Sixteen minutes with HTC's Eric Lin

HTC's global PR and online community manager, Eric Lin, recently sat down with Pocketnow for a chat. He didn't let too much slip (hey, that's his job), but we do learn a couple of things:

On getting rid of the D-pad on the front some upcoming phones:

"It provides this extra decision time. 'Oh, do I touch the screen? Or do I use the navigation pad?' "

On HTC manufacturing the Zune HD:

"HTC does not manufacture any devices for other companies outside of a few navigation devices at this point in time."

On HTC developing its own OS

"We definitely don't have our own operating system yet, but, that doesn't mean that we don't investigate it, that we don't try it and, who knows what's gonna happen in the future. Like, if we find the right thing, then it's possible that we could totally do that."

A couple of interesting details, indeed. Check out the whole interview after the break. (For more from Eric's sit-down with Akihabra News earlier this year, click here.)

Phil Nickinson

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