Shark Evolution Clicker, how many sharks can you match and mutate?

If you are in search of a Windows 10 game that is off the beaten path, give Shark Evolution Clicker a try. It is not an overly complicated game where you combine sharks to create a new species. Repeat the process as long as you can to see how many new varieties of these fishy creatures you can spawn.

The game has plenty of power-ups and bonus items to purchase with the gaming currency (which the sharks poop out) and costumes to buy to give your sharks that sharp dressed look. Available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 (including low-memory devices) Shark Evolution Clicker may not appeal to everyone, but don't be shocked if you find yourself unable to put the game down.

Shark Evolution Clicker

Shark Evolution Clicker opens up to a tutorial that walks you through the basics of gameplay. You are presented with a collection of crates that have fallen into the ocean that contain baby sharks. Tap on the crate to free the shark and then tap/drag the sharks around to combine sharks of the same style and create new sharks. Repeat the process to see how many new species you can create.

As you combine sharks, additional crates drop into the water allowing you to continue the genetic combinations. As they wait to be fused with other sharks, they poop in the water. Poop that is considered gaming currency. I imagine it was too far of a reach to have them poop actual gold coins.

Along the bottom of Shark Evolution Clicker's gaming screen are menu tiles where you can use your gaming currency to buy extra sharks, upgrades/power-ups, costumes for the sharks and in-app purchases for coins, diamonds and other items.

Shark Evolution Clicker

If you want to speed up the evolutionary process, you can use your coins to buy new sharks to merge. The upgrades help in the production of poop, increases the delivery of crates and more.

The only gaming menu available for Shark Evolution is accessible by tapping on the notebook icon that rests in the upper right corner of the gaming screen. This menu offers options to view the sharkpedia, gaming stats, gaming achievements, access the game's options and rate the game. Shark Evolution Clicker's options include settings for sound, music and notifications.

The best I can tell, there is no end to Shark Evolution Clicker. Even if you leave the game, Shark Evolution Clicker remembers where you left things and continues to drop crates while you are away. The game takes on an endless runner feel but keeps things interesting by creating new environments as you move up the evolutionary ladder. This creates additional tiers within the game that you have to manage. These new areas are accessible by tapping on the circular icons that appear in the upper right side of the gaming screen.

Graphics are decent, with plenty of color and creativity as new species of sharks are created. Gameplay is not difficult to master, but can keep you busy by merging all the sharks and avoid filling the screen with crates. Oddly, Shark Evolution Clicker does have an addictive pull where it is easy to kill ten, fifteen minutes playing the game.

The free gaming title does have in-app purchase opportunities and is available for Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1 (including low-memory devices). The game may not rise to the level of Pokemon Go, but it holds its own nicely.

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