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SCRUFF re-launches on Windows Phone 8.1 with paid tier, Cortana integration and more

Gay social network SCRUFF is back on Windows Phone, with the app getting a significant update in terms of functionality. There's now a pro version that brings unlimited messaging, advanced filters and a search option along with the ability to share albums. Cortana integration is baked in, and the app also comes with pinnable profiles.

Here's the official Windows Phone Store changelog detailing all the changes in version

  • SCRUFF Pro, for unlimited messaging, browsing and search
  • Filter guys and communities
  • Swipe-to-browse
  • Pinnable profiles
  • Cortana integration

SCRUFF CEO Eric Silverberg mentioned that the app has been downloaded more than a quarter million times on the platform, and that a desktop version of the same is in the works, which is slated to launch sometime later this year.

Download SCRUFF for Windows Phone 8.1 (free, with unlockable pro version)


  • Interesting.
  • Agree. But Cook has this under control with Apples. Interesting to see how it makes out on Win4Phones.
  • Time to confess I'm gay xD
  • We knew
  • Probably should also put play nice in the comments in this article.
  • That should go without saying.
  • Yea but unfortunately that's not the case as seen from the past comments on articles like this.
  • True. It crossed my mind as well what cruel comments might we be in store for on this article. Some people are very immature. With that said, so this app was removed? It's great news if an app that was removed is suddenly reinstated. Hopefully it becomes a trend.
  • Immature? That's a understatement! I don't know if the whole mobile scene is like this, I only follow Windows, but my goodness, this community is very childish, or even worse - juvenile in its worst persona. It's th "first" comments (seriously, who do that in 2015 ?!), constant whining, very basic one liners. It's depressing.
  • Yep, that's basically how it is right now. Another stupid trend is "wen in India?" It needs to STOP.
  • Sad that they should have to say that.... Average people... SMDH.
  • Soooo what kind of social app is this??
  • It's a "Hey sexy! How are you? Lemme see your pics? So HAWT! I wish you were with me, right now." app, if you're an otter that is. Otherwise it's slow as molasses in winter time. I don't mean the app. I mean the people on it. Growlr will always be better.
  • I am a little unsure I really want to know, but what is an otter in this context?
  • Oh, lighten up. An otter is a skinny hairy gay guy (with straight-acting tendencies).
  • "skinny" "hairy" "gay guy" with "straight-acting tendencies"? OMG, how precise. Haha. There is a word for everything under the sun isn't there. :D fascinating.
  • Problem: Most people don't use this.
  • I don't see how having options is a problem. At least the devs are investing in the platform. Every bit helps.
  • 250,000k downloads ain't bad for Windows.
  • 250,000 people disagree with you
  • Perhaps not. But a subset of the 250,000 people that downloaded it probably do. We should be supportive of a product that supports the platform regardless of your need. Where is the official Tinder app, for instance? Or Gindr? Thanks for supporting the platform.
  • There may be several alternatives here...... Not an app that interests me tho
  • Nope
  • Nope what?
  • Not until it becomes legal in India.
  • Say what? It's illegal to be gay in India?
  • Only marriage isn't allowed, I believe.
  • Yes, it is currently illegal to have same sex relations in India. It has been since 2013 when the laws were reintroduced.
  • Well, that's India off my vacation list (I'm not gay...I just don't support countries that discriminate)
  • Well the country, or you can say the people of the country don't discriminate. The law does.
  • What country are you from. If your answer is the US your in for a surprise.
  • *You're
    & I am from the UK/European Union.
    (I know full well that America discriminates....however, the east and west coast are all good - it's just the southern states that are backward)
  • Well, you're discriminating countries for tourism based on the stupid laws it has
  • It's not my problem that India has a space programme, yet isn't advanced enough to realise that being gay is a natural human condition...
    India is also a democracy. The laws enacted by your country are an expression of the will of the people.
    Plenty of other, more progressive places to visit.
  • Sure you do, you support discrimination if it's your viewpoint.
  • This law was actually brought in by the British and has remained unchanged ever since
  • The key point being that it has 'remained unchanged ever since'....
    India has been independent for decades - it's disgraceful that the law still stands.
  • Don't visit India at any cost. Please visit DUBAI. There is no discrimination there at all. :)
  • Yes no discrimination in Dubai as long as you're white
  • You spelled "wen" incorrectly... :)
  • Sorry (Hi for my English!)
  • What?
  • lmao, this fb joke.
  • LOL
  • Yes they do
  • This will bring more gays to windows phone TRUST ME you want their business
  • Lol. Good point.
  • If you watched the Amazing Race recently, the homosexual couple, one had a green Lumia. Fun fact.
  • Haha that's hella funny! 1520 here!
  • Lmao @CPnextdoor.. I have a green 1520 as well
  • All the couples had Lumias.  They were given out to each of the teams at the beginning of the show.
  • Gay, and I have a Lumia 928 (and I love it). I don't use this app personally, but hey, cool news that devs are still supporting us.
  • Yep. Idiots need to realize that gay money is behind a significant portion of upper tier phone purchases and gay developpers are rather influential in the Silicon Valley.
  • "Gay money" LOL. I know what you're trying to say but that just sounds weird. The money itself is not gay. You mean to say "...that the gay population is behind a significant portion..."
  • And that "i-diots" use in his comment is also something, ain't it? Hehehe.
  • Just say it'll bring more people to WP...
    Quit singling people out...
  • Need to install this (:
  • A lot of gays have their heads stuck so far up apples butt they scoff at the idea of buying Microsoft and they have money to burn this is good
  • I'd kinda agree, but gay here, and I use a Lumia Icon. So does my partner, I convinced him to leave Android, lol. And I'm no where near rich, but I wish I was haha. Did I do something wrong???
  • I convinced my gay friend to switch to windows once his contract is up. He likes my Lumia 1520. He's leaving his galaxy.
  • He must really like you to move that far away. ;)
  • How do you feel about people referring to you as "gays"❓ Seems pretty stupid, and unnecessary, to me.
  • It's like saying "Jews, blacks, etc..." Is a legitimate term but can be viewed negatively. I hear lots of my gay friends refer to themselves as "the gays", but I'm not comfortable saying that when referring to them as a group. They are just lumped in with everyone else LOL. They get no special treatment from me. Now THAT is equality.
  • People are dumb.
  • I am gay and use a 925. This other gay dude I know also has a Lumia. But generally, yes, you're right. iPhones are seen as fashion statements and that's what a lot of people (in the gay community) chase after. I also don't have money to burn but even if I did I'd still have the latest flagship Lumia ^_^
  • Gay dating app. Are kidding me.
  • Why would it be any different from a dating app for straight people? (e.g. Tinder, which a lot of people here are clamoring for)
  • Yes are kidding. You live rock under?
  • I think the horrible sentence structure makes your comment all the more hilarious.
  • No. Why shouldn't they be allowed to have a dating app? Hate to even use the word "they" . Humans like us all.
  • Exactly straight dating apps get news too
  • So a Windows 8.x is coming or what exactly is it referring to as "desktop version"? By far so much better than Grindr just because of update
  • From what it sounds like they may be making a universal app that works on both windows 10 and windows 10 for phones.
  • Heh. Eh.
  • A large portion of gay people use iPhones. It would be interesting for them if Windows Phones also offer them a similar choice. Moreover, more quality app are always handy. I hope this app is functional ;)
  • We've got all the RAINBOW colors in our lumias lol
  • Indigo? Violet? So not all after all.
  • Oooookayyy...hmmm well, Everybody deserve happiness and equal treatment
  • I disagree. Everyone deserves misery.
  • So, in other words, you support marriage equality. Bah dum, tssh.
  • I use Guyspy despite of lacking Grindr on Windows phone...
  • Meet'm is a grindr client....
  • Meet'm is a horrible excuse for a Grindr client.
  • Guyspy is terrible even on Android lol
  • Happy to finally see this app get a much needed update. Thank you to the Scruff folks and to Windows Central for spotlighting this app.
  • Really cool! I'm a longtime user and always proud of Scruff team choosing to back Windows platform. GrindR and GrowlR plain refuse to support the platform.
  • Re-installing this! :) Thanks for supporting our favorite OS, Scruff!
  • Happy to see dev's offering a rainbow of app choices on Windows Phone! ;)
  • Hehe
  • So for those like me who don't know, what does Scruff mean? Do you have to have a beard or something?
  • It means you putt from the rough.
  • Really? I'm gay and I don't know what it means, apart from the hair on your face perhaps? but its a popular app.
  • Lol it's from good will hunting, i don't think scruff really has any particular meaning in the gay community
  • Scruff tends to have more bear/cub/otter types on it. Grindr is more twinks. Although you find people of all body types on all the apps.
  • Very funny, yet for me it explains nothing. Another comment I am torn about truly having the meaning explained.
  • It means "look like Tarzan, talk like Jane". Lol. All kidding aside. Scruff literally means facial hair, but in this context it means guys who have hairy faces/bodies and their admirers.
  • A wanted homosexual sosmed app to accommodation their needs. Lol.
  • welcome back to best platform ;) get ready for bst OS...Windows 10 is near ;)
  • So they came sooooo late (pun not intended) with this new update that they're finally releasing an app with a "Windows Phone UI desing" that is obsolete. Big header, big section titles, and 1/10 of the screen room is busy. I know, I know I have to be happy that finally they invested a bit of time retooling the app for the Windows Phone community, but I'm a bit sad because now the app feels older than before. Still, ok, let's swallow our pride and let's be happy for this. [BTW: guys, even if Grindr is not present at the time there's still Meet'm, which functions over the Grindr API, so...]
  • Is there a pun on use of the word 'swallow'? ;)
  • Suddenly everything I was writing was pun-worthy :D
  • I'm downloading it now!
  • Great news!!!! Thanks Scruff!!
  • Gay dating app. So they want the (D)
  • Like a straight dating app, they want the P and the D, great to all all these apps on WP
  • Obviously yes, we want the (D).
  • Don't show this article to putin
  • Sounds rather gay to me!
  • you don't say...
  • I like how they release apps for phone and already have plans for PC or vice versa, this is a promising sign for the universal app model
  • Still waiting for a native Grindr app :-) but this is nice to! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You can always use meetm. It's basically a third party app for Grindr and it's actually faster, more reliable & more stable than the Android app for example.
  • I'm still waiting for a Grindr app, there's nothing like it. That's the only thing I miss from my old Android.
  • There's a Grindr client, Meet'm. Works OK.
  • Always good to see a variety of services supporting Microsoft and it's platforms. Thanks SCRUFF team for your support. I'm sure your varied contribution is much appreciated by the LGBTQI members of the Windows Phone community.
  • WTF
  • (sigh) Unfortunately 'homophobia' is still around. I think it's slowly/quickly (depending on relativity) dying out though :) I like this quote: "I hate the word homophobia. It's not a phobia. You're not scared, You're an asshole" - Morgan Freeman
  • So right! they are indeed dying out, its only the really dumb ones that are not seeing the light ;)
  • Just because you don't like something, doesn't make you phobic (is that the word?) any ways even though I'm neither gay or a supporter nor someone who'd go out preaching that gays will burn in hell, I'm a person who doesn't give a fak about what people do to their holes. But I wanted to state that just because you don't like something, it doesn't make you phobic (still not sure if that's a word)
  • Correct it's not 'phobic.' that's what I was saying as well. (with the quote) It's just either ignorant or being an asshole (from the quote too)
  • P/s: Rudy Hyun, Growlr for WP pleaseeee...
  • No comments besides that its nice to see more apps & updates
  • I'm glad that gay people have a dating app on windows phone. It's great that they are using it and wishing them best luck. Only if tinder will release any official app anytime soon.
  • Why do you need an official Tinder app? 6Tin and Timber are excellent (and outperform the official clients!)
  • Gr(8==D)ating A(:P)(P)
  • Ok... I know this is going to cause issues.. but.. and I'm being VERY serious here... but... what the hell is a "gay" social network app? It's only for gays? And how does the app confirm you're gay? It's only about gay subjects? I'm betting that people talk about all sorts of non-gay issues. How is this different than say a Google+ community called 'For Gays'? (Well, ok - other than Google+ not having as many participants, so point there...) It seems sometimes that marketers just stick certain words on products in order to make a group feel unique or exclusive. Then again, I've never understood the concept of 'gay friendly hotels'. I'm not sure what a gay couple would be doing in a hotel that would override the hotel's innate sense of 'wanting to make money' to the point where they'd be gay unfriendly and I can't help thinking that the ones like that would have to be in very much the minority. More to the point, I honestly don't know how the subject of a patron's gayness would even come up. I've never been to a hotel anywhere in the world where the questions on check-in went 'Visa, Mastercard and are you gay?' Anyway, seriously - really don't get it.
  • I think the term "gay" is being used here with too much generalisation. The app isn't open to just "gay" people, but bisexual and transgendered men as well. I for one am not keen on sticking labels on things in this way, as the labels themselves can cause isolation to certain groups. The app is used as a social platform to get to know the locals, as well as having the option of letting people "hook up" with if they wanted. The app uses geolocation which enables you to see who is close by with some accuracy. Unfortunately in most countries most people would take great offence if they were straight and someone of the same sex came on to them, potentially resulting in verbal altercations, violence or worse. Until it is 100% accepted everywhere (or to the same point as other protected minorities, for example race or disability), there will always be a need for the community to have apps like this. When it comes to hotels, there have been many people who use their own minority status to refuse services to LGBT folk. Whilt religion has been a prominent factor in this, others have simply taken it upon their own choice to refuse, resulting in legal cases. Some people don't look at the business model and put their own moral beliefs to the front line to decide who to and not to serve. This, in my opinion, is wrong. In an ideal world there shouldn't be a need for "hookup apps", everyone should be treated equally and there shouldn't be the need for "gay friendly" establishments - they should all be friendly as standard. But until toleralce levels increase to that of other minorities, they're here to stay.
  • transgender is one of the dumbest things I've never heard.  How stupid do you have to be to think you are really a boy stuck in a girls body or vice versa?  You are what you are, LIVE WITH IT.  All this ever was, was a way for some elected officials to get some more votes, or for businesses to get some more money.
  • I remember a case in the UK about a Christian bed and breakfast owner who refused to allow a gay couple to stay. They considered it to be an affront to their Christian values.
    Fortunately, the courts saw otherwise, fined them, and stopped them discriminating!
    But there is definitely still justification for gay friendly places - because outside of the major urban centres, there is still homophobia.
  • Glad I don't live in the UK....
  • & I am glad you don't live here.
  • yes because religous freedom is sooo wrong....
  • Religious freedom is fine....but it should never be used as justification to deny someone else their legislated rights.
    More importantly, being gay is not something someone chooses. It is a biologically unavoidable reality. So to deny someone a service on the basis that they are gay is morally and socially wrong.
    Where are you from by the way?
  • Legislated right? Idk about UK laws but in the US you can deny people business.
    I haven't seen enough scientific evidence that says being gay is biological, and its not something i really care about so its not anything I research or read about...
  • How is discrimination against gay people any different to the discrimination against black people?!
    Your constitution is pretty poor if it only protects some people rather than others.
    Then again, your whole religious thing in the US is far more entrenched than over in liberal Europe (what a relief!) I guess it's understandable why there are people out there who seek to discriminate on such stupid grounds.
  • Because it's not discrimination.  I look at it as they just don't want to do business with somebody.  Their reason happens to be because it goes against their religion.  There are other businesses to go that would gladly take their business.  It's no different than an insurance company not wanting to sell insurance to somebody that's been in a 10 wrecks in the last year.
  • Terrible analogy!
    The person crashing the car is clearly a risk to the viability of the insurance business.
    How exactly is a gay couple staying in a hotel a threat to business?!
    Hiding behind the cloak of religion does not excuse people from treating people equally. Remember, the bible considers slavery acceptable - and I dread to think how many black southern American's died because of some self-righteous religious slave owner.
    A book written 2,000 years ago does not make for a good moral compass on which we should revolve. In fact, religion has proven itself to be a very destructive social force that has legitimised war/paedophilia/slavery/female oppression etc etc.
    Time to live by our own innate morality...rather than be guided by societies age old prejudices.
  • They aren't a threat to their business.  That was a bad analogy.... Either way, I don't have a problem with it.  If somebody doesn't want to do business with somebody else, for whatever the reason.  They shouldn't be forced to. I'm not a bible thumper by any means, so I don't follow it as close as maybe I should (or shouldn't depending on what side you are on).  In all my religion classes I've never been told that the bible considers slavery acceptable.
  • Ok, so if a black person walks into a shop, and a white person doesn't want to sell them you consider that to be acceptable?
    "When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his property" Exodus 21:20-21
    (There are many more examples just like that. Of course, bible studies is essentially an indoctrination into whatever way of thinking your teacher wants you to have. So if you want to enlighten yourself, do your own research...)
  • Yes, I find that acceptable.  If they don't want to sell something to anybody, it's their right and they shouldn't be forced to.  You will have to ask them why they don't want to sell to them.  If they don't have a good enough answer than their business can fail.  It's their choice.   I don't need an example.  I'm sure it's in there, however it's not what I was taught.
  • I didn't realise I had to spell it out;
    A black person walks into the shop of a RACIST white person. That white person refuses to sell the item because that person is black - and for no other reason.
    Are you ok with that?! (Please say no!!)
    The analogy works in the same way for the gay couple who were refused lodging because the proprietor conjured up some biblical justification for not liking gays.
    It is denying someone a service on grounds of discrimination...and I am proud to be from a country that legally and morally considers that unacceptable.
    By the way, your bible classes will never offer you the full truth of the bible....because to do so would highlight all of the hypocrisy. Slave owners used the bible to justify slavery. Southern white Americans used the bible to justify segregation. English hoteliers use the bible to deny gay people access to services.
    & let us not forget that some of the biggest crimes in history have been perpetuated by powerful Christian clergy. Just a couple of examples; the Catholic faith was complicit in Nazi war crimes; they also tried to cover up the systemic abuse of children by their own clergy in Ireland...
    If the bible and religion are the basis of your moral compass when it comes to gay people, then I reckon your compass needs recalibrating ;)
  • I don't have time, or care that much so I'm done with the back and forth but will finish with this. If a racist white person want to refuse a black person and no other person I'm fine with them exercising their right to not do business with them.  I'm not saying it's the right thing to do, but it's their business and they can do what they please.  I think it will wreck their business once it hits social media, but that' their business, not mine. I don't give two shits what you think my bible classes didn't teach me.  I've moved on, became my own person.  I'm libertairian.  I don't give two shits what people do on their own time.  If they want to be gay, then it's none of my business to know.  If you want to be an asshole and not allow gays to lodge in your hotel, then be an asshole.  If you don't want to do business with me because I'm christian and am a libertarian, then go ahead.  Somebody else will take my money.
  • you are essentially saying you are happy with apartheid, segregation, racism etc etc...
    It is up to the concerned majority to stand up and protect the unfortunate minority...whomever they are.
    In fact, what is the point of government if not to ensure ALL their citizens have the same right to life, liberty and opportunity?!
    If you weren't white, you wouldn't be saying what you have been saying. Start paying attention to the principles of the unto others as you would wish to have done to yourself.
    (You can't claim to be a libertarian if you believe race, gender or sexual orientation to be a justifiable reason to deny people their rights).
  • No, I just understand that we're never going to live in a world where people don't get mistreated.
  • Being apathetic is convenient. It allows you to be lazy, and to turn away from injustice.
    Fortunately, people like Martin Luther King recognised that individuals can change entire countries.
    So by all means, keep living in that convenient world of yours. But just remember, you could have been born black, gay, a woman or whatever else.....and had you have been, you would want people from across the divide to fight your corner too.
    "Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand"
  • Actually discrimination is against the law in many US jurisdictions when conducting business, so no, business don't have a unilateral right to refuse service to anyone.  One of the more enlightened states, Washington, has a public accomodations law that prohibits discrimination in business tranasctions on the basis of race, national origin, gender, religition, and sexual orientation.  That means if your business is open to the public generally, you must serve those protected classes equally.  You can't make African Americans sit at a separate lunch counter if you serve food to the general public.  Likewise, if you sell flowers to the public you can't deny selling flowers to the gays.
  • North, east and west are all good in America. It's just those southern states that let the side down!
  • Thank you on that. Just as the push for evolution as the primary source of existence got challenged with lack of convincing evidence...
  • No offence to anyone but I personally believe this kind of behaviour is not genetic and is some kind of disorder.
  • ok.
  • Wrong. Anyway this isn't appropriate to the conversation so I won't go on. One thing I will say is for you to kindly research before you post such a sweeping statement.
  • One link you found on the internet explains nothing
  • Saying 'no offence' in front of something doesn't make it not offensive, which is what you just said.
  • k bye, Felicia
  • No offence, but you are a moron. ;).
    Homosexual behaviour is evident in almost all animal species. It is a genetic and scientific fact.
    Unfortunately, not all of us are born with a broad enough mind to understand that we are not all born the same...
    (Or to put it another way - do you really think people would choose to be gay in a human world that has been so violently homophobic for much of its existence?!!).
    Think about it....then update your comment accordingly ;)
    (P.s - I am not gay....but I have a brother who is. & I have seen the damaging effect people like you have on people like him)
  • People like him... That's a weird statement...
  • I'm not sure how 'people like him' is a weird statement?
    My bro is not the strong sort that can easily deflect unexpected homophobia. He takes it to for people like him, it's difficult to comprehend why people are so narrow minded.
  • Why being so aggressive? I was not poking fun at anyone, I simply said what was "my" perception about it. If you think I'm wrong you can genuinely correct me.
  • Dear Sir, get your facts right. There is not a single species on earth that has a homosexual behavior for their entire lifetime, it's only a humans who have similar behavior. If you read enough through REAL scientific books, you'd find that the homosexual behavior in animals is no more than scrubbing their privates together (not putting a penis inside an anus), and it has many reasons for animals (non of them is applicable in the human's case), such as getting other sex's attention, or in the case of females being more sexually active than males, so they keep themselves satisfied, etc. If you're interested in science you'd find that putting your penis in someone else's anus results in almost all sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, it's almost proven that AIDS for instance resulted from gay male sex. Stop reading science from the internet by writers who are gay / sympathize with their community.
  • Thanks Qausar for a breif response. I 100% agree with you.
  • KillerXorg....
    I guess you never went to university? If you did go, I assume you never graduated?
    Reason being -- university teaches us all to approach life with an empirical mind. You don't just accept things without first finding evidence to back up your reasoning.
    Science is beautiful because it doesn't try to argue one way or simple evaluates the available evidence.
    The available evidence is quite clear. Homosexuality is a natural state of being for a proportion of pretty much all higher order species. It isn't something anyone chooses - it is just the way their body works.
    So come on....broaden your mind here. Go and do some reading, and see if you can come to a more balanced view of things!
  • First your guessing skills are pretty bad. Secondly there no clear research yet which shows the actual cause of it in humans. As student of science I believe in evidence and I still didn't find any evidence that there is something called 3rd gender. As a human I have the right to believe in something I am sure of as long as I do not hurt anyone sentiment by mocking them, which I think I didn't. If its genetic then in my view it's genitic disorder. So broaden your mind first by taking opposing views in a positive way explain your points without mocking at me.
  • Why are you so conceited as to think humans are any different from animals? We have the same chemicals flowing through our bodies...and largely the same genetic material too.
    Given how much evidence there is for homosexuality in nature, why do you think humans would be in any way different?!
    Also, the evidence is all around you. The millions of gay people who suffer the indignity and mental pain of having to hide away their true feelings. As I say, read up about Alan Turing -- a man who achieved more than any other person you will likely ever know........yet who likely died because society didn't accept the fact that he was a homosexual man.
    Personally, I find organised religion and greed to be far more damaging social things than homosexuality.
    In fact, some of my gay friends are the v.nicest and kindest people I've ever known.
    Try doing some research like your uni education should have already compelled you...
    (& remember...."do unto others")
  • You are a true moron. It takes just a few minutes to dispel your lifetime held belief.
    "One species in which exclusive homosexual orientation occurs, however, is that of domesticated sheep (Ovis aries).[9][10] "About 10% of rams (males) refuse to mate with ewes (females) but do readily mate with other rams."[10]"
  • Wow, this is your scientific research? A Wikipedia article? Dude, read any evolutionary book, you would find this info in bold letters. Such books aren't available on Google's search for free, sorry. Even in your Wikipedia article, they mention this extraordinary species which 90% of their population are gays. So are you comparing this specie to humans? What about the 99.999% of other species that doesn't have the exclusive behavior? What about the gay behavior in animals it being a scrubbing act, not a penis into an anus? What about the sexually transmitted diseases? What about all the research that links homosexuality to psychological factors only? What about communities like mine that has almost 0% gay people? Educate yourself before calling people morons just because you sympathize with a psychologically disturbed gay friend. Sympathy is not the cure for illness.
  • Be a little more kind in your words. Looking just how they aggressively jumped on me I feel they are being opressed from the community and I also think "once they are like that they are like that forever" nothing can change it, then what's the point of all this justifications let people live the way they like.
  • I quote;
    "This kind of behaviour is not is some kind of disorder".
    You are essentially saying that 3.6 million people in my country (the UK) have a 'disorder'.
    That is a disgraceful thing to say. More importantly, in amongst those 3.6 million people are some of the most brilliant minds of our generation. In fact, by your measure, the CEO of the world's most successful company (Tim Cook) has a sexual disorder. That is a truly risible thing to be thinking.
    You need to wake up, look around you, and realise that brilliant people are making huge contributions to society. That they are gay is wholly irrelevant, none of your business, and certainly not a disorder.
  • There's no point linking you to peer reviewed articles that you cannot access due to not having a relevant subscription.
    Also, you do not live in a community with 0% gay people. You live in a community where the gay people are forced to adopt a straight lifestyle. There's a very big difference (I almost picture you as living in some Brokeback Mountain kind of social environment - where no one can EVER be gay...even though that is physiologically impossible for a significant minority in every human population).
    Anyway, the good thing is - your type are losing the battle. Gay marriage is becoming ever more prevalent - and gay rights are becoming entrenched in all major civilised countries.
    All you are doing is becoming that person everyone pities. The narrow minded wally that fears what is different.
  • Oh please link me Sir to any proper research website. My university has access to most of the relevant ones, so I have no problems whatsoever in reviewing them. You never answered any of the logical questions I asked, but then you assumed you won the argument by saying: they are legalizing this marriage, SO WE ARE WINNING! So answer this question, when they legalize sleeping / marrying your own mother, would you jump on that bandwagon too? And then assume that others who disagree with you that they are narrow minded? You know, animals do sleep with their own mothers / sisters 1000000 time more than they have homosexual intercourse, so this would be our reference for it being natural. Hell, I'd rather sleep with my own mother before I insert another man's penis into my asshole. BTW, there ARE groups of people who ask they legalize marrying your own family member. Call me narrow minded, I'd rather be one than to live in a world of shit on your penis, AIDS and psychological disorders.
  • Don't humour me.
    The closest you have come to a university education is via one of these email-a-degree things from the University of Djibouti ;).
    If you truly are at uni, then I dread to think what system you have come through that creates such a pointless human being.
    P.S. - it is genetically unsound to leads to high rates of congenital birth defects and other debilitating things. So that is why incest is outlawed.
    Gay sex is as safe as straight sex. It is the promiscuousness that makes things unsafe.
    Also just a heads up for you - heterosexual people can catch the exact same range of sexually transmitted diseases as gay people...including HIV. So I fail to see your point there.
  • You're obviously a "butt-hurt" kid with no logical thinking whatsoever. I am a Mechatronics Engineer, and I have a masters degree from Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg, Germany. I know all about scientific research little kid, more than anyone else since I am still in the Academic field. You claim to have some logic, yet the closest you came to answer any of my questions is by calling others childish names. I can simply tell you that the solution for the defects problem is to use birth control. You accept having a filthy, full of disease environment in gay sex, which doesn't result in any breeding whatsoever, but then it becomes a problem in inbreeding. No one said anything about the probability of getting a transmitted disease, what I was discussing that most of these diseases were created in the filthy gay sex. Cheers Kid!
  • You may have been through a scientific degree, but you clearly do not have the wherewithal to apply the logic to your everyday life.
    The ONLY sexually transmitted disease with any causal link to the gay community is HIV. Every other debilitating sexually transmitted disease has been evident throughout history in the heterosexual community. Syphilis was an old favourite of English kings for example!
    By the way, I find it deeply disappointing that a German citizen would have such views. Your country is a bastion of civil liberties of all kinds. Fortunately, the stupidity of people like you is more than offset by your countrymen.
    By the way - how on earth can you claim to live in a community that has 0% gay people?! Germany has broadly the same rate as the UK of around 6% of the population being gay. So don't be so blind as to think you live in some straight only community.
    P.S. - remember that Hitler et al had similar views to you on gay people. They didn't do too well, did they? Best for you to choose the right side of history rather than the wrong ;)
    (Also, I don't know what questions you need me to answer. You haven't referenced any of your 'facts' - and you haven't even successfully critiqued mine! You are just sounding very foolish)
  • Oh, and one moral maze question for you....
    What happens when your girl asks you to have anal sex? Have you got your response ready....or did you think it was only gay people that enjoy a good rodgering? :)
  • Fun fact for you, only around 20% of women have had anal sex once in their lives, and only around 3% have it on a regular basis, but the funny part is that this disapproves what you're talking about; straight women try anal sex, although they are straight, so why do they do it? Just because another friend did it or she saw it on TV or in porn, or her sick boyfriend keeps insisting on having it, etc. Doesn't straight women engagement in homosexual acts make those acts no more than abnormalities and psychological results of a filthy community? They don't need them to get satisfied, so why do they do them? And btw, my woman never asked that, and she never will, because she won't do things that is out of the normal and the accepted, and because she isn't filthy to do so.
  • Thank you for restoring any hope I had left for humanity!
  • If you want to learn something new today, learn about the life of Alan Turing;
    He contributed massively to the allied effort in WW2. He also helped invent the first computer.
    He died of a suspected suicide after having undergone chemical treatment for being gay.
    He likely died because narrow minded people like you made him feel like he was an unacceptable human being.
    He was gay. He made a massive contribution to humanity. Yet he died whilst in a miserable state of mind because the sexual state in which he was born was not socially acceptable....
    Do you really want to be the kind of person that makes other peoples lives a misery?
  • I don't treat gays bad unless they are in my face, or out in public makeing a scene yelling "hey, look at me!  I'm gay".  Becaise, I don't care, I don't need to know, keep what you do in the bedroom to yourself, and I'll do the same.
  • Yeah! Gay community is behaving like feminist do now a days.
  • I am straight....but I feel it is absolutely my place to stand up for the disenfranchised in society.
    Gay rights are merely an extension of the civil rights movement of the 60's, and the female rights of the early twentieth century.
    Stamping out prejudice is an entirely natural thing to want to do coming from a highly educated and civilised country.
    Judging someone on colour, gender or sexual orientation is utterly foolish.
  • Are you done bro?
  • India is a world away from Europe on a social progression I'll cut you some slack. I do hope your politicians get a grip on things though -- your country already has a horrible attitude to rape and female it is of little surprise to me that it is also backward when it comes to such things as gay rights.
    Good luck for the future - and keep an open mind....
  • What about the right of fucking your own mother? Why isn't there a clear movement for the misfortunates who are born this way?
  • You strike me as being like that really angry kid in the Butterfly Effect. You know, the one that kills the dog with lighter fluid.
    Here's to hoping that some other butterfly effect changes your course and turns you into a decent human being.
    (Or at the very least, a human being that had the intellect to write a coherent sentence. There's nothing worse than an inarticulate idiot).
    Adios Quasar
  • Yes, he is a fuc*ing moron!
  • Still seriously await the genetic correlation. A defective gene on the long arm of the Y chromosome perhaps. A q:p deletion on the short arm of the Y chromosome. Duplication of the X chromosome or an outright total absence of the Y chromosome. I'm sure other phenotypic anomalies will coexist if it were any of those. But I'm willing to learn nonetheless.
  • Great news for the gay community and WP. For those having a problem with gay's just think of it this way, less competition for scoring the girl you want
  • We just need Grindr now :)
  • There'a already Meet'M wich uses Grindr data :)
  • That's gay
  • It is indeed. Very sharp oberservation!
  • Better Badoo, Why This App Is Not Support To Post Nude Picture, And More? But When I Registered On It, They Displaying Agreement, That You Must At 18+. It's So Make Me Dizzy. And Feels This App Is Same With Badoo Or Another Gay App.
  • Glad they finally updated this app. And very glad that they even advertise that they have an app. Perry Street is one of the handful of companies that advertise that they have a windows app on their commercials and billboards. Also, they're also giving us a desktop version too? Woo hoo! I hope they male it a universal app.
  • Man, there are a lot of idiotic comments here, who cares if you're gay or straight, just go about your life and not be offended by people that have different opinions. Not everything is discrimination.
  • Woof woof
  • Glad its back! Now if we can get Grindr...
  • Is this a WP exclusive?
  • Nope. Been on Android and iOS for years with those feature. As always, we are last.
  • I remember using it years ago and it was so barren. Welp.
  • I don't want no SCRUFF. Get your SCRUFF out of here. What tha SCRUFF. SCRUFF!!!
  • (#In TLC's voice) I don't want no scruff. A scruff is a guy that can't get no love from me. Sitting on the passenger side of my best friend ride. Trying to holla at me... Pun intended.
  • Is this at all related to Scruff McGruff the Crime dog? I always had my suspicions.
  • So, um...just what phrases do we use to navigate the app through Cortana?
  • "Show c**k" ;)
    Nah, check the website for more information.
  • That's unfair. She (Cortana) does not discriminate, I'm sure. ;)
  • Finally! Scruff very popular in Germany. And I think they have done a good job.
  • BTW, I don't mind the immature comments. As long they are not hateful. Look at other apps like Tindr for Android or iOS. Kiddies will go "Booobies" in dozens of comments. It's just normal. What I find important: Windows Central gives us these news. And not for the first time they prove to be really cool about it. It's an app, it's big, it should be newsworthy. But still, some websites won't talk about it. So, for me (and maybe some others) it is also a sign. It kinda gives you a good feeling, to know that for more and more people it's just so normal to include news like this. And I wanna thank WC for having ppl like this on board.
  • I was stunned when I saw there's an update for this app. Nice they havent forgot the development.
  • And THANK YOU Windows Central for making this article. Sad to see there's still bigots around here, tho...
  • This has always been one of those apps that I installed but never really used even when I was on iOS & Android but I think I'll download it and give it a spin. Thanks to the Scruff team for showing Windows some love.
  • What's happening in this world. Every one turned gay!!!!!! Why this app gets popular
  • You from sector 9 outer space bro?
  • Too much hate in the comments. However I'm glad to see scruff give some love to WP.