Shuffle Party, Samurai vs. Zombies, Bejeweled Live, and Delicious available on Windows 8

A couple of days ago, Microsoft announced a slew of Windows 8 games that would be launching over the weekend. Today several of those games are readily available to download: Shuffle Party, Samurai vs. Zombies Defense, Bejeweled Live, and Delicious – Emily’s True Love. The only one that hasn’t shown up yet is Temple Run Brave (based on that movie I dislike), but I’m sure it will be along sometime soon.

Head past the break to check out our hands-on demonstration of Shuffle Party from GDC, plus quick impressions and download links for the games that appeared alongside it.

Shuffle Party

Andreja Djokovic from Babaroga (pictured below) was kind enough to walk us through this game and its features. Shuffle Party is an enhanced version of the original Windows Phone game. Like the mobile version, it’s completely free, so all Windows 8 and RT users should be able to enjoy it.

Shuffle Party combines the games of bowling and shuffleboard. The main game mode follows bowling rules, but you use a puck instead of a ball. Challenge mode involves collecting coins with the puck and trying to stop the puck within designated scoring zones. There’s also a real shuffle board game type as well as the new League Bowling leaderboard challenge.

Visually, the game is much improved, especially the background detail. Babaroga has added music and nicer sound effects too. And the physics are way more realistic, making it more enjoyable to watch the pins bounce around. If playing from a PC you’ll have to get used to mouse controls (not so bad), but touch play is perfectly intuitive.

Windows 8 and RT users, get Shuffle Party here at the Windows Store. Windows Phone 7 and 8 users can find the original game here.

Andreja Djokovic at GDC 2013

Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Glu’s first Xbox title for Windows 8 and RT is both unique and addictive. Players control a lone samurai as he attempts to stop an endless hoard of fallen warriors from reaching the town gates. He needn’t go it completely alone though, because before long you’re able to summon farmers and warriors from the village to fight (and die) alongside you.

Don’t let the title fool you into thinking this is a tower defense game. Players control the samurai’s movement at will, though he automatically fires arrows or attacks with his sword when enemies come into range. They come in huge numbers so you’ll also need to activate special attacks like lightning strikes when things get too hectic.

Between rounds, you can purchase upgrades that increase your attack and defense, as well as that of the helper characters. Some cost coins (frequently dropped by enemies), while others cost gems, which get dropped far less often. Gems and coins can both be purchased with real money, but so far I haven’t found it necessary to do so. That permanent 2X coin boost for $1.99 looks nice though!

Samurai vs. Zombies does have some audio issues at the moment, and the controller support needs more work. You can’t navigate menus with the controller, for instance. Hopefully Glu fixes these with future updates.

Samurai vs. Zombies Defense is a free download. If you dig the concept, definitely give it a download. Get it here on the Windows 8 Store.

Delicious! Emily’s True Love

Game House brings the popular Delicious! series to Windows 8. As it turns out, this game is sadly not Xbox Live-enabled, and it’s published under the RealNetworks label. Also, while the initial announcement left out the word ‘Delicious,’ it’s definitely part of the game’s title.

Delicious is a female-oriented time management game. At the start of the game it goes through a story sequence (cool), and before long Emily is taking customers’ food orders, combining ingredients in the proper order, taking their money, and sending them on their merry way.

I didn’t spend too much time with this one due to its lack of Xbox features. But I do love the genre and it seems like a worthwhile entry. The graphics don’t seem too well optimized for high resolution screens, as they’re definitely a little blurry. I’m sure they’d be fine on an RT tablet though.

Delicious! Emily’s True Love is ostensibly free, but really that’s just a free trial. The full game can be unlocked as an in-app purchase for $6.99. Windows 8 users can get it here.

Bejeweled Live

We already described Bejeweled Live in detail in a previous article, and you can see our GDC hands-on video up above. Shortly after the first article ran, some users were able to find the game in the Windows 8 Store but couldn’t get it to download. Well, now the game is properly available and can be used with any Windows 8 or RT device. We’ll have a full review soon!

Bejeweled Live costs $4.99. Get it here at the Windows 8 Store.

Paul Acevedo

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