Slack beta for Windows Phone gets improved two-factor authentication support and bug fixes

Slack has pushed another update to its beta Windows Phone app, bringing improved two-factor authentication support, and fixing a couple of existing bugs. The team has made the two-factor authentication more logical, as well as laying some ground work for things that are to come. In addition, the issue preventing images with long URLs to load has been fixed. A full list of changes in this update include:


  • The logic around 2FA has been improved (and made more logical) and we may have added a bit of magic making things ready for extra niftyness to come.


  • Fixed: an issue where having a cached login in your browser prevented you from being able to sign into the app via Single Sign On. Doh.
  • Fixed an issue where really long urls could cause problems loading images. While we still wish long urls weren't so durned long, we no longer punish innocent parties for it.

You can grab the latest Slack beta update from the Windows Store now.

Download Slack beta for Windows Phone

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Jared DiPane

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