Skype for Windows 10 Mobile to add group video calling support soon

Microsoft is planning to add group calling features to its Skype mobile apps in the near future. That includes the Windows 10 Mobile, Android and iOS versions.

Microsoft says the group video call updates will be released sometime in the coming weeks, but people who are interested in trying out the feature early can pre-register on Microsoft's site. There's no word on when those early previews will begin.

Microsoft is also celebrating Skype's 10th anniversary and talked about how much it has grown in the past decade:

"A lot has changed since 2006 when Skype was only available on computers. Now, over 750 million people have downloaded Skype on their Windows Phone, Android device, iPhone and iPad, meaning that Skype is one of the most popular free apps ever on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store. You can now use Skype on,, Xbox, Windows 10 Mobile and collaborate on Office Web Apps. We've also brought you other ways to enjoy video with video messaging, real-time speech and instant message translation and group video calling – where we've seen a 10x growth in less than 2 years."

Pre-register for Skype's group video calling update{.cta .large}

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

  • That's nice.
  • Wow...finally
  • I still can't use my old skype group chat in this app. All other chats yes. Something about it being p2p I think. All I know it just doesn't work and others do. :(
  • Yeah that is Nice... Just like google hangouts... last time I used it was on my last Android phone couple of years ago before I "upgraded" to WP... It's nice to reinvent the wheel rather than being creative..
  • Technically speaking then, MSN Messenger had it before Hangouts.
  • Something tells me ios will get it before us WP users...
  • I don't think Windows Phone is getting it...Article says Windows 10 Mobile so sounds like within the Skype Video app and not the Skype Windows Phone app from previous versions of the OS
  • They just did!
  • Need ability to call skype to phone.
  • @Tom Amey:
    You don't expect it to be available and working on Windows 10 Mobile before 2021 (given Skype's history of neglecting Windows)?!
  • Signed up!
  • I'm about to sign up now!
  • I can wait for new features..they should Make the app usable first.. It's stable.. But still lags... Anyways.. I hope group video call update will also bring performance upgrade... Fingers crossed..
  • I signed up as well. We have weekly skype calls with a mixture of Xbox One and PC users so that everyone can get in on the group video call. For years, the phone participants have had to be audio only as they couldn't use the group video calling option. This will be fantastic if we can have a group video call with PC, Xbox One and Phone users at the same time! No one should have to not be able to see each other just because there are more than 2 people on the video call. Even if it is phone to phone only group video calling, that is a huge improvement.
  • me too but I don't even know if I would ever use it really
  • Great news! Was wondering why Group Video wasn't a thing on WM yet.
  • Because MS do it for iOS first, than Android, than Windows 10 PCs, than Xbox than Web than W10M
  • Except that Skype group video calling isn't available on any mobile platform...nice try though.
  • Rather lame try IMO
  • Very lame try IMO
  • Group video has been availalbe on Skype for Xbox One since 2013.
  • I can't do that, how do you do?
  • If anyone thinks we will get this at the same time as iOS or android is living in a dream. It will be months down the line.
  • "Coming soon"
  • My wish in 2016 :To get reply from Daniel.Huge fan of him :)
  • :) yes, you will get.
  • :D
  • He probably has you marked as "never fulfill Messidona's wish by replying to him" now. :P
  • Daniel sometimes looks like Joe Belfiore.
  • I don't think so. Dan is a unique personality.
  • Personality and looks are two different things you know. ;)
  • Thank to acknowledge me. ;)
  • Signed up
  • Honestly, goup video calling is near the bottom of my wishlist for Skype on Windows 10 mobile (and tablets). How about file attachment support? Photo sharing? And all the other missing features... Having to open up the old Skype for Windows Phone 8 app to share a photo is getting rather ridiculous. It's not like the messaging app doesn't support inserting photos, it works fine in MMS messages.
  • These are my biggest requests too, and also for Toast notifications to be working on PC. In general as a developer and user I also want to see the ability to change the taskbar icon to indicate there is a new message to read - As far as I know there is no API to enable this so far.
  • Stop using goddamn skype. Get discord. Its better, works better, more features, chatrooms, channels and instant transition between voice chat when switching from app to desktop app or to browser :)
    Ditch skype. Discord is the future
  • Discord not available for Windows Phone/Mobile. Obviously.
  • Yup, iOS first, Android First. Than W10M
  • "than" think you mean "then" ;)
  • Awesome
  • Pardon me for asking wrong question:Cannot hide navigation bar in L730 when i m using Windows Central ,any help
  • forums
  • It's a problem with apps that have not been optimized for W10 mobile but I think it will be fixed along the way.
  • Hello? Voicemail on the mobile app? iOs has had that for YEARS, yet it's still not included in a native app on windows unless you have the desktop program. MS... You listening? ...Crickets...
  • They need to improve the core apps like messaging and Outlook mail, You cant send attachments through skype messaging :(
  • Stop whining, say screw skype and come over to discord buddy :)
  • ill trade that for status online,offline,away indicator in new Skype App....
  • Really hope they will be implementing some major performance improvements or else this will be craptastic. As it is I've never had a Skype video call on mobile that looked as good as a Facetime call.
  • Is the Skype app better on w10m than the desktop? The messages app refused to let me video chat, had to download the desktop Skype on my SP4. (Skype app on my iPod works just fine. Go figure)
  • How about first they let you do something simple like adding multiple attachments at once, something you'd expect from the most basic mobile app. The skype app is truly pathetic, oh and lets not even mention skype integration in the messaging app where you can't add ANY attachments.
  • Discord is your instant solution ;)
  • I hope they include this ib the build in app
  • I want to be able to share pictures through the Windows 10 app... I really want to abandon the old app because of the battery drain it causes
  • Discord
  • How about allowing you to enter someone's number/id/email/username to initiate a message or call?
  • How to delete the call history on the skype video app?
  • Group video calling?! What about basic features like calling a number I enter... or being able to attach files in chat.. Geez, these guys.
  • What I want is Microsoft to re-release group video message on skype like back in the days they allowed us to do it but then they took it out from us :'(
  • Finally
  • Yet we can't send pictures to skype contacts or see them from within the messaging app :/
  • 10x growth? Wow. Didn't expect that
  • Yeah :D that was before discord. Because now theres discord, doing everything better then skype, has a browser version with instant transition when switching from browser voice chat to app voice chat and having so much to offer and no issues . Skype only has video calls left and even that is broken.
    Yeah I don't really see why ppl still are using skype. is the future !
  • More interested in being able to view and send photos, but this will be cool too. Hopefully it won't kill the battery too badly.
  • So we can't do group chats yet, we can't send files, and on the computer, I can't even start a call properly at the first try since the camera won't turn on. But we can do group video calls, which is nice.
  • Anyone else submit that 20 min survey questionnaire from Skype? It covered a huge list of new possible features including group video
  • they need to fixed app first in windows 10 is slow and lacks a lot of basic features like you can't see if someone is online...
  • Make it a stable app also hell of bugs
  • Its a stable app, :D just not on windows >.>
  • Still waiting for windows 10 mobile?!
  • Huh? Group video call? Ain't nobody got tine for that if the most basic feature of skype is still missing: Where's the audio call? I'm talking about "skype" (in quotes) on "microsoft phone" app on windows 10 PC. Get your priority straight, microsoft.
  • Dude. Stop complaining and get discord. best voice chat program ever, being revolutionary and available across pc app, browser and app on mobile devices. You'll love it ;)
  • Thanks, that's a nice alternative. Now the problem is how to convince all my friends to switch, haha
  • "Soon", one year later and still nothing, Thanks MS!!!  no wonder your phone OS can't gain any market share.