Should you upgrade to the Xbox One X?

It's the question we always ask ourselves whenever some new shiny technology comes out. The same is going to be true of the Xbox One X, Microsoft and the world's most powerful games console.

If you already have an Xbox One console then it's a serious question to ask yourself. You've spent money already, is it worth spending even more for an upgraded model? Hopefully we can help.

Xbox One X: What's different?

Xbox One X

Compared to the other members of the Xbox One console family, the big upgrade with the Xbox One X (opens in new tab) is the sheer power of the thing. It's 40% more powerful than any other console currently on the market, and a big step up from the Xbox One S.

The center of that is the 6 teraflop custom GPU which allows the Xbox One X to provide native 4K gaming at up to 60 frames per second (FPS). The poster child for this is the new Forza Motorsport 7, an in-house effort from Microsoft that hits both of those magical numbers.

Beyond just higher resolution gaming, though, the Xbox One X and its power will allow for better quality graphics, with better textures and detail, and even folks not gaming at 4K will see the benefit.

If you're thinking of getting an Xbox One X then its graphical capabilities are probably high on the list. Other things to note are that it still has an internal power supply, like the Xbox One S, and the whole package is even smaller than Microsoft's 2016 iteration on the Xbox One console.

Doesn't the Xbox One S do 4K?

Xbox One S

Xbox One S (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

Yes and no. The Xbox One S can push 4K video, but it cannot play games at 4K. The Xbox One S is equipped with a 4K UHD Blu-ray player and is capable of streaming 4K video from online sources like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The Xbox One S also does HDR in both video and games, like the Xbox One X.

It's important to remember, too, that all Xbox One games will work on all versions of the console. You don't get any exclusives by going for the Xbox One X, just better looking, better performing games.

If your desire for 4K doesn't really stretch to games and is more geared towards movies and TV content, the Xbox One X may well be overkill. The Xbox One S can handle that.

Should I upgrade?

Xbox One X

Xbox One X (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you're thinking about upgrading to the Xbox One X then it really needs to be all about the games. If you're looking for the best looking, best performing console games around then it's the one for you.

Consider the pricing as well:

  • The Xbox One X will cost $499 when it goes on sale on November 7. Currently, there's only the 1TB model being discussed, but any higher capacities will naturally cost more.
  • The Xbox One S has recently had a price cut and will start at $249, exactly half the price of the newer model.

If you're on an original Xbox One console and your desires for 4K don't stretch much beyond better-looking movies, the Xbox One S (opens in new tab) is the better shout. If you're in it for the games and you're OK with spending $500, then it's looking like a great buy. Even at 1080p resolution you'll get the benefits of better looking, better performing games.

You can always sell your old console, too, to narrow the gap to the asking price.

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  • Yes
  • +1 Yes.
  • +1 Yes. Especially the last part of the article, sell your old console to recover some cost if you only need one. You should have most of your stuff on an external drive anyway.
  • It's an upgrade for me.
  • I have Xbox One and I think it's going to be my main games console for a while still. I do play lots of different games, but I don't play games nearly enough that an upgrade would be a good choice. I am also not planning on getting a 4K television, so I don't think I'll upgrade any time soon. (Don't get me wrong, I'd love having a Xbox One X 😄 )
  • Again even without a 4k tv you will benefit from games running smoother and a higher fidelity of your games. VR should be available at a late date though it wasn't completely confirmed.
  • It is a hard choice but in the end: yes.
  • It's a no from me dawg. I don't have a 4K TV. Only bought one game, Forza, this year for the One; and I mainly use it for media consumption. Already spent money on the Switch, I just can't justify an upgrade this year.
  • Exactly. We bought our Xbox One to become our media center.  Now it is really no better than our smart TV, and neither the S or the X changes that.
  • Sounds like you don't play a lot of games anyways.
  • To be fair the original Xbox One was marketed as a media center, not a gaming platform. On another note, has anyone realized that the Xbox One X is abbreviated as XBOX?
  • Technically the abbreviation is XOX.
  • I've always seen it abbreviated XB for instance with the One it was XBO or XB1 or XBone... anyways I just thought it was interesting that it can be abbreviated XBOX and did not know if MS did that on purpose.
  • And it's a lot more capable media center than it was at launch, despite your gripes about losing Kinect gestures.
  • Hellz to the Yeah!!!
  • Take my money! I have a 4K HDR TV so TAKE MY MONEY
  • Seems like someone already did.
  • Ok...
  • YES!! I'm with you ksmith, Once you get 4K HDR you really don't want to watch or play on anything else. I'll sell my XBOs (2tb) and get the XBOX!!!!
  • :)  I knew it would catch on!
  • Yep! Whatever i need to do, I'm going to make it happen. My X1S is pretty much new which sucks. But playing FH3 on the One S with HDR is brilliant. Can't imagine with 4K. I'm ready!
  • I have a 6 month old S and no 4K TV yet, but a man has to have the best doesn't he?
    I will pull the trigger shortly, if for nothing else you're pretty much future proofed.
  • I was playing with you. I am waiting for the price to drop for an OLED TV, myself.
  • I will hold off until it drops in price, I have been playing games less over the years to the point that I hardly play at all now.
  • Waiting for the white X.
  • Same lol. White X for me.
  • Something that is important, but not mentioned in the "doesn't the Xbox One S do 4K" section. The system can upscale to 4k for games, but it's just stretching the image up.... It isn't anywhere near the same as the Xbox One X in quality, but for people that don't understand why their One S needs to be upgraded (or not) to the One X, it's an important thing to mention.
  • That's IF games are important to them.
  • Overall the X will be a much higher fidelity but not just in 4K. Its more powerful so it can render faster load times, further draw distances, better textures, and many other visual features. Better shadows, lighting, more vegetation, I think these enhancements aren't mentioned because everyone is focused on the price point. For those of you that want to know why the $500 is worth it everything said may not exactly be stated from MS themselves but from playing console and having a low end PC, then upgrading to a very high end PC you can definitely see the benefits of the more powerful system. When all of that comes into play you then realize 4K isn't as important as when they announce it. 1080p tv's will benefit from using a system such as the Xbox One X which I will be getting one myself.
  • I haven't been following the new Xbox very closely, Does the Kinect work with the new Xbox? If not I'll just stay with my Xbox One I really don't want to give up the kinects benefits
  • It works but you need the adapter just like the Xbox S.
  • Yes, it will work with the new Xbox, you just need the adapter for it.
  • It does.  Unfortunately, you'll need an adapter that will eat up one of your USB ports though.
  • I have the XBOs and I use a multi usb adapter($7 on amazon). I have the Kinect plugged straight into the xbox. My headset (turtle beach 420x) and external hdd plugged into the usb adapter with one more to spare, maybe for another hdd when I fill up the 5tb I have now.
  • Yes but you need the adap...... Oh wait 3 people already answered. No room for me here.
  • yes with a Xbox Kinect Adapter
  • Just in case the other 5 answers did not help you. It will work, but you need the adapter :)
  • Ignore the guys above, all you need is a adapter and you'll be good.
  • Someone said that you need an adapter. I am not sure where I read it.
  • I'm pretty sure it'll work with an adapter xD
  • Adaptor? We don't need no stinkin' adapter! oh, wait.... those other guys are right.  we do need an adapter.
  • I have an original Xbox One and I don't plan on upgrading. The increase in performance just isn't worth it to me on my older Vizio LED TV. When they start talking about VR/MR gaming capability or when I decide to upgrade my TV to 4k, then we'll talk. But at this point, it's a pass from me.
  • Again 1080p tv's will def benefit from this console. This is from my comment above... Overall the X will be a much higher fidelity but not just in 4K. Its more powerful so it can render faster load times, further draw distances, better textures, and many other visual features. Better shadows, lighting, more vegetation, I think these enhancements aren't mentioned because everyone is focused on the price point. For those of you that want to know why the $500 is worth it everything said may not exactly be stated from MS themselves but from playing console and having a low end PC, then upgrading to a very high end PC you can definitely see the benefits of the more powerful system. When all of that comes into play you then realize 4K isn't as important as when they announce it. 1080p tv's will benefit from using a system such as the Xbox One X which I will be getting one myself.
  • Not saying 1080p TV's won't benefit, I just don't feel the improvement will be big enough to warrant a $500 price tag for me at this point. As I said, when they start giving us more information about VR/MR or if/when I upgrade to a 4k TV, then I'll consider it. Right now though, it is just another game console that plays the same games I can already play and will be able to play in the future. Those improved graphics and decreased loading times won't increase my enjoyment of playing these games.
  • The Vizio P65 C1 is great and has 4k, hdr10, dolby vision, and 120 native refresh rate. A definite recommend!
  • Not when they said it won't have VR.😒
  • who said it won't?
  • Don't care if I should, I am. 🤷
  • Xbox One X will be the primary game and HTPC replacement. Xbox One OG will be "player 2" console.
  • I have a 4K Haier Tv & the Day one Xbox one with Kinect. This looks tantalizing enough!
  • Ah, so no HDR10 support.  One S wouldn't look any better than Day One on that TV.
  • I'm still playing my 360. So, this will be a huge upgrade for me. I don't have a 4k tv, but I will likely get one in the next year or so. Although, I may wait until my birthday in February to get one. Hopefully, they will have a 2 TB or higher drive by then.
  • Yes, 4k is clearly going to be the new standard for tv's.  Waiting a little while to buy the Xbox One X is not a bad idea, and if you're going to be upgrading to a new console, it's best to get one that is going to be fairly future proofed.  So I see an Xbox One X in your future.   Have fun with it and when you get a 4k tv, it's going to look great!!!1  
  • If you already have a Xbox One, the 500€ are better in a PS4 or in a Switch, or for only 50$ more in both, this way you can also have the exclusives from the other consoles. For me at least spending money for graphics when you could spend it on other consoles to play exclusivas is kinda of stupid.
    And you won't get that much benefit if you don't have a 4K TV.
  • BS. You will get added benefits of One X on 1080p.  They said the images would be rendered @ 4k and then supersampled down to 1080p. Also you get the improved load times due to the hardware using the extra ram to preload when the game devs don't.   I'm buying one at launch for use with 1080p, until I can afford a new 4K set.
  • Please learn how to read, I said that you won't get that much benefit if you use a 1080p not that you won't have any. Super sampling is great but not 500$ great, and don't expect much better loading times specially in games that support the X. I continue to say that if you have a Xbox One you should spend the 500$ in a PS4+Switch and this way you get the ability to play extra games and handheld.
  • I am totally getting the One X!! I am virtualizing my desktops with a home server for RDP from smartphones and other lower end PCs, but with direct connect it is super awesome.... But I cmam starting to prefer console gaming over PC at this time. I don't care about VR the headsets are wonky. I want a HoloLens experience so I'll wait for the better choice for my wants. Also, I hope that MS opens the Xbox design lab for the elite controller when the X launches.
  • Yes, I will be buying 3 X's.
  • 250 dollars difference is way too much for just a resolution increase.
  • Which isn't even assured. Most 3rd party developers aren't announcing 4K versions of their games for the One X. In fact, most are announcing they'll be 2K because of the PS4 "Pro".
  • They haven't announced much yet, bu the OneX justt became officially official. So, the games will come just as there was a delay with the 2K games for PS4Pro
  • And even the few announced so far won't be running in 4K but in 2K on both consoles. See Assassin's Creed for example. If this trend continues, any appeal of the One X over the PS4 "Pro" goes away.
  • Because when the developers decide to make a game at 4k, which the XOneX can handle, it is the Pro that will be left behind. It takes some time to develop a game to the spec of a certain platform. Considering they announce 22 exclusive titles for the XOneX, we can see game devleopers are getting interested
  • It's all about the games indeed... Or, in other words, about Forza 7. If you like the franchise, go for it. If like me you don't give a rats a*se about Forza, then wait a couple of months to see. So far almost no games will be running at 4K on the One X and so 500€ for a miserable 1TB with no game support is an even worse deal. IF developers actually start adding 4K support to their games (both future and existing ones), then sure, the One X is appeal. Otherwise, don't bother. Get the One S instead or the PS4 "Pro" (since, you know, it's 100€ cheaper).
  • 6 > 4 $100 worth it
  • so true
  • I paid $500 for the day one edition in 2013, so I think I will go with one x . I haven't seen anything mentioned about Kinect with one x . Anyone know if the Kinect will work on one x?
  • Yeah but you have to have the adapter they released with the S
  • Yes your Kinect will work. You just need the adapter they can out with for the Xbox One S.
  • Thanks, already have the adapter since I needed a 30 foot run from the screen to the back of my home theater.
  • I don't know, the more I read about it, the more I want PS4 Pro. As someone who's a PC gamer, switching to Xbox wouldn't give me any exclusives and when I heard the truth about using 4K in the games, it will look the same on Pro as on X.
  • The graphical fidelity of the X will be superior to that of the Pro as has been said by a few devs, but that said if you have a decent rig and are happy gaming on that then the X won't bring much to the table for you, the Pro however will fill your exclusives gap. I'm curious as to what truths you've heard though.
  • Should you upgrade to the Xbox One X? ... that's really a DUMB, yet smart question, the so called gamers have been saving to buy the Xbox One X from the moment it was first thought of. For those of you rushing out to be one of the first to own the new gaming system and pay premium prices for them, is like the Idiots who line us for days to buy a new IPhone, wait six months and the will be cut in half, before or just after the holidays they'll go even lower than the Xbox Box S. My problem with this is, since the TV Networks don't offer or support 4K programming, why buy a 4K TV, if playing better looking games is the only reason, you have a serious problem, or way to much money to blow, but then to, it is a matter of choice, and definitely your money, I haven't really seen anything that would make me give us my Xbox One yet, it works just fine for me. So I'll wait until they work out all the bugs, the price drops and they have a full array of games, that doesn't include car racing, and war, and killing. So for me, I'll not rush out and jump in the Xbox One X pool, just yet.
  • You'd be amazed at what a decent 4k upscaling TV can do, even for SD channels. We don't have cable or satellite so we watch a lot of PBS in our house. Two of their channels are only broadcast in SD. You can tell it wasn't broadcast in HD, but the upscaling the TV does is still a significant improvment over my old 1080p set I used to have. Even the HD channels look better. So no, they aren't broadcasting in 4k, but there's still an improvment to be had. I personally bought a 4k TV for streaming and movies though. I rarely play any games on it. Most of my gaming is done on an original Xbox One in the office/guest room.
  • "My problem with this is, since the TV Networks don't offer or support 4K programming, why buy a 4K TV"   I can only speak for myself but I don't really watch TV networks anymore. Between the propaganda news, the fake news and the sh*t talkshows, I spend a hell of a lot more time watching Blu-Rays (be if series or films) and content from the likes of Netflix and Amazon. And all of those offer content in 4K. So it's totally worth it to have a beautiful 4K HDR OLED television if your consumption is similar to mine. It's not worth to buy the One X though since the One S does all of that.   Problem is...if you're into 4K gaming and normal television, the One X is also not worth it. Television, as you correctly said, don't offer content in 4K (heck...they barely offer anything in HD let alone 4K), and as for the games, very few titles will run on 4K on the One X. Unless Microsoft steps up the game with incentives (monetary) for developers to add 4K to their games, they will cap their games at the maximum the PS4 "Pro" runs and call it a day.    
  • "the so called gamers have been saving to buy the Xbox One X from the moment it was first thought of" Not all gamers. Mostly MS/XB fans for me.
  • ooh...  What are you smoking?  There is no chance in hell that the Xbox One X is going to drop in price lower than the Xbox One S, it simply is not going to happen, Black Friday or not. The question for anyone buying a tv or console is why would one pay for a resolution that is clearly going to superseded.  4k is going to be the standard resolution for tv's and I see little compelling reason why one would buy a new 1080p TV unless it's going in a guest bedroom or something.  
  • I'm getting a One X mostly for the sheer fact it's a lot smaller than my existing original Xbox One as well as the capability to play 4K games when I decide to upgrade to a 4K TV. Being able to slip the Xbox One X into a backpack to take with me to a friend's place will be so much easier since I won't have to lug around a VCR sized console and it's huge power brick (which I have done and I do not recommend it). Also it'll be nice to have my original Xbox One as a secondary one for a bedroom TV because it makes a great media center machine.
  • Sure I will upgrade, but probably not right away. I'm hoping to see some nice bundle with VR/MR option..... but since they didn't show anything during E3 about VR/MR, I'm sure it will take a while before this becomes available.  
  • Microsofts VR/MR solution is not due commercially till 2018, after all the dev kits have only started going out to developers, I hope we hear something about it at Gamescom in August.
  • Question  : Will there be an option to change the resoluton of 4K games down to 1080p on Xbox one X (to get better frame rates)??
  • Thats a good question, if you have a 1080p TV the Xbox X will use supersampling to get the best image quality, but one assumes that the X will be rendering 4K and supersampling down to 1080p, I've personally not heard mention of a native 1080p output, but with the specs I can't see performance being an issue.
  • Nothing on this. But it's very unlikely seeing the announcements. Their focus is 4K resolution.
  • All games will support 1080p as no games will be XBox One X exclusive, but I don't know if you'll be able to control the resolution of the game when connected to a 4K tv.  But the One X connected to a 1080p tv will render the game in 1080p.
  • I stick with my PS3...
  • Been waiting since last year so yeah
  • For me no questions about xboX...wanna have the same ecosystem and options, games, apps....but with much better graphics and specifically resolution, fps in the same time not important at all for me
  • I have a First Xbox One, can't wait to change, hope that my kinect will work with it, I suppose I will need the adapter like for the S...
  • Yes you'll need the same adapter. A shame how Microsoft completely abandoned Kinect. It had so much untapped potential, and the adapter is huge, like it woukd kill them to spend a couple dollars to put the port on all Xbox One's.
  • Hopefully MS will do the same deal and give the adapter away free to those upgrading from the One to One X like they did with the S.
  • Yes
  • You can't really talk about upgrades when the thing is a year away
  • I have the Xbox One S now, and bought a 4K TV to go with it. It'll annoy me, but I'm a big racing game fan, so it's worth it to me to get Forza 7 and F1 2017 in 4K/60 fps. So, yes, I will be buying the Xbox One X...
  • No plans to buy one, but a question.  Since a lot of exclusives for the X-Box One X are coming to PC anyway, do I still have to pay for X-Box Live to play any kind of multiplayer?
  • The answer would be yes, you will need Live for multiplayer but for what you pay and the 48 free games you get per year from 'Games with Gold' it kinda pays for itself.
  • ATM you don't pay. I have played Gears 4 and Killer Instinct before I had XBL Gold and it worked fine. However, this could change. But I honestly don't find this likely as imo Play Anywhere doesn't look like it's taking off. Only Microsoft and some indie titles have made the cut to the Windows Store.
  • As the great American poet Tupac said, "Does a bear poop in the woods and wipe his but with a furry white rabbit?"  Yes!
  • Hahahaha! Make Money! WEST Side!!!! hahha
  • I plan on it, I have a ice 4k HDR tv. I miss using the Xbox One for all my media consumption, but I can't watch 4k netflix/amazon content on it. Plus I don't care for my TV's smart interface (except for the chromecast, that comes in handy sometimes)
  • I plan on getting the One X, just not on launch day.   Gonna wait for Tax Season to pick it up, plus wait to see how the first holiday batch comes out.  Hopefully no issues like from previous launches. RROD anyone?
  • Hopefully with the way the console is assembled, with each SoC being specifically matched to a motherboard for maximum stability there will be no issues like the 360's RRoD.  
  • Big fan of Xbox,but i may hold out. Switch is far more tempting as a gamer. Been playing too many competitive first person and shooters for years. Zombie games are getting dull. Developers need to start getting creative in games. They keep pumping out military type games its ******* annoying.
  • Deffinitley, as soon as the Scorpio was announced last year I started putting money aside every month, by release of the X I will have enough for a shiny new 4K TV and the X, and because I've been saving the money in a seperate account I won't feel buyers remorse at such an outlay, the wife doesn't even mind which is an added bonus :D
  • I still use a Day One Edition console. Got the S "Minecraft Edition" for the kids to use in their play room and it's an impressive console even though it's white. No 4K TVs in the house. Yet. I do plan on getting the X and along with it I will buy a 4K HDTV for the main home theater/living area, swapping out the original One console. The new X will a good excuse to finally go 4K although I dread replacing my Pioneer plasma. The only thing I want to see when it's time to get the X is a good range of hard drive storage capacity options 500GB is pathetic, and 1 or 2TB is just on the cusp of being deficient. Currently I use two external portables with the 500GB DOE giving me almost 6TB of storage and that's about 60% full already.
  • I will not be upgrading. I already have a day one Xbox One and a GTX 1080 gaming PC. The extra power doesn't appeal to me now that they're bringing all of their games to PC.
  • Definitely upgrading. Bought a 4k tv last fall, so its a no-brainer for me.
  • Definitely yes if it is available in "INDIA" hope so(still Xbox One S missing in India)
  • I don't want to be the bearer of bad news but...if the One S isn't available in India, the One X won't be either.
  • The question is "Should someone upgrade?" Unlike some fans here who will blindly say "Yes", "take my money" and what not. I would say it really depends. * If resolution is not your priorty?
    You shouldn't really. Looks like this console will mostly provide bump in resolution. * If you already have a PC more powerful than the XB1X?
    You shouldn't. That's a no brainer. * If you already have a PC with less GPU than the XB1X?
    You shouldn't. Just get a 1070/1080. I've seen the 1070 way below 500 bucks. I've seen on offer below 500 bucks. And we are still months away from XB1X's release. The price will most probably go down even more. * You're a console gamer but games matter more. Bigger library...?
    You probably should get a PS4 or a pro. It has more current gen games. * You like to take your games on the go?
    You probably shouldn't get it. Get a switch, Nintendo made quite a few announcements. * If you're a console-only gammer, a fan of MS, bought their previous XB1 and if you want to play mostly 3rd party games and have the odd Halo n, Forza n and Gears n. And owns a 4K TV with HDR. And you have the money.
    Yeah, sure get one. * If not?
    You probably should not get one. I don't think it's worth the upgrade...
  • LOL, your stuff is kinda boring. "bump in resolution"   wow, that's an understatement. Any decent gaming PC is more powerful than any console on the market, but also signficantly more expensive. Games on the go, so get a switch?  There's probably quite a few readers of Windows Central that have a switch or are thinking of getting one, but seriously, the audience for this site is Microsoft.  On another post I called this site Window Phone Central and you didn't know what I was talking about.  That was the name of this site, it was primarily about Windows Phone and only started to branch out to Xbox and Windows itself in the last couple of years. So "a fan of MS, bought their previous XB1" probably describes eighty percent of this audience.
  • Just my opinion... I've already posted the different case. If you already have a PC you probably just need a 1070 or a 1080. I saw the 1070 going for around 350 bucks, I saw the 1080 going at below 500. And these price will surely go down in 5 months. You know what's interesting. Many people here say they bought XB1 day one ($500) plus got a XB1s last year ($300) and will get this ($500). Adding 4-5 years of XB Live. We are well over $1500. That's a more than the "significant price" some of these people talk about. And ofc let's not forget that the games on PC are generally cheaper. I didn't know the history of this site, but honestly I don't really think it matters. I'm a gamer. I'm here for news about XB, just like I go on other sites for news of other gaming systems. I understand that there are different type of people here. And that's why I listed out a number of case. If 80% of the people here fall in the "Yeah, sure get one." then so be it. 
  • yea right....   You listed multiple scenarios where your conclusion was don't buy an Xbox One X.  In fact that's pretty much all you comment here, about how people on a "Windows Central" site should not buy Xboxes.  You say your here for news about Xbox, but you've already listed what you own, and you don't have one.  What's more important is that it's clear from your REPEATED comments that you don't want one and for whatever reason you feel it's necessary to come to Microsoft Central and argue against people wanting to buy an Xbox One X for, in your words, "a bump in resolution."  
  • 1) I have a gaming PC with windows 10 so yeah MS related topic is always interesting me. 2) I'm always up for a new console. I just don't see the need for a XB1 at the moment, but if they do have exclusives I want to play I'll surely get one. 3) I'm a gamer. I'm here for MS/XB related gaming news. 4) I'm also here to help consumers from the bs some MS/XB fans spread...
  • Oh troll, we at Windows Central are so fortunate to have you helping us with "the bs some MS/XB fans spread".
  • Second idea.  I already have a gaming PC with a 1070, but what I don't have is a 4k PC monitor.  Primarily because 4k monitors are still fairly expensive and many don't do HDR.   I've upgraded my TV to a 4k HDR television because that segment is pretty mature now and I get the majority of my 4k content via Netflix and Hulu.   And guess what, I just may want to take advantage of that 4k TV by having a console that truely does 4k gaming without significant compromises.  And you know what that console would be, an Xbox One X.   I expect that there are a signficant amount of people that have done exactly what I have done, which is move first to a 4k television before getting a 4k monitor for their PC.   Finally, there are no doubt a lot of people that like to game on a 50 inch or more television, versus a 24 inch monitor.   Depending on what I want to play I either play on the PC or on the television with what is ninety nine percent of the time, my Xbox One S versus my Playstation 3.  The same would remain true even if I had a Playstation 4.
  • I'm not sure if you know this, but we can actually connect a PC to a TV. -_- There are many ways of getting the output of your PC to a TV. You can look it up... :)
  • Yes troll, I have a HTPC that outputs to my TV.
  • As always, the cost of adoption will drive my decision. I don't have a 4K tv yet and the genres that are being showcased are not my style so I may stay with my X1S and skip a generation. As with everyone, if the money is there to re-equip for 4K gaming then I will do it just to have it. Forza Motorsport 7 might draw me into the X though. It won't be the first time I went overboard on hardware just to play a single, great game in its best environment.
  • If you grab a 4K set, you will have to's like having 1080p, yet only running VHS tapes on if you want to hold off, you best not upgrade your television.
  • Yes, Day one buy for me.
  • Got a One S a few months back, media streaming and vintage gaming (Atari and old stuff collections).  No need for more power.
  • I know that I need to upgrade, I am still using my Day one Xbox One. Unfortunately The cost here in Canada sucks. Adding Tax Plus the Cost of a 4K TV at the Cheapest at 55 Inch (That is not required but would be great to have) this is not going to work... The Total would be over 1300 Dollars such a shame. I just wish Microsoft had a Trade Up program for DAY ONE XBOX ONE systems.
  • "It's important to remember, too, that all Xbox One games will work on all versions of the console. You don't get any exclusives by going for the Xbox One X, just better looking, better performing games." Of course, I wouldn't put it past some developers to sell 4K-specific DLCs for their games. Want to see LeBron James in even higher definition? Get the Ultimate Texture Pack for NBA2K19 for just $29.99!
  • This is an updated console...similar to purchasing a new car that has an amazing stereo, improved air conditioning and better gas mileage...if you like your old car keep it; however, if you want to enjoy the new car smell and improved drive you upgrade...also, if you grab a 4K set, you will want both a PS4 Pro and this new beast!  I already have the Pro and have been waiting for the X(Scorpio) for just about a year now.
  • I really wish MS would add DVR capabilities to the Xbox One X natively even through the HDMI. Most of the time I only need to pause or rewind a few minutes, but adding the ability to record a full TV show and have playback integrated in the guide would be fantastic especially if I can dedicate an external drive to it. Also they could then go to Cable companies and say "Offer the Xbox One X as part of a package deal and DVR solution which would move a ton of units.
  • Should you upgrade? yes and no. If you want to experience games at the very best settings and can afford an upgrade, Yes. if you enjoy playing games and simply like having fun but cant afford 500$, then no.  my tablet and my phone have a crack screen but they work just fine, no need to upgrade. I will however be getting the X. its important to know that their is no such thing as future proofing, something better may come out in a year or two after, all in all ppl, have fun with what you have.
  • "best settings" is questionable. A PC with a 1070 or 1080 can always outdo this console.
  • There are stages in the evolution of technology that are significant.  I waited to buy a 4k television till they dropped in price to under $1000 and included HDR.  I realize that the TV I bought doesn't have Dolby Vision, however I did in fact hit the target as far as buying a 4k TV with HDR.   Those two factors will be significant for a fair number of years. In the same fashion I expect that the Xbox One X represents hitting a significant stage in the evolution of console gaming, a truly 4k capable console without significant compromises.
  • Quite interesting that many people here say they bought XB1 day one ($500) plus got a XB1s last year ($300) and will get this ($500). Adding 4-5 years of XB Live. We are well over $1500. It's also interesting that some will tell PC is so expensive... but they've paid over 1500 bucks!! 
  • I would replace X1 with X1X if I had one, instead of gaming PC. For people with decent gaming PC, though, X1 is hard sell... any X1. Since all MS exclusives are also on Windows, and I cannot think of many 3rd party Xbox-only exclusives. I'm wondering, if X1 sales pick up, will MS revert this multiplatform approach... or try to find other ways to make X1 more attractive for PC gamers, too. Because right now, having PS4 and/or Nintendo makes a bit more sense to PC gamers, imho.
  • Let's see...   I have a fairly good gaming PC with 32 gigs of memory and a 1070 outputting to a sweet Dell 24 inch IPS monitor that I've had for maybe seven years (not 4k).  My PC sound runs via an optical out to a Marantz amp with bookshelf speakers, or if I don't care that much to desktop speakers. Contrast that with my 50 inch 4k Samsung TV, running through a really recent Marantz amp and through tower 4 way speakers.  In other words my main stereo is much better than my PC's stereo which is still better than quite a few people's PC  or main stereo setup. Therefore, depending on the game or the situation I may want to game via the Xbox One S and an Elite controller through the 4k TV and my main stereo versus my PC.  Again, depending on what I want to do.....   It's not as hard of a decision as you might think, to want to have an Xbox even if you have a good gaming PC.
  • Well... one shoe doesn't fit all. Diferent people will work out different scenarios. Personally? I'd pull out output from my GPU and plug it to that TV, if I want MS game on big TV. I'm also running GTX1070, so most games I would not run at native 4K, but then again I'm 49 years old and my eyes are not 4K-worthy anyway :) This is the thing: gaming time is more limited than before, and there are other hobies I like to spend time and money on. I need decent PC because some of those other hobies include photography and video. Adding decent GPU to change good editing PC into good gaming PC is logical step. Spending extra money to play same games on another hardware - even if X1X can play them better (visually) than my PC - is just somewhat vasteful, for me persinally; I'd rather spend that money on platform(s) that can play games I don't have on Microsoft platforms.
  • Come Nov 7 and beyond unless MS or any other retail offers a good trade-in program to go from the Xbox One S to the X then I will stick with my S. I don't yet have a 4k HDR10 TV so I'm in no rush to get the X, unless the trade-in offer was compelling enough. I only have need for one console so selling it and use the money toward a newer console is essential to me as I refuse to pay full price (I traded in my original Xbox One for the S thru the MS Store