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Skype UWP app picks up new update for Windows 10 and Mobile

Microsoft recently let loose the new Skype Windows Store app for Windows 10 Mobile. Today, it's getting its first big update with a jump to build 11.7.79 up from the earlier 11.6.206 released a few weeks ago.

Build 11.7.79 does not bring too much in the way of new features, but there are a lot of smaller UI improvements. Also, improvements to reliability, calls, actionable notifications, and more are likely there as well.

The previous July changelog (opens in new tab) noted the following, but those are carryover and not new:

  • Bot directory
  • File sharing
  • PSTN Out/Skype Out
  • Connectivity and Status awareness, Troubleshooter, and Offline Mode
  • Proxy settings
  • Outgoing message status

There is still no sign of Messaging Everywhere, but the Skype team did mention that feature should be back "this summer". With the Anniversary update coming out next Tuesday it makes sense for the company to release one last release build with better stability.

Today's update is for PC and Mobile and is still only for those on the Anniversary Preview Update.

Let us know what you think of the new Skype UWP app in comments and whether they're meeting your expectations.

Thanks, snickler, for the tip!

Download Skype Preview from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: get skype

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  • It still kills the camera/flashlight on my spoofed 920. I either have to reboot the phone or disable the camera for Skype entirely in privacy settings to get it functioning again. :( Oh well.
  • This happen to me since ever on 535...
  • Last time I tried it the call volume on speaker was pretty low. Not sure if this is fixed.
  • so this is what happenes on the phone and camera and flashlight dont work? because of skype? :O
    i shall try it then and report a better feedback then and search for yours if you already submited one ^_^ 
  • Please! Support my report! Let's make some noise!
  • Here isn't place to make noise, report to skype
  • What report? *confused* I do not see a feedback hub link anywhere.
  • try to put a link, but seems corrupt.... :/ Upadte* Try this one:
  • how is that spoofed 920 doing
  • Besides manual brightness and glance not working, it's fantastic! The perfomance of Redstone alone is worth spoofing the 920. As much as I want glance (don't care for manual brightness) I can live without it. :)
  • oh so it actually works better than TH2.. amazing how ms trolls us, from what i understand your brightness still adjusts automatically just like before right? I don't remember the last time I changed manually... but glance sure is a huge loss, a reason why I keep my icon gathering dust
  • Yes, auto brightness still works.
  • Lumia Cyan Firmware broke my Lumia 925's Flash, it never worked again after that. I don't own it anymore
  • I'm still on WP 8.1 v on my unlocked 950 dual sim build 10586.494, and no updates on the store!
  • If you read the article, it states, in bold, that it's available to those who are running the Anniversary Update only. You are not running the Anniversary Update.
  • Same on my L532. Kills the camera driver until restart.
  • Trasparent live Tile still missing..everythg else looks good
  • Hope they're listening and make the tile transparent soon (and the taskbar icon, too!).
  • Summer has only 56 days left. If they intend to release to everyone, I would expect insiders get it earlier than that. They better hurry if they expect any valuable feedback that will help with their "summer" release.
  • They got all the feedback for Messaging Everywhere already. It's been in testing for months as a separate app. Now it's simply the same feature just merged into Skype. There is not much new people can say.
  • We know the platform works... but we also know that Skype is a heavier application than the texting app on the phone. I can't imagine it being good for casual texting. The testing regarding client responsiveness, usability, etc is in question, not the back-end synchronization and storage.
  • This can be tested with Skype app as it is, without SMS sync.
  • And while it has improved, it still sucks compared to the app that had Skype messaging integrated into the texting app. At least in terms of performance on the mobile device.
  • Can you show/tell me how to "Share" something to the Skype preview app like I can messaging or the many other apps? Not there currently. How can we test this critical client feature Fewer than 60 days and no insiders are testing basic functionality.
  • That is testing. Have you reported such feature missing via Feedback Hub? If you have, you've done testing.
  • yes, reported it as a missing feature.... but if the feature gets implemented, it has to be tested still with multiple applications capable of sharing, systems, devices, etc. Not many days of regression opportunity left to get that tested with insiders when it is to be released "this summer"
  • I wonder when this will drop the preview tag? It's pretty good and has come a long way. I thought it would take them quite a while to even get to this point but it's almost replaced Skype Desktop for me at this point. Wish the taskbar icon was a bit better, I'm sure they'll tighten that up soon.
  • Yea I'm quite happy with it on phone compared to the original skype app! Way more reliable and just that alone is worth it. I need the notifications, especially when I have skype for business users to keep in touch with!
  • Insiders have had it for a few weeks now.
  • 1. Still cannot remove conversation from Recent 2. Still cannot filter the contact i.e. Online/offline  
  • You can now set the App to show a Quick Status on your Mobile Lock Screen. Still cannot set it to show a Detailed Status.
  • Glad quick status is finally there though! Yay
  • It can now be added to the lock screen!
  • Can be added as a quick-status app now? Good find!
  • Yes!
  • I'm waiting until we get messaging everywhere again before I really mess with the app. For now, It's just installed on my phone. I know it will come soon enough, I'm just patiently waiting with excitement.
  • Waiting for the same, but not with excitement.
  • Still can't "Share" to the Skype preview app. Completely broken from the Windows sharing ecosystem. How can I share a photo, url link, store app, and more?
  • Agreed. It's useful to "share" photos, store links, contact attachments, etc. to "Messaging". Hopefully we'll get the ability to do this with Skype soon.
  • Its awesome!!
  • Ugh, that whole move to the tiny black circle Counter (as with Outlook Mail) over the older style looks so out of place, not to mention harder to see.
  • Provide feedback to MSFT, please. The more of us keep complainign about it the better the chance that they will listen and bring the old style counters back........
  • some c u next tuestday is androiding everything about windows in the UI department! 
  • PC can also do Translate.
  • Landscape is still kind of odd looking. Doesn't scale well on the 950. Really enjoy using this app though. Glad lock screen is finally here.
  • They added the ability to call contact's phone number using skype credit.
  • I'm just comtito say this website is boerlle on my PC. The performance is terrie.And y are what happen wolliwhile typing at al sp.I left them in so you can see frustratt use this websiteMicrosoft E without aAd-Blocker. ==== Translation (Pasted from Notepad, as it's the only way to type here): I'm just commenting to say this website is borderline useless on my PC. The performance is terrible, and these typos are what happen .... while typing at normal speed. I left them in so you can see how frustrating it is to use this website in Microsoft Edge without an Ad-Blocker. P.S. My compuer is not "slow" by any stretch of imagination. This website is just horrible. Do something about it. Once I scroll past a page or so, it's pretty compulsory that I completely close the tab out and try again to see if I can get further. The only way to get around this issue is to browse on OS X with a Content Blocker, or install another browser like Opera that blocks ads natively. I also *randomly* get the "sound" icon in the tab as if the tab was playing a video or audio ad. Are there hidden video ads on you guys' website? I don't hear anything, yet it pop up fairly consistently while on this site. That's not very good for battery life on a mobile device, eh?
  • Those symptoms that you are experiencing makes it seems as if your computer has a virus. I recommend running Windows Defender and also installing a free copy of Malware Bytes Anti-Malware software (avoid the Premium trial during setup) and run a full scan as well. I hope your computer/website experience improves.
  • 1.  There is no virus on that computer. 2.  The Web experience improved immediately by:  (a.) Running a browser other than Microsoft Edge, which includes AdBlock capability out of the box (or via a Add-On) - Opera or Chrome/Firefox with an AdBlock Plugin; or (b.) browsing the site via Safari on an iMac, with a Content Blocker installed; or (c.) never visiting a Mobile Nations website. The website also performs terribly on my Windows Tablet, my other Windows Notebook, and my roomate's Windows Notebook.  The other notebook literally hasn't been used since the day Windows 10 came out, and it was wiped out before I upgraded...  Not sure where this fictional virus would come from. The issue aren't the computers here. This *only* happens with mobile nations sites (WindowsCentral and iMore).  This doesn't happen on i.e. TheVerge (even without a Content/Ad Block), Engadget, ArsTechnica, etc. are all fine. Something about these Mobile Nations websites computer kills performance.  It's a 100% reproduceable issue on any PC or Windows Tablet in here, and using a non-Edge browser with Ad/Content Blocking is the only way to remedy it. How does any of that sound like a virus?  If the pages are loading invisible Audio/Video Ads that's not a PC issue, that's an issue with MobileNations and their advertisers.  I just want to know why it's happening. I don't have computer/website experience issues unless I come to these websites.  If I didn't know about WC or iMore, I'd not even know such a problem exists because no other site exhibits these symptoms...
  • I suspect website is on purpose horrible. Validates WC religion than people want to use apps on PC.
  • Nail it up!
  • This website's app is horribly sliw too and don't even get me started on how poor typing in the app is. Drropped letters and what not!
  • Yes, I touched on teh typing in my OP.  Look at the first part.  Thta's what the typing looked like in real time.  The rest I typed in Notepad and Copy-Pasted into the input field.  It's the only way to type on a PC using a browser without a Content/AdBlocker.  The rest of hte bloat of these sites completely overpowers your browser and leads to a horrific user experience.
  • You're not doing it right... =[
  • When will they release it to public?
  • This ha been getting updated every 2 or 3 days since it was released. Is this just the largest update so far?
  • This new version of Skype is just hyped! Looks cool and appears to be stable. Need I say more.
  • Waiting for transparent tile for about eternity. Is it really so hard to use your own idea and technology in your own product?
  • The app is still in beta so may be the app stability, features and bug fixes are their priority. So lets wait to comment on the cosmetic changes until the app exits the "preview" tag. In the mean time you can always use the feedback app to provide your suggestion.
  • No please. I hate those transparent tiles. Thus, there should be an option, like MS Health has
  • Skype is redundant, the second Messenger gets video calling I am deleting Skype...
  • Messenger has Video Calling. I agree with you Skype mind as well not exist anymore.  The only reason to use it is to call landlines... Microsoft killed their consumer messaging chances when they: 1.  Severed the Link between Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger:  That was likely keeping both of those services viable, as it allowed a ton of PC users to continue to communicate without caring much about what ecosystem the other was in, what app they used, or what kind of phone they had, etc. 2.  Killing Windows Live Messenger:  Most people didn't go to Skype, they went to Facebook. 2A.  Killing WLM and severing that integration likely had a lot to do with Yahoo! Messenger dying off.  Over half of my WLM contacts were Yahoo! Messenger users.  After they severed the link, I basically couldn't IM them.  Then killing WLM meant that what WLM buffies I had left, almost unanimously went to Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and Google Talk. Google Talk users went to Facebook in drove when Google Dropped Talk and moved to Hangouts, which was Google+ dependent - particularly when Google Talk was removed as a preload on Android devices). Basically, while everyone else plays musical chairs with thier messaging strategies, Facebook got all of the abandoned users, which basically made it that much harder to ignore it as a Messaging platform.  It's why they put so much effort into improving Messenger, and it's quite amazing these days - both the service and the software (at least on iOS an Android).
  • Not on Windows it doesnt... And Im talking about Windows. And I don't care much about other chat platforms. I use Messenger, WhatsApp and VK and its already too many. I have only one person on Skype who just doesnt want to use Facebook, so he stays there...
  • last time I've checked the new skype uwp had landscape issues when calling. also the overall design of the app looks horrible, looks like a garage app made by a kid.
  • Meanwhile come October 90% of Windows phones users will be out of Skype.
  • So those users should update their phones....
  • Still waiting for gestures beta to come back, I loved placing my phone on the table and the speaker phone can on automatically, sighs great feature Microsoft brought to 8.1. Can't believe it's still not there in windows 10
  • In W10M RS1, you can set the option to use the speaker when you remove the phone from you ear. It is under audio routing.
  • Holy crap thank you I had no idea that was there
  • Anyone else having issues with video calls sound only coming through the earphone and not speaker phone...?
  • By default it does that. You select the three dotted line while in a call and switch to speaker..
  • I am not able to get the skype uwp app on my lumia 640. The problem is i download and install it but still the app appears like old app like for windows 8.1, dont whats the matter with it. Somebone plz reply back with a solution.
  • If you are not running Redstone Build aka Anniversary Update Preview, you will not get the new skype build but the 8.1 app instead.
  • I Can't see how this app is any better yet while i can't toggle to see only who is online specially when i have many users on my skype list and also that it dones't actually work, I'm online, the bots are online, it has connected and yet every person is offline unless you have a mobile number then there is an arrow next to your name. Surely these two things, specially the simple only see who's online should of been there from the start or this "Big" update..
  • It's not even out of preview bro... Calm down...
  • I want that wallpaper. Can anybody help me???? Please....
  • For some reason I can't install the latest version. All I have is the 8.1 version i just uninstalled. The link in the article redirects me back to the 8.1 app. Guess I should wait for the anniversary update and fresh install
  • Are you on an Insider Build? You need to be at the moment to get this preview UWP app
  • I'm an insider. Maybe I need AU to run it? Slow ring .14373
  • Guys, Skype works for me only over Wi-Fi, never worked on mobile data !! Am i the only one facing this problem ?!!
  • Sorry I can't help with a solution but can confirm it's working perfectly fine over mobile data for me.
  • I may be missing a crucial part of this.. When I go to download the skype preview and open it, it seems to just be the "get skype" app and only allows me to link to the windows installer on Is this only for people in windows insider?
  • Yep, it's only for people running the Windows Insider Builds of Windows 10 right now.
  • ahhh I see. Guess I'll have to sign back up then ;)
  • Skype for PC also was updated to 7.26
    But the app to pc call still took almost 30 sec to show up on my pc as an incomming call. (Got 2 accounts, Office and work)
  • Update not yet available. Lumia 930 RS1 Italy
  • Wish I had a lot of friends who uses Skype. :-l
  • About the massaging everywhere, is the feature only for Windows Phone users? Or for everyone using skype?
  • It think it will be for everyone using Skype. I think it's the main reason why they put messaging everywhere on Skype instead of messaging.
  • Yes they are giving away all Windows Phone unique features. I think they have gave up on Windows 10 Mobile.
  • Camera features also
  • I so far do not like it. Not due to design or layout or even how it works as a messenger. Just how unreliable messages sync is and how my contacts remain offline; only way to restore them and get messages sometimes is to sign out and back in.  If they get this and some other small issues fixed then this is by far a win for the skype world.
  • Something went wrong. Try again.
  • This update fixed an issue I had with bots on PC. They wouldn't respond right away to my PC devices but if I sent a message from PC the response would come straight back to my Lumia 950 - Working really well now. On mobile I do think this is very quickly becoming / maybe already is the IMO the best mobile version of Skype, the experience has been fantastic on my L950 and Messaging Everywhere will only make it better (I'll mainly use that to send SMS when I'm on PC and use the normal Messaging app on Mobile when I just want to send an SMS from there, but that will literally be only at times that I'm not sitting at a PC)
  • Can you guys tell me if I can use skype on windows phone 8.1 after it has officially announced to kill support for this OS version I mean it wont give any future updates right but can I still be able to use it normally like I used to do earlier? Please reply
  • I believe we'll get more news the closer we are to the date of support ending.
  • I faced some technical problems while using Skype today so this was first thing that came to my mind.
  • The 8.1 version of the App has been really buggy over the last few months, due to a severe lack of updates.
  • Yes its true but still the app is usable and although there are many video calling apps available I think this one's the most reliable and secure name used worldwide.