Skype preview for Windows 10 updated with dark theme and multiple account support

A new update is rolling out to the preview version of the UWP Skype app for Windows 10, with a couple of nifty new features tagging along. The update, which bumps the app up from version 11.3.119 to, finally brings a new dark theme, along with the ability to swap between multiple accounts. You can check out a shot of the dark theme in action, along with some various minor UI tweaks in the screenshot below.

This update was originally intended to head out the door for Windows Insiders last week, as noted by Microsoft, but it seems it was delayed for one reason or another. Still, if you're a Windows Insider on preview build 14342, you should now be able to update the app through the Windows Store to check out the new dark theme and account switching feature.

And if you're curious about when you can expect a release on Mobile, Microsoft previously stated that a built should land sometime in June.

Download Skype from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hmm, seems faster :)
  • Seems darker, to me...
  • I'm here just to show appreciation for Mr. Rubino's Skype pic. :P Posted from Bikini Bottom via my Pineapple PineBook XPS 13"
  • So classy.
  • Nice! I like it even though the window actions (minimize, maximize and close) are somewhat... uhm.. hidden :P
  • I think that is issue like red back button (when you are on settings page). At least it is possible to se all option in selectboxes. previously text was black on black background. UPD. Interesting: they are visible when UWP Skype window is inactive
  • Looks Awsome!
  • Ha, I was trying to figure out why I wasn't getting updates to the Preview Builds of Skype, to find out I needed to keep the Get Skype app. I uninstalled this every time my computer updates to a new build not knowing that's how they updated this. Just posting these just incase anyone else didn't know.
  • When at mobile
  • Unfortunately only in "June timeframe"
  • So nice.
  • I seems so much better. I had it a few hours ago
  • Very cool I like it
  • It looks like that gross, ancient Windows high contrast theme. Thank God it's optional. :D
  • So if my settings on pc are light it will be light and on dark it goes dark! 
    but a setting inside the app would be good like the edge, (My default , light , dark) so people dont complain well i am sure it will happen :D
  • yeah, agree an app setting would be nice. maybe it'll still show up later.
  • Can´t wait to get this and FB Messenger on mobile ..
  • Me too, tired of waiting Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Love the new color scheme, very very nice.
  • any chance they make this thing RS1 exclusive?
  • I liked skype better when it was tied into messaging which had reply in notification banner or in notification center. Plus never need to open the app.
  • Omg I miss it so much...
  • I thought they were hinting at keeping that model, but moving it out of the messenging and into the skype app. For instance, instead of messaging being "messaging + skype", skype is going to be "skype + messenging". This way they get more regular updates and can bring the integrated discussions cross platform. I really hope thats where they're going because I'm really wanting that integrated experience back.
  • Could someone tell em how to turn on dark theme only got multiaccount support nothing or don't know how to turn on dark theme :(??
  • Nevermind turn on dark theme in settings...
  • Personalize, colors, then choose app mode near the bottom
  • Im on skype on my pc and i dont see personalize or any settings like this why not?
  • Border colors dont match. You got blue, white, then green. What a mess.
  • I think they will implement read recipts and all after whatsapp releases Video Calling and then they will cry about loosing market
  • How to add another account? I can't find this option.
  • Me too, i can't use another account.
  • sub.
  • Dont see it
  • So by "multiple", you mean "single", right? Because those are kind of opposites. Why even mention a feature that should be assumed to be standard (since EVERY other version of Skype has it), particularly when the lack of multiple-user support is one of the only differentiating factors between this and the other (usable) versions? Pro tip: being able to sign out of the account and then only back into the same account because the account box is grayed out is NOT multiple-account support. Did you guys actually test this app for more than one of the whopping two features in the title?