That Snapdragon processor is fast ... Very fast

Not only is the HTC HD2 large in stature — we're still knocked over by that 4.3-inch capacitive touchscreen — it's got game under the hood. Benchmark tests of the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor reportedly clocked in at at least a 300 percent improvement over the Touch HD and its Qualcomm MSM7201 processor running at 528MHz. And another test showed an improvement of 1,822 percent. Between this and Nvidia's Tegra processor, the future is now, people. The future is now.

wmpoweruser (currently down) via Engadget Mobile

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  • i think mainly this just shows how horribly slow and out-dated the 7201's are. you know, the processors that HTC's been using for how long now? i would really like to see the results of this against the TP2 or better yet, the Omnia 2.
  • Finally after 3 years of the MSM7200 junk
  • The future is now, but when will something like this come to the US?
  • It won't, just like the HD1 didn't. How much did battery tech improve in comparison to this power hungry stuff? Probably not at all...
  • lol. True. The future is now ... For somebody else. ;)
  • You know the sad part is that in 6 months the Snapdragon will be old news as someone launches the first 2Ghz processors. The bummer part of living in the US is that our cell tech is so far behind everyone elses (look at the Omnia 2 and how long that is taking to come here vs. the rest of the planet) and we will never have the latest and greatest... It's sad, but true...
  • I don't know much about the cellular/tech industry but with the failure of some of the best devices made to show up in the hands of the American consumer is a travesty. And the same applies to the many phones that are months and sometimes a year late in finally reaching the American markets. This certainly does not speak well of the American cellular service providers. Are there other ligitimate reasons for this happening year in and year out?
  • 1) Cellular companies don't think it's worthwhile to subsidize the phones
    2) The manufacturers themselves don't think it's worthwhile to even make US 3G band versions in the first place (Samsung is a big example)
  • Well first off, 1Ghz is surely fast enough for all mobile phones, and unless some people decide they want to run a desktop OS on their phone, then 2Ghz is just unnecessary and a battery killer. Also, U.S. carriers realize that we're just dumb consumers (not everybody of course). Take for example the new enV3. The technology isn't new at all, the form factor isn't new at all, the OS is nearly identical to the old- it is basically the same phone as the V, enV, and enV2. But... it sells millions still. Why? Cus we're dumb consumers. If (a lot of) people actually wanted advanced technologies like those in Asia and Europe, we would have them in the U.S., but they don't need to rush them over here because the majority of the public is buying old technolgy, thinking its new!
  • It's due to the profit margin being better. If the cell companies buy old phones (even 6 month old ones), they get them cheaper. Sell the phone to us dumb customers at the original price and you get a nice big profit. I think we need more regulation, and maybe force the carriers to go with one wireless standard, or force all cell phones to be able to use all the standards currently in use. I think we are the only country that doesn't regulate cell phone standards, but I could be wrong. It would be nice to be able to purchase a cell phone, or cellular equipped computer, and have it work on any carrier.
  • We in the U.S.A. most likely will not see snapdragon packing phones until around this time next year when WM7
    comes along. As long as the U.S. providers are on different gsm bands as the rest of the world, we will remain a smaller market to develop for as compared to the rest of the world. The oems are always going to release
    phones in the largest market first to get the largest number of sales out of the gate. Hopefully, when LTE comes, they (the U.S. providers) don't screw it up and make their form of LTE just different enough so that this remains the case. When you think about it, does Verizon, At&t, Sprint and T-mobile really want us to be able to just take our phones to whatever carrier we want and say hook me up. I really don't think so. I think HTC has shot their load for this year as far as the U.S. is concerned.
    Too bad, because that Leo sure looks AWESOME!!!
  • Not sure how worthwhile this is but I have a Touch HD that lcocks in at 528Mhz and it's basically a slow device, regardless of ROM. Likewise, I have a Touch Diamond 2 that also lcocks in at 528Mhz and is lightning fast, period. So I think the lcock speed is not as relevant as other factors.
  • Software optimization and caching makes all the difference. I can run two different roms on my Xperia X1 and one chugs, the other flies, both using the same apps and interfaces.
  • The Touch Diamond has a lower resolution than the Touch HD, it also has an internal memory of 4GB so you don't run any programs from a slow SD-card.
  • Wonder how bright the screen is for use in daylight?
  • You guys forget it's the carriers that are the major market for phones in the U.S., not us. So as long as we insist on subsidies and go along with locked phones, the carriers can demand of HTC phones that which suite their needs, not ours. Remember, it's not hard or expensive to build a phone that operates on every GSM 3G frequency, it's just a matter of swapping out a few support chips. HTC just has to have incentive to due so. In any event, I've put my HD2 on pre-order. I'm no going to sit around and cry about what might have been.
  • Man I wish this came to USA. PS- I'm an idiot for not reading instructions. Been trying to post on Telenav post for 3 days. LOL. Serves me right.
  • Wow!! It is less expensive,
  • Are you all letting down the product
    Here are the answers for all
    1.When iPhone s are not been let out of USA why should HTC care to take their mobile to USA.
    2.People worrying about the batteries,lol Qualcomm Snapdragon processor are low power consumption processors even in computers so battery life wont be a issue.
    3.Then those who worrying about 1GHZ and 2GHZ here whenever the phone is been released there should be some upgrade when people were using 2G dint 3G come and hit the market and make a craze on it...SHould nt the technology be developed.??? And if we worry about the future development we can buy any gadgets.
    4.Those who wonder how bright the light will be in daylight they have sensor which make an automatic adjustments of light between day and night see HTC site for this.
  • tegra 2,3 with high performance g-force 9 based gpus and a9 cpus 1to4 cores will own tegrab1 already up there minus cpu there still arm 11 subbed via a arm7 with dual,qod a9 cpus and CUDA,SHADER gpus tegra will own high clocked desk top laptop spec will desimate intel etc....NINTENDO WILL BASE ALL THERE FUTURE ON CUSTOM TEGRA SOC you guessing a hybred console based on custom tegra i.e a handheld that docks as avtv out HD wii or seperate consoles both based on tegra
  • lcock?
  • thanks and fixed.