Snatch the Lumia 820 on Orange UK with £15 tariffs

We've been made aware of an absolute bargain. For just £15 a month, you can be a proud owner of a Lumia 820 with Orange. The UK mobile operator currently offers the handset with no upfront fee on either its Panther or Dolphin plans. The former contract (for 24-months) includes 50 minutes, unlimited SMS and 250MB worth of data. The package is perfect should you not use an awful lot of allowance, but wish to snatch a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

So how does one go about taking full advantage of the offer? Via the official Nokia website is the most efficient way. Checking available offers for the Lumia 820 will bring up plans starting from just £10 (but do not have any data allowance and come with a pricey upfront fee). The Panther plan is listed for Orange, which costs £15.50.

As mentioned above, there's a second offer on Orange's Dolphin plan. This package (also 24-months) includes 200 minutes, unlimited SMS and just 100MB of data. It's a step down from the Panther plan should you utilise the Internet, but is worth the sacrifice for more minutes if you're not into the whole Skype experience just yet.

Lumia 820 Orange Plans

Choosing either plan from the Nokia website will take you to the Orange store, this will allow you to select the Lumia 820 as your choice of phone and thus starting to form the contract you'll be taking out. A pop-up will show next asking whether you'd like to check out EE or remain with Orange, be sure to stay with the latter if overpriced 4G really isn't up your street.

You'll then be able to checkout with the Lumia 820 and either the Panther or Dolphin £15.50 plans. Not a bad deal, right? The Windows Phone sports an 8MP rear shooter (with front-facing Camera), 4.3" AMOLED display, dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 CPU, 1GB of RAM, 8 GB internal storage with expaadable microSD slot, 1650mAh battery, Wireless Charging, NFC, and all the bells and whistles of the operating system.

Source: Nokia; thanks, Russ, for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
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