SMS Issue on HD7 Caused by NoDo?

There has been discussion on multiple sites surrounding the issue with the HTC HD7 and text messaging, where outgoing messages are failing to send and the irritating "Cannot send message. Try again" alert is constantly popping up. Is this a device issues (possibly caused by NoDo) or is it signal/carrier related?

Hard to tell really, I have experienced this problem numerous times on my Omnia 7 before and after the NoDo update, which is entirely down to signal not being strong enough (anything above one bar will work) - simply holding the device higher up in the air or walking around normally fixes the problem (Three network has very good coverage generally). Several members over at the XNA Developers forum have voiced rants and complaints about texts not sending:

I have had the HD7 for a few weeks now... before the nodo update i never had a problem with it but ever since then, i keep getting a lot of error messages for text messages saying the message wasn't sent. This usually happens when the signal is 1 bar or no bars (but signal is still there) and sometimes even happened with full bars.

It could be a freak coincidence that the problem occurred after NoDo was installed, or it could well be the cause. One member in the thread contacted HTC and apparently received the following response: 

I understand that since performing the nodo update on your HTC HD7, you have been having issues sending text messages. I checked around with several of my coworkers and tried to find other instances of this issue occurring from other forums, but it appears to be a fairly uncommon issue. I took a look at the forum thread that you started and obtained more details such as this usually tends to happen when there is low signal. I see that some of the other posters recommended reverting to 2G in such a situation and that is not a bad idea. You can enable 2G only by going to Settings> Cellular. Additionally, the way you hold the phone can affect the signal as well. You may want to try holding around the sides so that your palm does not come in contact with the back of the phone, which can block the signal. Aside from that, you can also try a factory reset in case an issue occurred during the update and did not install properly or caused corruption in some of the files in the phone’s software. Please be sure to back up the information on your phone and the go to Settings> About Phone> Factory Reset.

Makes sense really, if they've tried to reproduce the text messaging problem but failed then one would assume that it would possibly be down to signal strength or a freak occurrence. However, the forum thread quoted above has users on multiple networks, in different countries. Some suggestions have included turning 3G off should you have a weak connection or waiting until the text has successfully sent before closing the app. What do you think, have you experienced this issue on a HD7 or another WP7 device?

Source: XNA Developers, via: WMPU

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