Secretlab's Magnus gaming desk is 'incredibly functional' and now it's available in the UK

Secretlab Magnus Desk
Secretlab Magnus Desk (Image credit: Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Secretlab Magnus gaming desk is now available for order in the UK.
  • The desk features several cable management solutions to maintain a clean look.
  • The Magnus has a metal body and works with a range of magnetic accessories and add-ons.

Secretlab entered the gaming desk market earlier this year with the launch of its Secretlab Magnus desk. The desk earned high marks in our review for its excellent cable management solutions, ecosystem of magnetic accessories, and its durability. Unfortunately, for gamers in the UK, the Magnus desk wasn't available for purchase when it launched. That's since changed, as the Secretlab Magnus desk is now available for order in the UK.

The desk itself costs £399, and you can order it today. The desk mats, cable management add-ons, and accessory add-ons are only available for preorder at this time. The accessories and add-ons will be available at different points throughout September 2021, ranging from September 3 to September 23.

The Secretlab Magnus is a metal desk with a minimalist design. Its metal body opens up possibilities for magnetic cable and accessory management. For example, you can order magnetic cable anchors that you can place anywhere along the desk.

Secretlab has a stylized video from the desk's launch, but a demo video from the company (shown below) illustrates its capabilities better.

While you can add RGB lighting to the Magnus to make it more vibrant, its design is more reserved. Our managing editor says "the Magnus is relatively simple, but incredibly functional" in his review. He also explains that the Magnus is a "clean, subtle desk that doesn't scream "gamer" with flashy designs, which is something many will appreciate."

The backside of the Magnus desk has a gap that's big enough to slide cables into. The design makes it easy to slot cables in and then hide them away from view.

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