Walmart's Black Friday sale is going strong right now, and one of the ways you can save in on this Walmart-exclusive robot vacuum from iRobot. The iRobot Roomba i1+ has dropped to just $349 through the rest of the week. That's $251 off its list price, and you can't find this robot vacuum anywhere else really. The deal is unique to Black Friday, too, so don't expect it to just be sitting at this price forever. Grab it while you can because this machine is loaded with all the feautres you'd want in robot that cleans your floors, including blind obedience to your every command (in case of uprising).

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Irobot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba i1+ robot vacuum | $251 off

Not only will your floors be cleaner than ever, the Roomba takes care of its own mess so you hardly even have to worry about it. Just set it up, decide the schedule, and let it do its work.

$349 at Walmart

First things first, the i1+ is excellent at cleaning. It uses straight lines and advanced navigation combined with some floor-tracking sensors to ensure it's moving around your home logically and with purpose. The three-stage cleaning system and 10x suction helps clear even stubborn dirt, and it can even detect the areas of your home that are dirtier than others and give them some extra love. It's even smart enough to use iRobot Genius to detect when you're out of the house and when you come home so you never even see it cleaning, just the clean results.

With the Roomba's base station, it can recharge itself when its battery is low. It'll continue its job where it left off. Even better, it can empty its own bin into the base station's bag. It will do this for up to 60 days, which means you can go two months without ever worrying about vacuuming. And even then, all you have to do is replace the bag, which the Roomba can send you a smart alert about.

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