Secretlab's Christmas sale helps you keep your chair clean and gets you cash off

Secretlab Titan XL
Secretlab Titan XL (Image credit: Dan Thorp-Lancaster/Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Secretlab has a Christmas sale that helps you save money and to keep your chair clean.
  • In the United States, their sale gets you $20 off and a premium upholstery cleaner.
  • In the UK, you'll get £25 off when you buy one item or £80 when you buy two.

Secretlab's Christmas sale began recently, allowing you to get cash off a purchase of select gaming chairs. The deal also gets you free upholstery cleaner with select purchases. In total, the Secretlab Christmas deal is worth up to a $40 value. There are also deals in the UK that allow you to get £25 off when you buy one chair or £80 when you buy two. The sale codes automatically apply when you add your address during the checkout process.

We've reviewed several gaming chairs from Secretlab, including the Secretlab 2020 Series and the Secretlab Titan XL. In his review of the Secretlab 2020 Series, News Editor Dan Thorp-Lancaster stated that "The styling is sleek without going overboard, and the attention to detail is incredible. Most importantly, the chair is just downright comfortable for long periods of gaming and office work." Thorp-Lancaster also said that the Titan XL is "damn near perfect."

Secretlab's 2020 Series manages to take what made the 2018 Series great and push the boundaries even further with a set of small refinements.

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