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Skype Lite adds support for sending and receiving Mojis

Microsoft's Skype Lite app may be unreleased, but Microsoft continues to add to its feature set. With its latest update, Skype Lite has added support for Mojis, the short video clips, often featuring famous characters, that Skype users can send each other. (via Windows Latest)

Sending and receiving of Mojis is included here, but that's about it for new features. In addition, the standard batch of bug fixes and performance improvements are on board as well.

Skype Lite launched on Android early in 2017 as a more lightweight version of Microsoft's messaging client for the Indian market. Compared to the full Skype app, Skype Lite is lighter on data and power, making it a better option to use on 2G networks and in areas with inconsistent coverage. It also includes SMS filtering, data monitoring, and Skype bots.

We recently spent some hands-on time with Skype Lite and found its simplicity to make it an attractive alternative to the those burned by the full Skype app. That said, this is still an unreleased app meant for specific regions, so there's still some work to do.

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  • Question, how is the status support - does setting yourself away on the desktop app (win32) show you as offline / invisible on the Skype lite app?