Snag this Xbox One Quantum Break console bundle with four free games for just $229

Microsoft has lowered the price of its Xbox One Quantum Break console bundle down to $229 (opens in new tab). It includes four free games, but the offer to get the fourth game will end after Saturday, October 1.

The 500GB white version of the Xbox One comes with two free games already; Remedy's action title Quantum Break, plus a download code for the Xbox 360 version of Remedy's previous game Alan Wake, playable on the Xbox One via backwards compatiblity. The Microsoft Store throws in a free copy of Ubisoft's racing game The Crew, plus this console bundle is elible for this week's special promotion where you can get any new Xbox One game of your choice, up to $59.99. That means you can get a game like the just released Forza Horizon 3 or FIFA 17.

Remember, the offer to get that fourth free game of your choice ends after Saturday, so if you want to get a regular Xbox One on the cheap, with a bunch of free stuff, this might be worth looking into.

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John Callaham
  • I was about to get upset at myself, but then I realized this is XB1 and not XB1S.
  • For anyone not interested in 4K, this is a pretty killer deal.
  • Canceld order...It's a Xbox One without ths "S"   Thank you for the tip @avattar_of_apathy
  • I'm still tempted to bite even for the regular.. This has 4 games for $229, can't really go wrong!
  • The Crew was free not so long ago, if you're a Xbox live gold member, you probably already have it in your collection.
  • I just bought this package, and didn't get free stuff. imma talk to MS  
  • They'll help you out, they had a promotion after I bought something and they offered it to me.
  • Apparently not. Buddy says im required to ship my console back and then order a new one. That's just the same policy there always is. Annoying.
  • It all depends on the represenitive you get. Some care and are willing to help you out, some will tell you that you are SOL.
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