Sandisk pulls "approved" SD cards for Samsung Focus

Well, some have called it a scam from the begining (with those outrageous prices) but it looks like Sandisk has pulled down the whole "approved" for the Samsung Focus  selection of SD cards.

Not too surprising as it turns out some of our readers have had problems with these (assuming they were legit cards to begin with, since Sandisk cards are easy to fake). Lets just hope those who have purchased can do a full-refund for their purchase.

This went from confusing to not bad to okay to just awful pretty quickly.

Daniel Rubino

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  • MS should have just said no if it was going to be this difficult to source "approved" storage cards; now we have what can only be described as a right mess because they gave cheap OEM's a low minimum memory requirement and allowed them to use storage cards and add storage card slots. Should have just made their own hardware and got the job done right.
  • From what I know, MS did say no. The plan was for no end user expandable memory. Samsung broke the guidelines by adding a user-accessible slot. Since the cat is out of the bag (and 8 gigs goes way too fast), I hope it gets resolved swiftly.
  • MS should have memory card slots in its licensing agreements or not used memory cards as part of main memory.
  • Bought a Class 2 Sandisk 16gb card that may or may not have been legit as it was in bulk packaging. But I just bought the approved 32gb Sandisk card that came in retail packaging, still does the random soft-resets, no data loss just kind of annoying.
  • Great. My 32GB card from Newegg just shipped.
  • Personally I think this has less to do with the SanDisk cards and more to do with the fact that there are so many knockoffs (read cards sold as SanDisk in bulk packaging) that listing the model numbers doesn't really help at all. Honestly it looks like the retail packaged 16GB cards are the best bet. Granted not the storage we'd like, but enough that you can load a nice set of appps and a good chunk of music too.
  • Does anyone have any good/bad experiences story with the retail packaged "approved" 16gb cards?
  • No problems to report so far with my Class 2 SanDisk 16gb card. Retail packaging however it was bought about a year ago for a different phone.
  • Yesterday I didn't have one soft-reset, but on Saturday I ended up just turning it off because every app was causing the phone to reset randomly.
  • I got my 1st phone Nov. 10 and installed a 32gb card (Kingston 4), come Decmeber 8th and the graphics went haywire. Fortunately it was within the 30 day return time and an At&T store swaped me a new one no problem. This is when they told me of the memory card issue. LUCKILY no damage was done to the card as I was able to read it prior to taking it back, there didn't seem to be anything stored on it. It's such a great phone otherwise so I hope the wizards as MS fix this soon. I read at eGadget that it seems to be the random read and not the throughput. Grr!