Where's the best place to buy a replacement Xbox One power brick?

Xbox One Power Brick
Xbox One Power Brick (Image credit: Windows Central)

Where's the best place to buy a replacement Xbox One power brick?

Best answer: If you need to get a new power brick for your older Xbox One, you can (and should) buy a third-party one at Amazon and save yourself some money.Power up: Xbox One power brick ($39 at Amazon)

Buy a third-party power brick on Amazon

There's an excellent place to get a power supply, and that is that seller of literally everything: Amazon. For one, it's a lot easier than going through the Microsoft support channels, and there's a strong chance you'll get the item a lot quicker as well.

There are also third-party options to choose from in a store like Amazon, though you're buying those somewhat at your own risk. You'll be able to find resellers shipping the official power supply, though, you will usually end up paying more. That said, the options available right now are of decent quality and are a perfect match for the original item.

Always check the customer reviews first, which helps mitigate your chances of buying an inferior or dangerous product. Luckily, Amazon's return policies are solid if you end up getting a dud.

Microsoft support can help

If you'd like to just go on the Microsoft Store and buy a power brick, then you're about to be disappointed. You can buy one from Microsoft, but it's a bit of a process for some mysterious reason, and it's also more expensive. However, it's handy to know about just in case the supply from places like Amazon ever dries up.

  1. Register your console for device repair at support.microsoft.com/en-us/devices.
  2. When you're creating the order, select accessories from the first drop-down box.
  3. Select power supply from the second.
  4. Go through the steps, make sure your shipping address is correct, and then you'll have two options to replace.

Xbox One power brick replacement

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

If you want one quickly, pay a little more and get one shipped out. If you feel alright waiting, you can send in your old power supply and pay a little less. Regional prices will vary and often be upwards of $50.

Only applies to the original model console

If you're having power issues with the Xbox One X or Xbox One S, then your problems are likely going to require the console to be sent in for repair or replacement.

From the Xbox One S onwards, the power brick is internal with a simple wall adapter cable as the only external connection. The Microsoft support steps above will help you out.

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