Samsung's colossal 8TB 870 QVO SSD now available to order

Samsung 870 QVO
Samsung 870 QVO (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The 870 QVO is Samsung's second-gen QLC SSD.
  • The 1TB, 2TB and 4TB versions went on sale back in June.
  • Boasts strong performance, a solid warranty and excellent durability rating.

While it's not 100% clear when this monstrous SSD actually went up for order, but the important part is that it's now available to order. The Samsung 870 QVO launched back in June, albeit without its range topping 8TB model. That one is now available to order for almost immediate availability.

In the UK it's possible to get one from Amazon right away, while in the U.S. the same retailer will have stock to ship from October 7. This isn't necessarily the SSD for you, however, since it costs a pretty eye-watering $900. But it's still early days and we're only just starting to see consumer SSDs come to market with such massive capacity. Eventually, as with all shiny new things, prices will start to fall.

This is certainly a good SSD to build out mass storage with though, whatever capacity you use, as noted in our review.

"If, however, you're looking to upgrade your mass storage from HDD to SSD then it's a very good choice. Likewise, if you're putting together a new build or you're simply looking for good quality SSDs with massive capacity. For mass storage drives, the 870 QVO offers excellent value."

And while the 8TB model is unlikely to get any significant price cuts any time soon, remember that Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner, so the smaller capacities could see some decent cuts.

Richard Devine
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