Best answer: If you spend a lot of time travelling, especially to other countries, then the Teleport is a fantastic Virtual Private Network (VPN) to grant you access to your home network as well as help you watch your favorite streaming services.

It's an all in one package

The AmpliFi HD router and Teleport are a paired set. Yes, you can buy them separately, but the Teleport doesn't work without the router so you may as well buy them together from the outset. They're completely plug-and-play with each other, so you can go anywhere in the world and connect your Teleport to a local data source. Then, it'll automatically find your router and create a VPN so you can access your home network safely and securely.

It lets you stream everywhere

One of the frustrating things about traveling is not having access to location-specific apps and streaming services. For example, you can't access Hulu if you aren't in the USA and you can't watch the BBC iPlayer if you aren't in the UK. The Teleport fixes that issue by making a network connection to your home IP address, essentially fooling your devices into thinking you're at home.

Having your devices and streaming services work the way they're supposed to even when you're in a foreign country is a huge stress relief and is alone worth the cost of the Teleport.

It's an extra layer of security

When you're using hotel Wi-Fi, there's always the concern that your data or private information can get intercepted. It's unlikely, but it happens. Teleport creates an extra layer of security by routing all your personal data through its own security system.

The Teleport will work with just about any public Wi-Fi as long as you have access to a socket to plug the Teleport in. So coffee shops, hotels, or even a MacDonalds will work to create your VPN and access your home network.

Your home network is available to you

The unique selling point of the Teleport is the ability to access your home network from afar. This is especially helpful if you have a connected home or you run a server from your house. Something as simple as being able to print stuff at home while you're away is helpful, or being able to access any of your devices.

No subscription fees

The last little bonus of the Teleport is the lack of a subscription service to use it. Most VPNs will cost money every month or per gigabyte, but you don't have that extra cost with the AmpliFi Teleport. You can use it as much as you like with no extra fees.

Our pick

AmpliFi HD Router and Teleport

A personal VPN

The AmpliFi HD router and Teleport make a great team for those who travel extensively especially abroad. Being able to access your home network is far more helpful than you may think. Remember though, the Teleport only works with the AmpliFi router so you'll need both.

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