Seagate's new 1TB Xbox Game Drive external USB SSD is now official

Game Drive Xbox Ssd Left Dark Green Hi Res
Game Drive Xbox Ssd Left Dark Green Hi Res (Image credit: Seagate)

What you need to know

  • Seagates new SSD storage options for Xbox recently leaked.
  • At least one of them, the 1TB USB option, is now official.
  • It drops this month in October for $169.99.

Recently, we leaked upcoming promo materials that outed a new 512 GB internal storage card for Xbox Series X and S, alongside a new 1TB external USB SSD for deep game storage. And now, Seagate has made at least one of them official.

The new 1TB Seagate Xbox Game Drive comes with "flash speed" performance and USB 3.2 Gen 1 for rapid transfers between your console and the disk. You can also use it to run backward compatible Xbox One versions of games directly on next-gen Xbox Series X|S systems.

Because it's 2021, the new Seagate Game Drive also comes with sweet green LED lights to remind you that it's Xbox-branded, and doesn't require any sort of external power supply. While this is branded with Xbox in mind, its universal compatibility means you could also use it on PC. If you're an Xbox fan, it may end up being the best Xbox SSD external storage device for you, for deep storage at least.

Seagate also promises three years of Rescue Data Recovery Services™, which the company touts as an "industry leading" warranty. What that means is Seagate will attempt to recover any data in the event of disk corruption free of charge.

The new Seagate Xbox Game Drive launches in "October," although exact timing wasn't shared. It is available only in a 1TB configuration, for $169.99.

While this isn't cheap, it may be a more affordable option over the internal Seagate Xbox SSD cards, which typically sell for $220. We expect Seagate to debut a smaller 512GB version in some markets at a cheaper price, although we haven't heard any official specifics on this at this time.

Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • When you are a hardcore game and you have games like COD reaching 200+ GB, Flight Sim reaching 110+ GB, HALO reaching 129+ GB, a 1TB hard drive is insulting. Those making these hardware devices make the assumption people only play 1 or 2 games, or have 1 or 2 streaming apps.
  • 2 or 4 TB SSDs are expensive. But you can also use ANY external SSD and get the virtually the same speeds on back compact games.
  • 1tb isn't cutting it, I was expected a 2tb version - so I'm really surprised they bothered with a 500gb option.
  • You can literally use any USB 3.1 external HDD/SDD for the same effect. I have a 4 TB WD Passport HDD hooked up to my Series X for XBO games and long term storage for XSX games not in use.
  • Correct, but after awhile it gets real annoying moving games back-n-forth. Imagine if a business had to moving files back-n-forth just to open it up in Word/Excel/Powerpoint etc. Or better yet having to download your file from OneDrive everytime you wanted to open it instead of opening it directly from OneDrive. That would piss people off.
  • If the 1TB costs $220, I think the 512 MB should be about $70 to $90. Half the storage should cost less than half the price.