Satya Nadella is taking his mobile-first, cloud-first vision to #AccelerateIndia

Satya Nadella is headed to India, the first time since he became the CEO of Microsoft in February earlier this year. During his visit, Satya will talk about the importance of India to Microsoft and how technology is a key enabler to help Indian people and businesses thrive in the mobile-first, cloud-first world.

According to the invite we've received from Microsoft, Satya Nadella, along with Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman at Microsoft India will make a strategic announcement at a media event in New Delhi on September 30, 2014. The company has set up a micro-site (opens in new tab) for Satya's visit to India to share information and photos from his trip and the press coverage around it.

Satya is also expected to head an 11-member jury to choose the winners of the 2014 edition of the ET Awards, the annual business awards from Economic Times, India's leading financial daily. The panel includes some of India's top industrialists, bankers, and lawyers.

We'll follow his India visit closely, and I'll be at the presser on the 30th bringing you updates from the ground. Keep watching this space for more.

  • Mobile first cloud cloud..what actually cloud
  • iCloud hahahahahahahahahaha Just kidding
  • OneDrive, have everything in cloud, not your photos and documents, everything for example the universal apps, you can find your Reading list on both WP and W
  • Actually, OneDrive is only a small part of the cloud he's referring to :)
  • I can envisage a day when MS effectively puts WP out to pasture and inks a deal with Apple on mobile. They have a common enemy (Google) and very little overlap on their core markets (enterprise vs consumer). MS would do low end phones, Apple high end - but MS would make it easy for enterprises to migrate applications to Azure and run them on iOS. Apple would run iCloud on Azure (Siri on the platform powering Cortana, which is AzureML). This would be a win for Apple as they'd further penetrate the enterprise and MS as they'd sell more cloud, which in contrast to WP, is a lucrative business. I'd be surprised, in fact, if this didn't happen over the next 12 months given the signs thus far-- MS providing office on iOS,Bing powering Apple search, lack of real investment in Phone, likelihood of a name change deemphasizing "Phone," and so on. In addition, Apple's iCloud is weak and growth in enterprise has stalled. The arrangement would be beneficial to both parties....
  • Hell would freeze over before what you're suggesting happens
  • It already is...
  • Yes but whatever MS is doing for apple, it's to support their interests, and to get their users to adopt the MS ecosystem
    A deal with Apple would never happen, that's what I meant
  • Google - American
    Microsoft - American
    Apple - American A merger or joining of Apple and Microsoft will never occur as you say. Antitrust will see to that. Well imo anyway.
  • I thing MS are probably in it for the long haul. They wouldn't buy Nokia and spend all this time and energy making WP, RT and Modern api compatible with each other.
  • Office 365, azure, SaaS, IaaS, OneDrive, etc...
  • Lync too
  • He should have met Narendra Modi. Now Modi is in USA to meet Obama.
  • Yes definitely.
  • Modi Fanboys -520
  • Har har Modi ghar ghar modi
  • Okay :)
    Good luck with that.
  • He's our prime minister. There is nothing like a fanboy or something in that actually. You must hate your country so much that u don't want it to be developed. Mother of god, Modi is doing much better work than Congress did in its 10 years of power. Pleases, see the news properly, don't assess everything on your own. Understand his ways first. Sent from somewhere. Don't worry I ain't illegal.
  • Calm down bro. Why are you being so animated? Clearly, he is doing a great job. But I didn't really see any connection as to how the news is related to Modi? Simple.
    P.S- No Offence to any of you guys.
  • Yes Modi is doing a great job, giving speeches and doing zero work.  
  • +520
  • I was hoping same. Our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and he should meet.
  • Cheap bloody fools
  • Lol
  • Lolol.. Modi.. :|
  • This is WP central. No politics please❕
  • Windows fist (first), Android & iOS later.
  • Windows is always first but not WP.
  • I doubt we will have the "Phone" for long now. Windows full steam ahead. If MS is interested.
  • WP can be a hit of we have full windows
  • It's an interesting idea. The ability to plug in other devices and manage them is a good place to start
  • To announce he is moving Microsoft's base of operations from Redmond, Washington to India.
  • Satya plz make wp devices to reach every feature phone owner.we want a double digit market share for wp in India.
  • At least 15-20% for the eco system to grow. Coz beating android doesn't make sense as they earn from patents, iPhone also uses Microsoft's Bing. So they aren't targeting iPhone too. Microsoft is trying to target Siri to win Cortana. Which proves Microsoft want to grow more in services.
  • Request to Satya.. Please start a production unit in India. Provide us low cost product including XBOX ONE. #MakeInIndia.
  • Ps4 and Xbox one cost the same. Microsoft would have provided us the same price what's there in U.S. but there's something called import duty.
  • 39k is not enough to you? :/
  • That would be great. Bt u know Moto of us(Indians) "cheap first , Chinese products first"
  • Well said bro
  • Awesome man ! Yes #MakeInIndia
  • They could have had one.
  • What about 730,830??
  • Coming 'very' soon.
  • And 930?
  • That's good idea
  • Marketing spin! I'm thinking it was a mistake to give this guy control!
  • Windows 9?
  • I'll wait for Windows 9.5, our maybe Windows 9.8
  • Jeez man... I didn't realise you were still alive!! Is the bird still with us? :D
  • Hahaha. I asked if he knew emu but no reply. Maybe too young to know?
  • Remember kids, WP marketshare doesn't matter, its all about spreading to the competition...... :)
  • Re-open Chennai facility to make prices comparative with the current market in India... Its Chinnese invasion in India with low cost phones...
  • Seriously man how cheap can they get? The 530/630 are steals if you see what CrapDroid has to offer against them. Give 730/830 a couple of months and I'm sure they'll drop too. One of the perks of a Lumia. The value drops so fast, you can get one cheap easy. Case in point, I got my 2-month used 1520 off a dissatisfied seller for just $400. Steal!
  • There is a phone called Xaomi Mi3 and it costs around ₹14000 or $275. It's a crapdroid. The special thing about this phone is it had 3gb ddr3 ram, kitkat, same processors and gpu as in nexus5. It doesn't lag and its a selfie phone too. So tell me where does Lumias stand???
  • Well I can't compete against that. Being from Pakistan I know that these Chinese phones are all spec and no quality. But those in India seem to be a lot better. I see your commercials, and they are all Karbon, Micromax etc. So tell me? Are they really good phones? Cuz the Chinese mobiles I know hardly last a month before showing lagdroid.
  • @Hamza I would say if I have to buy a phone I wont buy a karbon or micromax. But I would prefer them over any high end Blackberry or mid range HTC.
  • Isn't it 2 GB RAM ?
  • Here in India there are low cost android phones starting from 50$. Indian people are obsessed with specs. Devices like the Moto G and Xiaomi phones have high end specs. So any android user willing to switch to Windows phone is obviously put off by the price to specs ratio. Hence, the 530 and 630 are not really steals.
  • Exactly thats the thing... I'm not telling that Nokia should sell a SnapDrg 800 processor phone at Rs 14K... If they sell Lumia 730 at Rs 15 K and Lumia 830 at Rs 20K ppl wil definitely consider it as this part of the world still believes in Nokia... Now Nokia /MS have a chance against those Cheap Chinese Lagdriods and Samesung to a greater extend....
  • It's not about specs at all, but the app ecosystem. I use my Moto E as a daily driver over my 925 (yeah, you read that right) because apps like Duolingo, Tasker and Pushbullet have made it irreplaceable.
    Also, I've been using it for more than three months and I face zero lag and no bugs whatsoever.
  • If Modi and Nadella become best friends then MS would become the biggest tech giant within a year.
  • That's what I want.
  • Why not make all nokia store in the world Microsoft stores???
  • Oh man! I want an official Microsoft branded store in Bangladesh!
  • Yah are u from Chennai.i agree u MI 3 is planned to relaunch which will affect the mid range.soon every indian will go for that flash sale.The game played by xiomi is very irritating.nd we Indians are going for that phone like dogs catching a bone.moreover these lead to blackmarketing where same xiaomi is sold at 20000 Rs.
  • Totally agree. But Microsoft is thinking from all the directions. They want windows to grow as one. More the android sells more money Microsoft earns. Microsoft used the patent money earned from android to buy Minecraft and this year Microsoft would have earned more than b4.
  • Bro cool ah irunga...wait fr Lumia 730 & 830
  • Wish he'd bring that to #AccelerateEarth.
  • Welcome to India Satya and wpcentral..
  • I hate this person, and his name. I love Microsoft though.
  • I hate your name too!
  • It's ok, you can hate my name.
  • And oh, that's not my real name BTW
  • Hahahahaha
  • You sound infantile.
  • You sound special >_
  • Reports says he will be meeting India's PM Narendra Modi in US.
  • Microsoft, #MakeInIndia :)
  • I was right when I said there's something fishy going on with MS and India... Patriotic bias
  • Sounds good to me. But what actually cloud is? One Drive?
  • The things u will do will be connected and synced in the mere future. Satya says that devices will come and go they trend and they die. But what important is the mobility of your work and play along with u. It's just not for final consumer but also who for enterprise heads. Like u can have access to your things quickly even if u don't have device with u at that time.
  • Like I said sound good to me!
  • Please, Satya. Announce debit cards as a payment option for app purchases from store
  • ^This. I don't know how is it missing and nobody pointed out yet. This is too obvious to have this as a payment option.
  • I believe he also has a live webcast, scheduled for the coming Tuesday......we'll be watching it at college
  • Bloody launch the phones like 930,830,730 and go. Don't just do the crap talking. Waiting like mad for 930 here in India.
  • The only move of Nadella that i like is the Killing of Symbian and Nokia x line of products About cloud stuff i don't like it at all, since you put your own data on servers managed by who knows???!
  • It's a good way to go to make the India people more technology advanced.
  • Guys take it like a rumor but it seems that our beloved Acer will produce a wp phone!!!
    I love Acer pcs
  • Bring Cortana. Xbox lineups. Debit card payment and possibly production.
    ... cloud or network streaming etc should actually be in their second list of priority
  • Welcome to India.
  • That's his way of saying, we got better things to do.
  • I wonder if he'll mention Windows Phone by name this time
  • Don't need to go to India, just step into JB's office...
  • Indians must be proud of having an American east Indian running an American company.
  • Mobile first cloud first strategy uses "windows Azure" for business & "oneDrive" for personal use.