SlimSocial is your best bet for a fast Facebook experience on Windows 10 Mobile

Facebook is one of those things you love or hate, and even when you love it, there is still likely some angst. The official Facebook app for Windows 10 Mobile functionally gets a lot right, but its performance is rather atrocious due to the software development (it infamously uses Osmeta).

Spotted on Reddit SlimSocial for Facebook is an attractive and free alternative to the bloated app for Facebook. While it misses some features its ability to launch quickly and reformat that information presented makes the overall experience more enjoyable.

SlimSocial makes Facebook less terrible, plus Dark Theme (1st image)

SlimSocial for Facebook is a UWP app (only for Mobile at the moment) that is a free, ad-free Github project. Features and options include:

  • Lock the Facebook bar (top)
  • Reorder posts to show latest new first (not based on an algorithm)
  • Hide sponsored post
  • Center the text of the posts
  • Add space between posts
  • Dark theme

All of those greatly enhance the experience in using Facebook on Windows 10 Mobile. Additionally, the app is very fast to launch and load data as it is pulling the website down to the app. Once you remove sponsored content, add spacing, and reorder it to a news-first feed suddenly Facebook is a lot more useful.

The app is also only 909.2 KB in size versus the 278MB official app (which also requires 2GB of RAM now, yikes).

Nonetheless, this is likely not a complete replacement for more hardcore users. Currently, the app lacks notifications, and contact and calendar syncing. There is also no handoff to the separate Messenger app as it is done within SlimSocial itself. Finally, the app's Live Tile is not the prettiest, and the auto-hiding of the navigation bar (bottom) may annoy some users.

Those are likely some deal breakers for many of you, but those who want a casual experience I highly recommend SlimSocial. Being on Github, there is no reason this app can't expand to the PC and gain some new features if the community supports it. Additionally, on the phone, you could always use this as a companion to the real Facebook app letting it handle notifications and contact syncing.

As mentioned earlier, SlimSocial for Facebook is free and ad-free so grab it and give it a spin to see if it fits into your routine. Don't forget to drop a positive review for the app if you like it to give thanks to the developer.

Download SlimSocial on the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: slim

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Have been waiting for something like this!!
    There is Dark Theme too ❤
  • I like the option, but Facebook always looks like crap in dark mode :P
  • "hide sponsored posts" i'd use this for that alone!
  • But why use this over the browser? Looks exactly like the browser
  • I mean, did you see the list of features and options? How do you do any of that in Edge?
  • Besides the small changes you can make, it's just a web wrapper with no actually good features. Yes the Facebook app is slow as hell on mobile, but it has features needed. If I want a fast experience I can just use the website through edge and get the same thing with out some small fancy text allignments and spacing.
  • Yes the Facebook app is slow as hell on mobile, but it has features needed.
    For you, not me. I hate Facebook and use it reluctantly. Why can't you see that different users have different needs? Do I not make it clear that for regular/hardcore users this would not be a suitable replacement?
  • I was just saying that besides dark theme, changing text and adding spacing, all of this can be done with edge. All this does is pin a web wrapper app into your app list/start menu. You can just pin the website, not saying anyone shouldn't use this, I'm just saying it's not brining anything major to the table and doesn't have the much needed features like Live Tiles, Notifactaions and more. If they had this, that would be great and this would be a very nice alternitive, but as of now it's nothing super special. It's my opinion, nothing against you're Daniel, you're more than welcome to use the app, nothing stopping you or anyone else. Just I personally don't see a use for this kind of app.
  • Some people might see a use in this app, this article is for them. I might try this if it is faster than the official app. I only browse FB though. Not very active on it.
  • You lurk. ftfy
  • some reasons i am getting this :P
    Dark theme, No notifications(could just turn of as i did on fb and messenger), no live tile so no more random people stuck on live tile for hours maybe days because you had one notification from them :D. these are common things that this addreses and edge would be slower i believe and since i used it for a small amount of time(edge) its annoying xd duno why.
  • lol I too like no notifications :P
  • You forget to mention no "Dead Tile"
  • The mist important thing it brings is convenience. At first look, yes, it may be a web wrapper. But it's a nice web wrapper. "Simple"
  • How can you read the whole article, claim you understand the features on offer (dark theme, no sponsored posts, chronological no-algorithm feed, tiny install size, etc.) then say you can't see the use? The article is LITERALLY a description of the use case- a simple, lightweight, easy to read version of Facebook. I mean, that's the use. Perhaps what you meant was some version of "This doesn't suit my needs, and I'm genuinely surprised that other people have different preferences." Posted from my Nexus 5X
  • Exactly!
  • Who cares? Honestly. It's not the official app, its a third party app, web wrapper or not, so people who dislike the official app, can run a more lightweight version. That doesn't effect you or anyone else in the slightest. People will come to the app and love it, and some will hate it
    There are a lot of positive things about this app, but some can't stand that. ("Some people" in general, this isn't directed at anyone specifically.)
    Some people are too critical on the simplest of apps
  • U can't but those are minor features. I could see if it supported live videos better. I'll check it out but I'm sure there's features on the main app that arent possible on here
  • U can't but those are minor features.
    For you. I want a time-based newsfeed. I do not want sponsored content. For my needs, this is exactly what I want out of Facebook i.e. less garbage. In addition, the FB app now requires 2GB of RAM in the Store and is nearly 300MB in size versus the 1MB (!) for this app. Some of this is important to users.
  • The 2gb ram requirement was a store bug I thought? There's no official statement from them saying it was official. Go and check Mahjong in the store, it requires 2 GB too. And installs perfectly on a 650, runs smoothly. If it was a requirement it wouldn't let u install the app and would say so the device isn't supported like any other app
  • But Facebook App will not run smoothly.
  • That's a fault of the developer. And the OSMETA porting tools
  • I can't believe the official Facebook app needs 2 GB of RAM, that's insane and makes my Lumia 650 looks like a sad joke.
  • And runs crap on my old L830.
  • And I don't know how to feel about it. It's not about the app and the service, but the support.
  • Well if you wait long enough.... Really, thanks for letting us know about this. It's really a great Facebook app. The settings are short and simple with practical options. Even a good looking transparent tile. We've needed on like this for a long, long time.
  • Much better experience than browser.
    There is Dark Theme(which I love).
    Faster than Browser.
    No freezing while typing which happens in Edge.
    Hide Sponsored posts and many more.
    Also the app size is very less and you can clear cache from inside the app.
  • I've uninstalled FB app from my phones, it was very bad on my 830 and just usable on 1520. Have been using Edge since. Except of inline tagging, its works well for me. Gonna try this app to see if fit what I want.
  • Looks about the same quality as the new Amazon Windows 10 "app" which is basically their website inside of a frame, not to mention that the design of the Amazon "app" is horrible. At least this thing deserves a few points for the (almost) proper Windows 10 design language.
  • No points for the options to reorder your news feed, dark theme, removal of sponsored content and improving the FB app experience by not taking a lifetime to load? I think you're underselling it.
  • For me regular app doesn't take a lifetime to load, though it surely might be a good solution for devices with under 2 GB of RAM and want a bit more functionality than they can get with just web version. I personally don't like apps that have just built in mobile website so it probably is just me. Otherwise it's still nice to see that there still are developers caring for the platform.
  • What phone have you? Unless it gets a cache hit then it takes ages on my 950XL....
  • Those are very good points, but if it had contacts and calendar sync, I would be saying goodbye to the official app. As for the memory requirement, it feels like they are masking the inability to make it run smoother, but the current midrange phones now have 3-4 GB RAM now
  • So this is basically Facebook Lite for Windows 10 Mobile :D Very welcomed. But I think I stay with Facebooks app, because I like its features, and can deal with worse performance.
  • That's what I'm saying. I'll just upgrade my phone
  • Fast? :D On which platform is the Facebook app fast? :D If it was so fast, Facebook Lite wouldn't exist :P :D
  • Yeah, but iPhones are expensive, and because of this, not everybody can buy them.
  • Point!
    More Security + less cost makes me buying Lumia. But I'll buy Nokia Android phone as my next daily driver.
  • I won't. I'm more of a Microsoft fan than a Nokia fan, so I'm sticking to the OS as long as possible. And yeah, this Nokia is not the same Nokia it was back in the day. And btw, I had more than enough of android, because I used it for three years before switching to Windows. But this is just my opinion.
  • The SE is way too small for me, and still too expensive. And I don't want to buy used stuff. It's not a good decision :D
  • No it doesn't. Sometimes freezes also.
  • I have a lumia 535 ds same as u for about 2 years now, windows 10 mobile run just fine but Facebook and messenger app are just tortoise slow, and crashed very often. Couple weeks ago I got myself a Moto g4 for 180 Euros and Facebook and other social apps fly. I'm glad I switched and too bad, but I still keep my 535 on fast ring
  • Yeah, FB is sow as well here. But Messenger performs good finally, thank god :D Just like Instagram.
  • I have Note 5 and don't see any difference in being faster than Windows phone's ported app!!!
  • And yet it's the Windows app that makes me want to hurl my phone across the room when it stops responding to touch...
  • Or we can stick to using windows 10 Mobile and it isn't any of your business? I like that idea better honestly :)
  • A better phone probably won't do much - I have a Lumia 950XL, and the official app is still terrible. Takes forever to load, and there's that bug where it stops recognizing touch input until you restart your phone.
  • No. Your phone upgrade does nothing. Runs like molasses on my 950XL.
  • Might as well support the app though :p new features won't come unless they receive the feedback to motivate them to :) but yeah I may use this as a companion app as mentioned in the article. At least til more features come. Seems like a good app
  • Yeah we can say Lite. But much better. The features will be added very soon. Also the app size is 0.9 MB compared to around 700 MB of Osmeta Apps. Also this app don't crash(used for 3-4 minutes) compared to Osmeta Apps
  • Where did you get 700MB from? Facebook is not small, but it's 278MB which is not even the same ballpark as 700MB.
  • It keeps increasing day after day and there is no option to clear cache.
  • Yeah, Karan is right. I've seen Instagram app sizes at 900 MB from users too.
  • Mine was 897mb~ before removing of Instagram app. Now using 6tag.
  • Ah, total storage including cache? I didn't think of that.
  • Now, fb has been taken 400mb~ on my Lumia.
  • I will give it a try. the official fb app for win10 mobile is annoying, hard to open, even when open scroll down or up is a problem. I don't know why I uninstall the Ms version that came with win 10.
  • Yeah. I hate when the app crashes every time.
  • it is network problems, I hit the post button many times before it could post, and I cat see my post now.
  • Yeah happens to me too :D
  • Guess he just pressed the send button too many times :D
  • I hate when it takes 3 attempts before the app actually launches :p
  • The only way for me to solve the launch problem is a restart, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me....
  • It always open 2nd time even on phone memory.
  • It doesn't even open 2nd time for me, I have to restart the whole damn phone for them to work again
  • I believe if you (backup and) reset your phone, you will get the original Microsoft version of Facebook back as it is included in the original W10M install.
  • Does it allow to post more than 3 images?
  • No
  • Dark theme...hide sponsored posts... Best features..
  • I am thrilled with new first. The official app sucks so much.
  • It really boggles my mind how the official app is so terrible, I mean it's great they finally ported it but it barely launches properly every time (probably due to the crazy amount of RAM required) and it's just slow and buggy in general. Thanks for this Dan, definitely a good alternative when the official app doesn't open. Same issues goes for the Messenger app..
  • Instagram App is good in all 3 but I still use 6tag.
  • Actually I'm not using heavy messenger & fb app after hard reset on w10m.
    This is made for me ;) and the Dark Theme is awesome ..
    Adding of Notification feature will make every Lumia user to remove original fb app(;i think).
    Keep it up developer.
  • wow!! 278MB are too much!!!
  • My Lumia show 409mb !! Isn't too much?
  • Been using this as my to go Facebook app
  • What happen to the so called facebook UWP app for windows 10? Didn't that claim to be the best one in the windows 10 launch event?
  • The official app is uwp
  • I have a feeling this is going to get pulled as it gets more exposure.
  • I really liked the Facebook app by MS. It was nearly prefect by the time Facebook took over things and made a mess out of it. I feel MS should have made the app available in the store but they chose the other way..... just like they did to all other Lumia apps.
  • No live tile? Meh
  • We need soo many alternatives like this..
  • Hi! My name is (what?)
    My name is (who?)
    My name is
  • I barely use Facebook and am beyond annoyed with the Windows app. I'll give this a shot and hopefully it will cover my very limited use case needs.
  • In just a few minutes, I already enjoy this better than the app.
  • At first I was a bit doubting but when I signed in and experienced the performance boost...!? WOAH! This is PERFECT :D
  • I still miss the clean, distraction-free FB version we had on WP7, this might do the trick
  • I'll give this a shot. I still use both the old Facebook Beta app from MS and the official Facebook app.  The official app doesn't play nice with people hub.  It obviously doesn't use the What's New section and it adds duplicate contacts over time.   Getting reactions was nice, losing the perfect People Hub integration was a real kick.
  • Omg...the speed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • The timing of this could not be better for me; a few days ago I reluctantly uninstalled the official Facebook app on my Lumia 640 XL due to bloat and slowing down the whole phone (resuming of other apps especially) and started using the web browser instead. Which was a pretty good solution but SlimSocial seems better. I especially like being able to pin the FB bad at the top, the auto-hiding of the Windows navigation bar, and Dark Mode. I don't mind not having phone notifications for Facebook; in fact I turned those off on my other devices as they were getting too intrusive. Opening the app a few times a day (to browse newsfeed) provides all the notifications I'd want or need. Thanks for tipping us to this app and kudos to the developer!
  • This app sounds great! No more sponsored content? Posts actually arranged in chronological order? Yes please! I am a little hesitant to try it, as it is a third party app from someone I have never heard off before. Not sure I trust them to not harvest my username and password for some nefarious purpose. .
  • Thank you for sharing, it is just what I have needed!
  • I'm.still.using the Microsoft Facebook beta as the performance way outperforms the Facebook app by Facebook themselves. Keeps bugging me to update to the new version by Facebook but I always click not now.
  • Looks like a webwrapper
  • It's more than that.
  • It doesn't look like more than a web wrapper with custom CSS. Well well.
  • Everyone complaining about the Official app wanting the MS app back... LOL
    Anyone remember the days everyone was complaining about the MS app and getting angry and impatient the Official app wasn't out yet!?!?
    Some people complain no matter what...comments are laughable.
  • My god its fast and makes official app feel like a snail on my 950XL
  • I want a messenger app that works on mobile and doesn't freeze up every time its opened. But this looks nice just for the simple ability for putting new posts first.
  • If this app loads Facebook's site and removes sponsored content, I'll bet you $10 that Facebook's lawyers will kill it stone dead a very short time from now.
  • I really miss the all-in-one social media app that used to be on BlackBerry. You could simultaneously post in one go as well. If only I knew coding.. Maybe a developer out there would be willing to take on the challenge
  • I downloaded it and it seems pretty good! It's missing notifications and Share integration, but its WAY more usable than the current official mess. Now we just need to find a good Messenger alternative...
  • I love it.
  • I tried it, it's much smoother than the official facebook app (L950) but not quite as smooth as the original Microsoft Facebook app. I'll be sticking with the MS app I think.
  • Hii..send me the link of old fb app
  • You can't download the Microsoft Facebook app from the store any more, but the last time I reset my phone, the app is restored as part of the original setup. Make sure to backup everything first.
  • Ok then no need
  • Smooth bit back button working slow
  • Download fastbook for Facebook better then this app
  • It's same as fastbook fb app on store
  • This was all Facebook or Microsoft needed to do as far as official FB app is concerned. Even at an early stage, being a simple web wrapper it outperforms both available apps. That's kind of sad, actually.