Should you buy AirPods 2 to use with a Windows PC?

Should you buy AirPods 2 to use with a Windows PC?

Best answer: If you also use an iPhone or iPad then AirPods 2 will be a great choice. If you use an Android phone as well as a Windows 10 PC you'd be better of getting the less expensive Samsung Galaxy BudsFor iPhone owners: AirPods 2 (From $159)For everyone else: Samsung Galaxy Buds ($130)

AirPods work just fine with Windows 10

Despite how imaginative Apple's marketing is, AirPods are essentially just Bluetooth headphones at their core. So, as long as you have a Bluetooth connection available on your Windows 10 PC, you can use AirPods.

It's nowhere near as elegant as using AirPods with Apple devices since the benefits of the new H1 chipset can't be experienced on a Windows machine. That means you'll have to manually pair the AirPods as you would any other Bluetooth accessory.

Optimized for use with Apple devices

The original AirPods use the Apple W1 chip, while the AirPods 2 use the new H1 chip for headphones. Exact day to day differences are as yet unclear, but what remains definitive is that AirPods are optimized for use with Apple hardware.

Pairing on an iPhone is as simple as just turning them on and tapping on the phone screen. From there you don't ever have to worry about pairing to an iPad, Mac or even an Apple TV. Just switch between any of your Apple devices at will without any repairing required.

The convenience alone of using AirPods with an iPhone or iPad is enough to make them a strong recommendation. If you're using either device, you should probably get AirPods.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds are a top choice for everyone else

While AirPods do work just fine with Windows or Android devices, they're just like any other Bluetooth headphones, so the convenience factor is outweighed by cost. AirPods are expensive, and the sound quality can be beaten by other completely wireless headphones.

If you carry an Android phone you'd be better spending less on a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds. They offer the same truly wire-free experience, cost less, and sound pretty good as well as having some nifty features built in. Our pals at Android Central really like them.

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