Sea of Thieves gets 'Festival of Giving' event, introductory mission for new players

Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves (Image credit: Microsoft)

Sea of Thieves

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What you need to know

  • Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate adventure from Rare.
  • The game just got a Festival of Giving event for December.
  • There's also an introductory mission being added for new players.
  • Sea of Thieves is part of Xbox Game Pass.

Sea of Thieves is an open-world pirate game that launched in 2018. The title has received numerous updates since launch and has become quite a deep and rewarding experience. Today, it got the Festival of Giving update. The Festival of Giving not only brings new cosmetic items and missions, but it also adds a Maiden Voyage which is like a tutorial for the game for new players.

You can take a look at an excerpt from Xbox Wire below.

Available to all players for free from today, the Festival of Giving update brings with it a stocking full of festive treats... Speak to Stitcher Jim in any tavern to get started and earn valuable Doubloons for each lost gift you deliver safely to the Masked Stranger at The Reaper's Hideout... Calendar of Giving, offering all players daily in-game incentives from December 13... For players who find Sea of Thieves in their stockings this year, the Festival of Giving brings with it the Maiden Voyage, a new introductory adventure that's a must-play for every pirate. For those new to the game or in need of a refresher, it's an ideal first experience and a safe place to hone your skills.

It's great to see that the game is getting a lot of new content on a regular basis. We can't wait to see where the adventure takes us in 2020 and beyond. Hopefully, there will be more single-player content that even solo players can enjoy.



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