Should you buy a replacement Xbox One power brick from Microsoft or a third-party version?

Xbox One Power Brick
Xbox One Power Brick (Image credit: Windows Central)

Should you buy a replacement Xbox One power brick from Microsoft or a third-party version?

Best answer: Your best bet is buying a third-party option because the design of the power brick has been improved upon by third-party developers ever since the official brick left the market.Amazon: YCCSKY Xbox One Power Brick ($30)

Why choose third-party over Microsoft?

The biggest reason to choose a third-party Xbox One power brick over an official Microsoft replacement is the price. On Amazon, the YCCSKY power brick, which is the highest rated one, is just $30, which is cheaper than the $60 price Microsoft will charge you for a replacement on Amazon. You can order a replacement from the Microsoft Store as well, but it's a tedious and inconvenient process that requires you to register your Xbox One, and you don't end up saving money anyway. Despite this, if you'd still like to do it, check out this article for more information. However, I don't recommend spending unnecessary time and money going down this route.

What sets the YCCSKY power brick apart from the competition?

Though the reasons why you should avoid going to Microsoft for a new brick are clear, you might be wondering why you should choose YCCSKY's version specifically. Aside from the fact that it has the highest user reviews of all of the third party bricks, the biggest reason to buy from YCCSKY is the fact that it runs significantly quieter than any other power brick available, both official and third party. The biggest design flaw of the original was arguably how annoyingly loud it was, so the fact that YCCSKY has managed to find a fix for this problem is a huge deal.

Another reason this version is your best bet is that the manufacturer was also able to improve the design and efficiency of the cooling fan, which means that the device will overheat less frequently and last longer as a result. Ideally, you'll want to avoid replacing the power brick on your Xbox One frequently, so buying from YCCSKY means buying the best chance for a long power supply life cycle.

Remember: this only applies for the original Xbox One

It's important to remember that you don't need a power brick if you own an Xbox One S or an Xbox One X. These later iterations of the Xbox One have their power supplies built inside of them. If you're having power issues with one of these consoles, it's something you'll need to contact Microsoft about and have a support representative service your device.

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