Skype for Windows Phone 8 finally gets Video Messaging in latest update

Skype app for Windows Phone 8, which was bumped to version this morning. The latest update brings along with it some substantive changes, including the previously missing Video messaging.

Video messaging was introduced by Skype earlier this summer and it quickly landed on their iOS and Android clients. Windows Phone though, despite receiving numerous updates since, was left on the side with an IOU from the Skype team. Up until today, Windows Phone 8 users were only able to view Video messages, but now they can also record and send them for free.

Skype version changes

  • Video messaging – Record life’s everyday moments and share them with the people who matter most, with free and unlimited video messaging over Skype.
  • General fixes and speed improvements.

As noted above, users can also expect the usual bug fixes and speed improvements.

Windows Phone 8 users can head to the Store right now and pick up Skype version with Video messaging by clicking this link or scanning the QR code below. Thanks, Matt C., for the tip!

QR: skype

Daniel Rubino

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  • Finally, now If they could update wp7.x also that would be great :)
  • forget about wp7.x. They killed it. I got a lumia 920 few weeks ago (came from htc titan) and it´s a totally different phone with a new set of features and apps. Soon as you start using it you will realize how dead wp7.x was.
  • I know they killed it but it's one thing not to develope or upgrade OS and completly another to kill the app support as well. I knew they would stop on WP7.8 and was ok with it as long as there is at least some development support atleast in terms of 40 most popular apps to be upgraded for at least a year or 2. 
    Not upgrading F-ing Skype for WP7.x is a disgrace and slap in the face for all of us early adopters. 
    I've had Samung omnia 7, and late 2012 bought 2 Lumia 900s (one for myself and one for my girlfriend), now I'm basicly forced to move from that to WP8 wich sux.
    But anyway just ordered Samsung Ativ S , but only because it was too sweet of a deal to pass(200 euros for a new sim-unlocked inernational version plus free shipping)... thank you Samsung and
  • Not having a video messaging feature for all of one app that isn't a core feature of the phone is hardly "killing the os", nor do they owe you Skype at all for that matter. People really need to stop bitching and moaning. WP7 was left behind ages ago- you should have left the platform then. I don't understand why anyone with wp7 and no means to upgrade subscribes to news about a different operating system and then demands theirs be supported. Just... Don't look at these articles. My father has WP7. He still loves his phone.
  • They bought the phones, thinking they'll get OS and app support. Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing the OS on their phones dead. The list they can do is update the apps for it as long as there are WP7 handsets out there. I don't understand people like you. You feel like the users are the ones who owe Microsoft something. All those people who bought WP7 a year and a half ago could have very easily bough an iPhone, and they could have very easily updated to a recent version fo the OS, and they could have just as easily enjoyed almost all the newest apps that come out today. An iPhone 4 or 4S could update to iOS 7 and have all the features save 2 or 3. They could certainly use the latest updates to Skype. Isn't it a problem to you, that Microsoft's latest mobile OS just gets "parity" with others on Skype, while Microsoft owns Skype?! And then doesn't it seem weird that Microsoft left their users behind, users who trusted them, and now if one of them asks for an app update they get such a response as "Microsoft doesn't owe you Skype"?! Well of course not, but next time, maybe he jumps to a platform whose owners feel they do owe their users something as trivial as an app update. An app that belongs to the same entity who owns the platform, mind you. This is called competition, and with your mentality, Microsoft is going to lose the competition.
    People like you, with your low expectation and sheep mentality, are making Microsoft lazy. And you call yourselves "fans" of Microsoft. Sheep aren't fans. Sheep are sheep.
  • I agree. Tired of this shit. I dont want to upgrade to Windows Phone 8 after the bs they pulled with 7.x users.
  • I agree with you completly.
    I don't expect miracles for WP7.x I just expect to be able to use it normaly, at least support apps like Skype and Facebook, that's the least they can do. I still love my lumia 900 but I made a mistake and merged my MS account with Skype acc, only to find out that my WP7 Skype app doesnt support MS accounts, of course the one on my iPad worked and also on my friends android. It's things like this that make me very unsattisfied customer, and if it wasn't for sweet Samsung Ativ S deal I would probably go Android even though I hate it and really dislike google. 
  • MS screwed up by half heartedly updating WM6, creating a sort of "proof of concept" aka WP7. Then they got their shit together and made WP8. The technical reasoning behind dropping support for wp7 devices is for the benefit of the product and therefore customers, but of course no one can wrap their mind around that. The hardware of wp7 devices CANNOT RUN the new OS. It doesn't make sense to continue support for wp7 at all, and they've given you untill 2014. Does it suck that something people invested a small portion of money into is no longer receiving the latest updates? Yes. Have they had OVER A YEAR to get over it and stop bitching? Also yes. We've known this forever. To continue to be complaining is bitching. Soon we'll get meta and bitching about bitching will be a thing. Edit- and "making Microsoft lazy"? By demanding they waste even more of their already clearly limited time/interest in supporting older, outdated versions? Give me a break.
  • There is a difference between OS updates and app updates. While I think most people understand the reasoning in not updating OS the problem is the app support.
    There is just no reason not to support your own apps if people are using them. If there is small user base dedicate at least one or 2 people to at least fix the app so your users can log in to it and use it.
    And anybody who is saying that that shit is too expensive is an idiot. Why ? Simple economics that's why. Why the f. would you piss away 40% of your WP user base by not fixing the simplest problems. That's idiotic and things like that pushed people away from this platform.
  • I said "the least they can do is update the apps". I didn't say people now want WP8 on their older phones. They have accepted this much.
    That's the thing: you should threathen Microsoft to pull their sh*t together, and assign 50 more people to WP. "limited time/interest" is the problem. Why aren't they fully involved in this?! Having no "interest" is a good excuse to you? If they have no real interest in the mobile industry, well, they should know they are going to lose the consumer market.
    Your argument brings us to this question: what's the reason for us not to believe that Windows Phone in general is something they don't really care about? They pulled that sh*t with WP7, then they refuse to bring basic features to the platform 2 years later, and Belfiore's reasoning is that "we should focus on bringing WP to more people" which means you have to tolerate not having 2 separate volumes on your phones - TWO F*CKING SEPARATE VOLUMES, FEATUREPHONES OF 2005 HAVE THIS - because they need to make the OS support FullHD.
    If they want users, they should do better than this. Users can't wait forever. They shouldn't pay the price of MS laziness because they are fans of the company. This is no way to treat your fans. And as long as those fans comply with ridiculous reasons and don't make themselves heard, this company will continue its downward trajectory in the consumer market.
  • Because somebody has to mention this:
    It was a really tough decision for MS. They wanted to make WP8 the same kernel as Windows 8, and by that, no upgrade from WP7 to WP8 is possible because of the different architectue. The old one was sacrificed so developers could port apps between WP and Windows more easily. But they knew about all their faithful WP7 users, so they even brought the most important features of WP8 (the start screen for example) to WP7. And they made many apps still supporting WP7, which is quite hard for developers because of the different architecture. Microsoft is making updates to add new features and listen to user feedback, just look at Windows 8.1. MS will do the same with WP (WP 8.1...). And I would say when WP9 comes out, WP8 users will have the possibility to upgrade, and WP10, and WP11, just like Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windoes 8 and Windows 8 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 9.
  • Exactly. I dont understand why people dont just get that. I suspect lots of these so called "WP7 users" don't even have WP, they are Android pranksters trolling.
    Most people change up their phone at their contract anniversary anyway. 18mnths or 2 years.
    MS agonised deciding to swap CE for RT core. But as you say it was a price worth paying for easy porting betwen Windows and Windows Phone. As a developer this makes total sense.
    They will make the platforms even closer with Blue.
    Moot point, Its a done deal. Its over. If some people feel crapped on, then join the line with people who buy an Apple Mac only for it to be replaced 2 months down the line. Same for cars. Manufacturers update their products, its the world we live in. No use worrying about it.
  • Apps. We are talking about apps here. MS fans understand the reasoning behind why the first adopters can't upgrade their OS. But that has nothing to do with MS generally screwing with their current user base. They are not doing good enough.
  • You have some valid points. Certainly the customer owes Microsoft nothing, and it isn't in the least bit surprising that they would demand equivalent updates on equipment that isn't even two years old.
    However, there's a huge point you seem to be missing.
    Microsoft is a business.
    Shocking, I know. So, now that we've let that cat out of the bag, let's look at the situation from a business standpoint.
    - Windows Phone 7 is for all intents and purposes, a dead OS. Like it or not, it is built on ancient infrastructure which has long been abandoned by all other Microsoft OS'es.
    - The fact that WP7 was built on old infrastructure and not NT means that maintaining equivalent application and software support for it as compared to WP8 is likely a costly venture.
    - Market penetration of WP7 was unimpressive. This means that, while you are correct in that upset early adopters could swap sides, loss of existing customer base wouldn't have a huge impact in Microsoft's overall market penetration.
    - Early adopters are likely committed to the platform and won't jump ship anyway.
    In the end, while it isn't philosophically comforting, I believe it comes down to calculated risk. Does the investment of maintaining support for WP7 in parallel to WP8 offer much in the way of rewards for MS? No. Does the risk of losing the WP7 customer base ouweigh the cost of support? MS doesn't seem to think so.
    Also, in the defense of the original comment(er), I don't think he was beeing a "sheep" who is saying that customers owe Microsoft. I simply believe he is tired of users who won't admit that, as unfortunate as it may be, they bought a dead product and keep crying out for support. This isn't novel nor exclusive to Microsoft. It's the real world. Shit happens.
  • This is such a weird post. Everyone knows all of that stuff.
    The point is: it's really bad customer service. Why bother derailing the conversation by saying that they're a business and people make mistakes? We know all that; it's just irrelevant. This is a consumer-manufacturer relationship in which the manufacturer has all the power, so when they do badly it's totally normal to talk about it. Coming in with condescending stuff about the manufacturer being a business is totally pointless.
    The question isn't: how does my comment make the manufacturer feel? It's: why aren't they doing better for me, the consumer?
  • You looked at it from a business perspective, but you are missin the main business point here:
    Following your rationale, we should really advise people buying phones to ignore WP. WP will, for a long time, have small market share so Microsoft would have an easier time screwing those users over. So people should go ahead, logically, and buy something else so that they can get the support they deserve and Microsoft has shown that they are not giving it to them. Going with another OS is obviously less risky. And this is exactly what phone resellers are doing: They say this OS has no apps, and has no real support. Does it still look like a good business decision to you, considering the fact that users aren't even asking for OS updates anymore, they are sking for updates to the core apps that were supposed to be on their devices, namely Skype! Does it really cost that much to keep supporting less than 15 apps, for a money giant like Microsoft?!
    Microsoft and you, are both missing the ABC's of business: you should create trust among your customers. You think ignoring WP7 users is "worth it" somehow? No, it leads to me, and others, seeing how easily Microsoft screws their users over and that's how you create a bad image for your company. It is obviously a bad decision. Maybe they shouldn't have based their new OS on old tech, but that was their decision and THEY should have to live with it. Microsoft is still bleeding money over Xbox, a product in a category that only has two major players, and Microsoft is one of them. Now paying to support a 2 year old OS is considered a bad business decision when you are attempting to force your way into the market?! You are just plain wrong here.
    Ever wonder why 2 years later Nokia is providing substantial support and updates for an OS as dead as Symbian? How does Nokia's image compare to that of Microsoft? Which company would you trust more? And that's why I am not happy about the Nokia/Microsoft merger either. Microsoft's conduc could prove to be at least a bad influence.
    You get the point.
  • I will try not to repet what AgentTheGreat already said.  But I agree with him.
    As a bussines owner I can tell you that Microsofts whole mobile strategy is text book example on doing it wrong.
    It started with windows mobile, they poured resources and a lot of money into it and took around 10% of the smartphone market, than they made a "strategic" decision to kill it and lost that. Made WP7, again poured resources and money into it, gained around 5% of the market and then again made the "strategic" decision to kill it. 
    Screwing customers and partners over, starting from scratch every few years and throwing money at it isnt' viable bussines strategy no matter how you paint it.
    Instead of building thrust, continuity, gaining traction and building on it, you create confusion, distrust, and piss off partners, and customers.
  • Actually, they do care about WP 7.x If they didn't then wouldn't have released Facebook Beta for WP 7.x recently.
  • Enjoy!
  • Expecting Microsoft to spend as much resource on WP7 as they do on 8 is ridiculous. I expect they will update it, but not as quickly as they do WP8 version.
  • I don't expect them to spend as much resource on WP7 as they do on 8 lol I'm not an idiot. The thing is that I think they don't spend resources on WP7 at all and that's what's bothering me. For more than a year there wasn't even 1 update for Skype on WP7, and that by itself is redicolous. Viber is updated, whatsapp as well even twitter and facebook, but Skype 0 support. 
    I would be perfectly fine if they did with Skype what they did with facebook. So make wp8 app and then 6 months or something later we get wp7 app that is at least similar to the wp8 app. 
    But common guys Skype for WP7 doesnt have even the basics.
  • Does Skype still work for wp7? If so, what's to update? I'm pretty sure there are three guys running the WP department and they cant/shouldnt waste time on the old OS.
  • That's the thing if you merged your skype acc with your microsoft acc then you can't use Skype for WP7 at all because it doesn't want to log in at all. Other thing is if viber, whatsapp,facebook,twitter all have some way of running in the background and pushing notifications why in hell skype doesn't it's clearly possible.
    I mean I'm asking for bare minimum here, not some super skype app or big OS update.
    P.s. Sometimes I really think that there is like 3 or 4 guys that are developing for wp platform and like 10X more for android, and then 10X more for iOS wich is ironic because you would expect the best skype experience from their own platform, not competitors. Also there just isn't excuse anymore, too much time passed, if they were willing they would make decent WP8 and WP7.x Skype app.
    Sry for mistakes English is not my first language.
  • Then upgrade to a Lumia 620. Its about 150 dollars, cheap as chips, solid phone. If it matters that much, UPGRADE! Otherwise, stop moaning. Its legacy. Even Windows Phone 8 is one year old now.
  • Microsoft is the one working on Facebook so they actually recently threw in WP 7.x support for the beta version.
  • off topic, but you will love your samsung ativ s!
  • I really hope so. I've seen it and played with it for a short while on one Microsoft conference and like it, but not as much as my Lumia 900. I don't know why but I really love the Lumia 900 design
  • So true, we've stuck with since July 2012 (!). And it's a MS application...
  • Would be great too if toast/alerts worked as well when someone messages or calls
  • It does.  If it doesn't, try this:
    - Uninstall
    - Install, sign in and then leave it open 5 minutes then close.
    If notifications still don't work, follow this
    Note, it is possible for a bad app to be installed on WP that prevents ALL apps from updating tiles/notifications.  Only fix for that is hard reset or uninstall/upgrade that bad app.  I had this recently and nothing worked for a couple of weeks until the app updated.  I think Nokia App Social may be one app that caused that for me.
  • Yeah, they don't work properly, even if you have ticked the option "Keep Wi-Fi ON when the screens times out".
  • You don't need that to make it work.  Follow directions posted.
  • Great tips, thanks!
  • Skype was working fine until os update on lumia 920.
  • Sweet!
  • Good step, but still needs more.
  • Great
  • anyone know where the option to leave a video is?
  • In a conversation, tap the + button
  • Perfect. Thanks
  • ...but chat in landscape mode still missing...
  • Will you really use chat in landscape mode?
  • Yes.  There are a few of us left in the world.  We call ourselves the landscapers.  We chat in landscape mode. Sometimes we cut grass, but mostly chat in landscape mode.
  • Lol
  • Sometimes it's easier to bang it out in landscape mode.
  • That's what she said.
  • XD
  • of course i'will,same as other chat,sms,mail apps...for me it's much easier...
  • Yay! ... even though I have to admit to not using Skype. I want to, but the experiences thus far have been rather unsatisfying, in a seems overcompliated compared to how I intuitively expecte it to work. And then there is that whole merge vs don't merge account mess... [sigh]
  • Is it just me or is the video quality in Skype on a windows phone worse than on an iPhone. When I Skype with my family their picture quality is way better.
  • +1
    When I talk to an iFriend I can see much more better quality than that from a NL 920 user.
  • That's not the case for me, maybe this update will help you out.
  • Its only an issue if my WiFi signal is bad or if I'm not on LTE. Otherwise the picture is perfect.
  • It could be the front facing camera that's the problem. The front facing camera on the iPhone definitely does better in low light.
  • Yawn. Still no file sharing.
  • Hiccup. Who cares.
  • File sharing would nice then i could stop using whatsapp. Skype doesn't hammer my battery nearly as much as whatsapp when im running it... Weird battery usage on that app.
  • I care. It's very annoying when I'm messaging someone on Skype and I want to show them a picture, but I can't through there and I have to email it to them instead and have them check their email messages for that picture, thus taking me out from the Skype experience.
    The fact that WP8 is the only platform that does not support file sharing is ridiculous (even the Windows 8 version got there faster!).
  • I would love the ability to atleast share a picture just like I can from my iPad mini.
  • They don't care :)
  • There is no and never will be a file explorer... Microsoft and WP-fan-boys believe that everyone (not just them) don't need it.
    Without a file explorer, how can you expect they will impelement a file sharing?
  • Share an image?
  • Get out of here troll. Just cuz one person said, he speaks for everyone?
  • I don't see apps like WhatsApp having any trouble using the file picker, so why should Skype have problems implementing it as well?
  • This isn't about a "file explorer". This is about attaching a picture file to a chat. I'd also like to the ability to attach a document.
  • "File sharing" and "Picture sharing" are two different things. Why do you mix them up?
    A picture sharing is implementable, but it's not enough for whom wants all-kind-of-files sharing.
  • Cant you share using SkyDrive then?
  • No file sharing... Does it take AGES to implement that simple feature?
  • I would like to know when Skype will be integrated with "People Hub" and also has file sharing.
  • I would guess that full skype integration will be part of WP 8.1.
  • How many years do we have to wait for that to happen? I even thought before that Skype would be integrated into WP8 but didn't happen.
  • 2022
  • I've been waiting for that too.  It was promised when WP8 was announced.  A year later and still no integration.  But, yes I do believe it'll be in WP8.1 since Windows 8.1 also ditches the Messenger App and will use Skype integrated into the OS.  Hopefully then we'll see smooth usage across platforms.
  • About time
  • Its really annoying, video massege came, but still not file sharing, image sharing is so needed, plz Skype bring image sharing soon
  • Coooooooollll!!! I bet this will be a better version thn the android or ios
  • Interesting, I had figured there wouldn't be any updates to Skype until 8.1.
  • Nevermind... the picture from the website just differs with what I got in my cel..
    Feature ok.
  • Select your contact. Press the "+" sign, select 'video message'...
    To everyone, is it by design not to have audio in video messaging or am I the only one without audio in my VM's?
     Using this version of Skype on Lumia 920
  • I'm waiting for the ability to send regular attachments.
  • About Time!
  • I want to replace whatsapp with something better but Skype never reaches that point. I want picture messaging and notifications to work 100% of the time but it's simply not there yet. I hope 8.1 brings this because I don't want to use multiple apps for chatting with peeps. Does blackberry 10 have Skype?
  • Yes Skype has an app for Blackberry 10 users, it's suported in the mobile page on Skype here:
    And the link to the app in Blackberry World here:
  • So...  Now we have Video messaging but when I try to check a Voice message it says it's not supported.  How wrong is that?  You'd think they would have made Voice messages available a long time ago.
    Going to try to remove/reinstall and see if that helps.
  • Will someone please confirm if audio is working on your recorded video messages? Thanks!
  • Audio worked both on sent and received video messages.
  • Thanks, Chris!
    Re-installed and works now! Cheers!
  • +1 I am seriously missing photo sharing in WP8 version. The sad part is iOS version can already share pictures (probably android version too). Come on Skype team, pull through for WP8.
  • Note: Android version has FILE sharing.
  • This is so long overdue. MS should be ashamed. This is their platform, and even they treat it like a third class citizen. Why would developers treat it any differently?
  • Is it that hard to enable file sending/receiving :/
  • Il use it when it has everything that whatsapp has plus video calling that works without any hiccups.
  • File sharing?
  • :'(
  • I select a contact, hit the plus icon at the messenger window, but the video message is grayed out.  How do I activate it?
  • But still no voicemail support.... Ugh.
  • Just needs to work in background, allow voicemail and delete messages, along with edit contacts
  • I just have one question, It finally sincronyzed properly with the messenger account? Because before eventhougth I did the change long time ago, for some reason the skype in the phone does not wanted to do it.
  • I will actually download the app now.
  •    It's about damn time. Hopefully, this organization will result in WP getting more a priority over other operationg systems.
  • Did they add the back camera support yet? How do I check my video messages or leave messages?
  • I could be happier if there would be a file sending and accepting. At least images. This video message is a complete waste of time for me.
  • Skype for WP8 is still slow , i hope MS improve its performance more speed
  • No  background runing, no video mesage for WP7.x? oh shit! MS tell us why???
    i know the reason people like IOS or Android...
  • How to clean history? All video messages will be there 4ever? lol
  • Does anyone know if this resolves the issue in which Skype breaks the ability to connect to Facebook in the Messaging app?
  • Nobody noticed "video messaging" has been on WP8 Whatsapp? 
  • Skype video messaging seems not working in my lumia 920 and also in my wife's lumia 720. Both phones has been upgraded. Both can send video messages but never received it. Any one having the same problem?
  • Update: It did send the video message just i did not notice it :)
  • What about skype chatting when the phone is tilted, that is a majore problem...also, where is the transfer? We are being forced to use viber from time to time cause of this...and i love skype.