend on their oem partners who are increasingly producing more android tabs and chromebooks. Cmon msft unleash your potential already
  • Exactly, i think that is the main hindrance for full steam production of their various hardware lines. They mo are overly cautious of their oem partners on the PC/tablet side and now beginning also at wp sides. I think they have to proceed with all guns blazing as they can't anymore depend on their oem partners who are increasingly producing more android tabs and chromebooks. Cmon msft unleash your potential already
  • Microsoft sees the signs clearer than ANYONE. Have you not noticed that Windows has spent the last few years being transformed into a mobile friendly touch-centric operating system that lives as well on tablets as other devices? Kinda obvious.
  • Notice how they have gained almost no traction with their touch devices? People are not buying the phones or tablets and they are starting to move back towards the legacy desktop. With 1% market share in tablets and 3% in smart phones, they have basically lost the mobile race. Catching up now will be nearly impossible and they know this. They will go back and cling to the legacy desktop market and hold on as long as they can while supporting their services on other platforms. This seems to be their only choice at this point.
  • Really misleading title...
  • We they really never promoted them anyway
  • i have only seen one person with samsung laptop in Slovenia - Europe... so, no problem here. Lenovo wins on that area with its ThinkPad line (although tle latest mobile workstation - W540 is garbage)
  • I don't think I've ever seen a Samsung laptop where I live
  • I think this is a bad thing. Say what you want, but they at least tried and succeeded at doing something else with their ultrabook looks than all the boring aluminum + black ones you see everywhere.
    Lenovo of course being the exception to the rule, but they're still not sure how to improve the X1, and those already are incredibly expensive in the EU
  • I've considered their ultrabooks (Series 9, I think) in the past, but their pricing was ridiculous.
  • I'm surprised it took them this long ... Dell & Lenovo are killing them in the Windows front & Chromebooks ... Well, Chromebooks.
    At least they are not getting out of the PC business at all like they hinted previously ... For now.
    In all honesty though, I never saw a Samsung laptop in the wild.
  • I own One... Haha! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • First Vaio, now Samsung....What's going on? :(
  • Market consolidation. This is what happens when a product becomes a commodity. The margins on pcs and laptops are tight. it's hard to get people to buy it as a premium product that commands larger margins. Some OEMS will exit the market to go where there are higher margins. The larger OEMS that have high volume and can make good profits on low margins will take over the market. The same thing will happen with smart phones soon. The smartphone market is still growing and the smaller players can still earn profits. When the growth flattens, the smaller players will get out.
  • I wish Microsoft gets into the laptop business :) The surface is great, but not very comfortable for typing and screen is small for productivity.
  • Surface pro 3 is very comfortable, and 12" is a great size for mobile productivity. When I get home, I connect it to a 23" monitor and I'm golden :)
  • Check out the Dell XPS 13 for compact but still easy to type on.
  • I have personally never considered a Samsung product when looking for a laptop. I ended up going for Asus instead, which I also went for when choosing a Netbook for the wife and Tablets for the "young 'uns". I have also spent a few quid on Asus products when upgrading my Desktop PC. Screw Samsung I say because there are plenty of cheaper and better alternatives out there. Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Good. Their laptops are junk. Had one of the convertibles and the hinge broke.
  • Thing is, at the end of the day, Chromebooks don't sell so well this side of the pond, the real loser will be Windows/MS.
  • Not really, Dell & Lenovo will be more than happy to fill that gap.
  • Huh? Samsung is allready such a small player that only Samsung looses. Chromebook are offered by a small number so the real loss is chromebooks.
  • samsung has been a huge backer of the chromebook, probably more than anybody and they are HUGE. This is a horrible blow for google who no doubt has been trying to get some traction after years of trying...and let's just say that the amount of publicity chromebooks get is ridiculous as the biased media is always looking for a way to make windows look bad. chromebooks hold less marketshare than windows phone after having been on the market for about the same time and yet they always get a pass, certainly nobody tells google to exit this market the way they tell MSFT to exit the phone and tablet market even as google likely looses a lot of money in investment to this platform. I can't way to see how they play this out. Likely they will just focus on the windows side rather than the chrome side...
  • You are so right!! Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I simply can't use a Tablet or Smartphone as my main device. When I arrive home I always go to my laptop. I use my tablet just when I travel and don't want to carry my laptop. So, for me it's not a very good news, saddly :(
  • The market is there. Other competitors will fill the gap. No worries
  • +1
  • Pfft! Loo s-e-r-s...!
  • Must be getting their butt kicked by Lenovo, Asus, and others. My Asus Touch UX31 is the best laptop I've ever had (although it'll be replaced with a SP3 in the next 3 months)
  • I love my Dell XPS 13. Dell has really produced great products recently.
  • I think this might be just a move for cost cutting. Samsung is losing grip with its smartphone market. In China it lost to Mi. In India to Micromax.
  • Lenovo, HP and Dell is going to have a field day..i hope .. not so much HP, but, yeah.
  • The pc/laptop market is oversaturated still. I'd like to just see Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Toshiba. Android is now getting super oversaturated too.
  • Not surprise anymore.
  • Good riddance Chromebooks!
  • Thank you Samsung! You prove yourself everyday
  • huge blow for chromebooks as they were most dependent on samsung to disrupt the stablished PC ecosystem which seems to be consolidating around a few big names. Plus realistically samsung never was a name to remember in the PC market the way they are with phones.
  • I presume this also means they will also stop supporting Windows Phone too as it's part of the whole 'One Windows' vision. Not good!
  • Who cares? Max
  • Did Samsung ever put any effort in supporting WP? No big loss.
  • I love the design of their laptops but their pricing model is out of control. You can't charge Apple like prices for laptops where Acer & Asus can match the specs for much less.
  • Weird.....
  • well they are not strong as a PC maker, so it's not a surprise... Lenovo, Dell and HP and Acer, Toshiba, and Asus are more popular... much more popular... so anyway, it's not like it will make people sad, there are too many PC oems to choose, and Samsung wasn't the top #1 people choice anyway.
  • Samsung is going mobile
  • Here in Italy most part of laptops are Acer and Hp, Samsung ones are really rare Max
  • Hey John how about you replace the comma in the title with the word "and"?
  • I can't wait to see Samsung going down in flames (figuratively speaking, of course).
  • I fixed/seen one and you can't really tell it apart from a Asus, Toshiba, or Acer.
  • Interesting about the chromebooks. I thought they were supposedly selling so well that Windows was utterly doomed? That certainly isn't the behavior you expect with a best seller.
  • So are they going to rely on their galaxy tablets and slowly pull out of the windows + chrome laptop buisness to focus on tizen laptops??
    Their ATIV line would sell better if they pushed it lol, they ain't pushing it as hard as their galaxy tablets which would explain the low sales... Sad state affairs however as Sony & Samsung made decent laptops. Who will start pulling out next I wonder.