Sling TV now comes pre-loaded on Windows 10, overhauls Xbox One app

Microsoft already pre-loads a few apps from the Windows Store on new Windows 10 PCs, and now you can add another to that list: Sling TV. The streaming TV service announced{.nofollow} a new partnership with Microsoft to pre-load its app on new Windows 10 devices, joining the ranks of apps like Candy Crush and Solitaire.

Aside from the pre-load news, Sling TV also announced that its Xbox One app has received a visual overhaul, seen above. As part of the update, you'll now have a new "My TV" section that acts as your "personal home screen." Your favorite channels appear just below, along with a "Continue Watching" ribbon to pick back up where you last left off. If you're a Sling user, the overhaul looks like a nice change of pace.

While the Xbox One overhaul is nice, there's sure to be some backlash on the Windows 10 pre-load news. Thankfully, just like Candy Crush, Sling TV should be easy enough to remove by simply deleting the app. Since Sling TV is only offered in the U.S., this shouldn't affect international users.

Download Sling TV at the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • It would be great if Microsoft would replace the candy crush preload with this. I've seen preloaded app tiles that were unpinned getting installed automatically later that day when I'm setting up Windows 10 machines and now candy crush is tied to my account.
  • I agree, but it would also be better to allow us to remove a certain store item from the account.
  • Think this app will be made available on Windows 10 Mobile?
  • They've said they're interested in it, but no real announcement has been made. With the infinitesimal market share, probably not gunna happen.
  • I hate to be a pessimist here, but I think this demonstartes Microsoft's lack of caring for Mobile. I would have said we are totally willing to include this app in all our products as long as you make one for all our products. Otherwie go pound sand. But nope. We get an app that you can use on Mobile...again. All you had to do was require they make the app UWP. Stupid, Microsoft. The only way I can see this not being a concern is if MS actually does plan to kill off Mobile and make all new "phones" (whever that happens) run Windows on ARM and all PC apps are compatible. Part of me hopes that is the case, but it needs to happen ASAP.
  • I was wondering the same!
  • Another app in my list to uninstall when I do a fresh install of Windows 10.
  • The old Xbox one app was hot garbage. Hope this is better.
  • It's way better. I just re-signed up. It's the same app on Win10 as Xbox now and the stream/connection is (a) way faster to connect (b) more consistent with no drop outs.
  • Good to hear, I've been using the Roku app instead, because the old Xbox app was so bad...
  • Are you or any staff going to do a review on the new app? That'll be helpful.
  • Since the update/change the app has been much more reliable. I had been using the Sling app on XBox One for maybe a year and performance was always spotty at best but it's been flawless since the change.
  • I would love to see this app come to Windows 10 mobile!
  • I wish I could get another trial to confirm if it still streams like garbage or not. Can anyone comment on performance issues recently in comparison to the past?
  • It's much better. If I get a chance I'll do a video demo on Verizon FiOS. I like it a lot now.
  • Good to know. I used my trial and paid for two months. Tried it on my Xbox and Roku and both were poor. I'd definitely like to give it another go.
  • They offer a 30% discount to tmobile subscribers, google it you're a tmobile customer. Works great on Roku and my android phone. Xbox app refresh puts it on par with those two.
  • Please do, Daniel. I'd like to see it.
  • I recently tossed a snail mail come back trail offer that I receceived.  I did the original trail when it first came to Xbox and wasn't impressed with the selection nor performance.  Now that I've cut the cable cord I may have to check it out again if I can get another trail period. 
  • Windows Mobile 10 is still waiting for an app ☹