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Looking for a vertical pouch for your AT&T Fuze or Touch Pro? Need one with a big flap to hold your phone in place? Sena Cases might have something to fit the bill in their Vertical Pouch. The Sena Vertical Case is a little different from Sena's Elega Pouch in that it has a flap to keep the AT&T Fuze nice and secure in the case. Read on after the break to see the other differences with the Vertical Pouch and how it holds up to Sena's reputation for quality cases.

Out of the Box

Sena packages the Vertical Pouch ($49.95) as it does most of its cases. You've got the nice red, pinned striped box with case wrapped in a red, soft cloth, pull-string bag. Once the case is unwrapped, the first thing that stands out with this leather pouch is its size. The Vertical Pouch is a touch over one inch thick and boxy. If you didn't know better, you'd think the pouch could hold two Fuzes.

Once you get over the size of the case, it doesn't take long to notice that it is a well constructed, premium leather case. The stitching of the soft leather appeared tight with no loose or frayed seams present. The interior of the case is lined with a soft suede-like material and there is a modest amount of padding between the leather shell and inner lining. There's also a quality of firmness with this case that adds to the protective value.

Like most other cases, the Vertical Pouch isn't custom fitted for the AT&T Fuze. There is a bit of "wiggle room" present which gives the Fuze a lot of movement while in the case. The Fuze won't be going anywhere, regardless of the "wiggle room" because of the generously large top flap. The flap is secured by a magnets that are sewn beneath the leather and provide a strong connection. The case is fitted with a leather wrapped, swivel belt hook. The hook has very little give to it and clamps down strong to your belt. So strong it was a little difficult getting the case onto my belt.


The Sena Vertical Pouch, while boxy, carried surprisingly well on my belt. It took a while to get used to the larger size of this case and for a while I was very apprehensive that I was going to catch the case on something. I was skeptical about the swivel belt hook, but it allows you to angle the case a little to increase the comfort factor. I wouldn't recommend swiveling the case to the horizontal position for fear that if the flap became un-secured, the phone would easily fall out.

The Fuze was easy to place and remove from the Sena Vertical Pouch, due in part by the over-sized cut and also by design. The sides of the case are cut low enough to give you ample real estate on the Fuze to pull it out of the case without difficulty. There's a large enough gap between the phone and the case's flap that you could use headphones with this case. You could either run the headphone cable along the side of the Fuze or place the Fuze in the case top-first. There's enough of a gap to accommodate either method.

Overall Impression

I have to admit that the Vertical Pouch ($49.95) began to grow on me over the few days I tested it. I don't know if you could find a better build quality in a case without going to a custom fitted case. The Vertical Pouch was very well made and feels very durable. The Vertical Pouch's greatest weakness is in its overall size. If Sena could slim it down just a bit, the case would noticeably improve.

The case is broadly cut to fit a wide range of phones all very similar in size to the AT&T Fuze and to no fault of the case, there is a bit of "wiggle room" in the fit of the case. It's not enough to worry about that phone slipping out of the case, but it may not appeal to everyone. The clip is sturdy and while it swivels, the case is best when kept in the upright position. Rounded out by a generous top flap, the Sena Vertical Pouch isn't a wash out but instead, an acquired taste.

If you're looking for a well made vertical case and don't mind a little bulk, the Sena Vertical Pouch will be a good choice. If you need something a little slimmer in a vertical pouch, look at the Nutshell Vertical Case as an alternative.

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Ratings (out of 5)Build Quality: 5/5Secure Fit: 3.5/5Comfort: 3.5/5Overall: 3.5/5 ProsLeather ConstructionSolid StitchingConsA little wiggle room with regards to phone fitLarge size
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