Skype Preview appears on the Xbox One Store, but you can't download it yet

Skype Preview appeared under my ready to install list earlier today, and while the app is unavailable to download, it shouldn't be too long until it arrives on the console.

Skype Preview is a major improvement on the previous Windows Store version of the app, originally developed for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1. The UWP version of Skype is still in preview on Windows 10, but it's rapidly nearing parity with its Win32 desktop cousin in terms of features and usability.

In our recent interview with Xbox One platform chief Mike Ybarra, he confirmed that Skype UWP is indeed on its way to Xbox One. Look out for the full interview on Windows Central in the near future.

"We're always listening to feedback from the community on what apps they want on Xbox. We do this for not only our own apps but popular 3rd party apps as well. We've seen feedback from the community wanting the updated Skype UWP and we're bringing that update to Xbox One."

The Skype app currently available for Xbox One is functional, but the UWP version of Skype will ensure that the service is updated consistently across Windows 10 Mobile, PC, HoloLens, and now Xbox One.

Stay tuned for more information on the app's availability, and let us know in the comments if you still use Skype on your console!

Download Skype Preview from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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  • It's probably has to be finished testing
  • Which direction is MS going. Submarine or the other way.
  • They obviously didn't test it on phone as the audio comes out of the earpiece now and not the loudspeaker. Since the last update, they took out the option to use the loudspeaker so now there is no way of using skype for video calling
  • Wrong, it defaults video chats to Speaker and the option to change it is now a dedicated button as opposed to hiding it away in a menu... You can also change the Audio Routing options in the settings to automatically activate speaker when the phone detects it is away from your ear and earpiece when you cover the proximity sensor.
  • Wrong. There is no audio routing in settings. Source: Just opened the app on my phone right now
  • are you on Windows Insider Fast Ring?
  • I am but this is part of the Anniversary Update.
  • No. I am correct. Go to Settings -> search for Phone (not Phone Calls) -> Scroll to the bottom and select Audio Routing Options.
  • Coming soon...
  • Yes
  • When it went from Skype to Skype Preview on Windows 10 Mobile the video call quality took a massive dive, at least for me.
  • I had the opposite happen. My old Sype app had awful video call quality and the new app works great on my Lumia 640XL
  • Same here mr. Keith
  • Yep love the preview Skype. Superior to the 8.1 in performance and stability. Use skype on console occasionally.
  • It better have snap support or epic fail. Who wants to play a game and switch apps. Unnefficient.
  • UWP Xbox apps don't support snapping I'm afraid
  • Wait, seriously? Can't they just adapt the UI? Isn't that the whole point?
  • Yeah, that bugs me.
  • Somebody has to confirm this if this was the case. If it's really is, then geez, UWP is supposed to be adaptable and MS just forgot things that they themselves invented.
  • I have OS version 10.0.14393.1045 and don't see many of the apps you announce here (fx the Home automation app for Hue etc.). Is this because of my country or do one need to be in the Preview program for Xbox?
  • Its for your own good.
  • Must be preview only aye.
  • Ok thanks.
  • Will be interesting to see it on Xbox, hopefully the snapping features are improved over the current Skype app. I'll be trying it out straight away! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I still miss features/gestures with Kinect. I also miss gestures that my 1520 had like just put the phone to your ear to answer it or flip it over to silence the ringer. Gestures. We need gestures all around. Reminds me of a magic wand - just waive your hand and viola.
  • Home Remote was the app name, just looked it up. Besides Microsofts own few updated apps after AU, I only have about 30 apps in all.
  • It would be nice if they supported any USB webcam. Kinect is a poor proposition as an Xbox One S owner.
  • Do you really want MS having to bog down XboxOS any further by loading it down with 3rd party drivers - that are usually less than stellar in performance? It already takes my XboxOne 2-3 seconds to GoHome from OneGuide. No thank you. Use the excellent hardware they took damn good time to develop and integrate - even if it is with a dongle. Furthermore not every webcam is the same, they output different video resolutions and formats. Console's aren't just plug and play like PC's are, especially this generation. You're going to see this in play when it comes to VR. EDIT: and I say XboxOS because I believe there's still a hypervisor in use. Someone correct that part for me if im wrong.
  • Then maybe a new Skype Camera for Xbox, or a certification program; Kinect is clearly not being supported-- and if Kinect somehow remains the only answer then they need to cut the price. Posted from my Nexus 5X
  • There's this magical thing in Windows where *drivers aren't downloaded if you don't need them.*
  • I dont understand what the problem is with the sms/skype integration. When i had win 7 mobile sms, mms, messenger and msn (skype) was all in the sms app and it workt perfekt. Wy did the leave that?
  • If I remember correctly it was the problem of having to update the whole OS because it was integrated at the OS level. The speed at which FB for example updated their chat made it an inefficient way of doing things - hence why everything is its own app with 10. Even the alarm clock is a separate app, look at how many updates that alone has had this year alone.
    When Gmail dropped EAS (exchange active sync), that would've been a huge headache if it happened with wp7.
  • Skype and msn were not the same thing. Two separate services and MSN messenger is obviously gone now, they may have had some Integration but definitely different products. There wasn't skype integration in WP7
  • I believe he understood that but was giving context in that Skype ate MSN and we now do just call that service Skype (MSN contacts are still on Skype)
  • I hope they do a good job optimizing the interface for Xbox. UX is too important to be left behind.
  • Yeah! MS should be an example to make a great Xbox apps that actually consistent to the rest of Xbox UX from the Dashboard. What I'm afraid is to just release Skype as is then put controller bindings and done. They don't care if it takes several press of the button to get to the certain area because they only care to show that your Windows 10 apps is also available for Xbox. Idk if Microsoft even laid off their UX designers. Many things coming out from MS seems lack proper UI and UX considerations and just keep implementing stuff until it sticks.
  • They should allow video game streaming through a separate Skype app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I should have tipped this I saw it the other day
  • I hope they don't do a Twitter on it, like blocking defining functionality while providing impersonal content.
  • It doesn't matter if Skype is available on the Xbox One if people can't plug in a USB webcam to use with it!!! Not everyone has Kinect. The Xbox One S doesn't even have a Kinect port, and people might have much better webcams laying around than the Kinect itself. There are 3 USB ports on the Xbox One S. The hardware is running Windows 10. Why on earth can't I use my Logitech C930e or Cisco Precision HD web cameras to use the Xbox One S as a livingroom communication device? It would have been great... But it all relies on a device that isn't even supported on the newer consoles (the Kinect). Heck, I can't even find a standalone Kinect to buy anywhere, let a lone the USB dongle adapter that is required! The Kinect+Dongle almost costs the same as the entry-level Xbox One S also, which makes absolutely no sense.
  • Hey guess what? Beggars can't be choosers. When things start going wrong, who're you gonna blame? Certainly not Logitech and Cisco, you're going to blame Microsoft. "It works fine on my PC, why can't they make it work on my console?!" Newsflash, drivers. PCs are x86 and x64, Xbox is neither one of those. Drivers would have to be compiled BY THE MANUFACTURERS for XboxOne to function. I suppose you'll want to use your nice webcam while using continuum on your phone next. No. It doesn't work that way. USB spoiled people and made life convenient at the same time.
  • The Xbox One is infact based on a standard x86-64 AMD architecture, and it is running Windows 10.
    ​It is perfectly capable of using the exact same device drivers as your regular PC.
    ​And Skype without a camera is pointless when you're stuck with a Xbox controller with an on-screen keyboard. All of this wouldn't matter IF Microsoft sold and marketed an easily available web camera themselves for the Xbox One, or even if they made the Kinect easily available as a standalone purchase. But no, they're not. So if you buy a new Xbox One S - You will struggle with finding a Kinect to purchase in the first place, and good luck finding the USB dongle adapter as well, just to get video in Skype!

    ​So either support device drivers for 3rd party webcams OR at least put a decent standalone easily available webcam for purchase so that people can use the Skype functionality in their livingrooms. Cause without it - Skype is completely pointless. ​Regards a MCSE: Communications Senior Engineer which has had focus on Skype for Business and Lync technology for the last 5 years, and Cisco TelePresence collaboration solutions prior to that.    
  • "based on x86-x64" your own words make my argument. I rest my case. It's not. That. Simple.
    Have you ever heard of /s
    Omg they're so hard to find.... Oh look! A couple of links appeared! E-commerce is amazing isn't it? How about you put some of that brain and cash you have to use.
    C#, Swift, and Java dev
  • Do you really want to have drivers on Xbox One?
  • I think what Microsoft should do is encourage OEMs to compile apps for their Webcam using centennial or some other tool. That way, no registry files will get involved. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yes - I "still" use Skype on my Xbox One and I believe the combo xbox + kinect provides the best Skype experience ever! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Now the skype client can be updated even slower. I'm trying to use it for texting and I know it is new but it is a terrible way to manage text messages... Terrible... Slow to load, no swipe to delete thread, non standard people picker, you can't even enter multiple names without resetting cursor focus.
  • I wouldn't install Skype Preview on ANY device until they restore the Delete Chat/Conversation History and Never Save History features. It's ridiculous that they would leave out such basic but key features.