Ready to switch your carrier? If you've been holding out for a great deal on Verizon, now's the time: you can get up to $650 back when you join Verizon Wireless You'll get a $200 gift card when you buy a new iPhone on Verizon monthly payments and transfer your number, as well as up to $450 more in monthly credits when you trade-in your old iPhone.

I joined Verizon back in February with my iPhone XS and haven't looked back. I'm on the Above Unlimited plan, and it's a great plan with unlimited high-speed LTE data, up to 20GB of high-speed hotspot data each month, and 5 included travel pass roaming days per month. I joined Verizon and bought my own device, which gave me a $250 gift card – an offer you can also take advantage of right now!

To get the best deal, you'll want to trade in your old phone. If you've got an iPhone 7, and you want a new iPhone, why not pick up the iPhone XS Max for $41.66 per month. Trade-in your iPhone 7 and bring your number to Verizon, and you'll get $650 back, meaning the iPhone XS Max will cost you just $349.84 over the length of your contract!

Alternatively, you can snag a a free year of Mint Mobile service when you purchase a new iPhone XR or XS during Prime Day. If you'd rather have a completely unlocked phone, Mint Mobile will give you $50 off a new unlocked iPhone, as well as three months of free service. If you buy a new iPhone separately from Verizon, you can also get $250 back by moving your number to a new SIM plan with Verizon, which could reduce the price of your iPhone further!

To get started with any of these offers, check out these Verizon deals.